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  1. I remember I was watching the movie "Wrong Turn" about these kids who get lost in WVa, anyway at the start one guy's like "I have to get to Raleigh by 6 tonight" or something, and I remember I turned to my friend and was like "d00d! we live there!" It's ridiculous of course, but it's also fun to see your city get mentioned in a national venue.
  2. Because that makes too much sense for the DOT to do it.
  3. I don't know what to think. It would speed up development in southern wake county, but also contribue to sprawl. It would make my drive home to visit my family in Garner from my apartment in Durham a lot easier, but then my family's home in southern wake county might not look the same by the time I got there, what with all of the inevitable 500 home subdivisions that would pop up near all of the off-ramps. And why should the people south of raleigh have to pay to drive home when those to the north don't? It's a tough issue.
  4. Did you just say 32,000 jobs? That would turn Holly Springs into another Cary.
  5. On a trip to virginia beach a few years ago, while eating at a seafood place the waitress asked us where we were from. "Raleigh," someone said. She looked at us like we had said we were from the moon. It's true, there probably aren't too many waitresses reading Forbes, but don't think that just b/c we have a good sense of where Raleigh is that everyone else does, too.
  6. Boy howdy that 2000 snow was fun. Here's hoping we get some snow this year, just not of the crippling variety.
  7. according to wikipedia 115 sq miles which is about 300 km. To put that in context all of wake county is 850 sq miles or 2200 km, so Raleigh proper may not be as big as some of you are thinking.
  8. I've also ridden the TTA bus from one end of the Triangle to the other, and you're right it can be just as frustrating sitting on one of their buses or on a bench somewhere b/c of traffic as it is sitting in a car. I agree that trains are the best long term solution, but if we're not going to get those anytime soon could we at least think about carpooling/bus lanes, toll roads, something? Everyday traffic is worse than the day before, and yet no one seems to want to do anything about it.
  9. Lake Wheeler Road south of Raleigh. Rock Quarry Road in Eastern Raleigh (from 2 lanes to 4) - anyone who's been out there on a weekend when there's something going on at Alltel knows this. I think eventually hwy 70 north and south of raleigh will need to be widened to 6 or 8 lanes...or a bypass will need to be built.
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