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  1. I remember I was watching the movie "Wrong Turn" about these kids who get lost in WVa, anyway at the start one guy's like "I have to get to Raleigh by 6 tonight" or something, and I remember I turned to my friend and was like "d00d! we live there!" It's ridiculous of course, but it's also fun to see your city get mentioned in a national venue.
  2. Did you just say 32,000 jobs? That would turn Holly Springs into another Cary.
  3. On a trip to virginia beach a few years ago, while eating at a seafood place the waitress asked us where we were from. "Raleigh," someone said. She looked at us like we had said we were from the moon. It's true, there probably aren't too many waitresses reading Forbes, but don't think that just b/c we have a good sense of where Raleigh is that everyone else does, too.
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