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  1. Can someone explain why some buildings are erected with steel frame and others are reinforced concrete? Is steel frame cheaper (and therefore not as high quality)? Have fluctuations in prices of steel vs. concrete been a factor?
  2. I don't have a bubble, but I do have a business and am eager to get back to work. When people put themselves and others at risk, as 6 people in those photos are doing, it becomes my business. The longer this shutdown goes on, the more damage it does to the economy, lessening the demand for projects we on this page enjoy discussing.
  3. They will be shut down this week.
  4. How do you know that those workers who are close together aren't positive for the virus? People aren't taking this seriously and it could put every project in the city in jeopardy for the long term. This kind of behavior has pushed other states and cities to complete shutdowns of nonessential operations, and we in NC are very close to following suit. Thanks for posting, and I'm not picking on you, but I'm kind of irritated to see this business-as-usual activity right now given that it will be many months before we get any kind of effective immunity.
  5. It looks like Ruth's Chris building will be replaced in all of this. I wonder what the plan is for that location. Great looking stuff, though!
  6. The garage under City Plaza cost $40,000 per space 20 years ago. It costs far less to have those garage levels on 2-9ish. They don't interfere with the pedestrian experience, they aren't unsightly, they make the building more prominent on the skyline, they feel safer to the person parking, they ventilate much better, and they give better views to everyone in the building (above 60ft everyone in the tower is removed from the street experience anyway). That's seven major arguments for elevated parking over underground parking.
  7. Thanks for the photos. This is arguably the worst development project we've seen in, oh, 20 years in the area. They built a short, ho-hum building in the floodplane with a tall ugly parking garage right up on Glenwood ave. The result, a building that has no marquis frontage, makes no visual statement about it's surroundings, has poor views from inside, and requires its employees to navigate up and down a parking garage, then navigate up into the building to reach their destination. Putting this building on top of the parking garage would have better protected it from floods and been much easier to use. I have some patients who have already complained about how cheap the Allscripts building in North Hills feels due to having to use a separate parking garage next door., This is truly a lost opportunity for the Crabtree area.
  8. I think Kane simply has an aversion to anyone seeing downtown while at leisure.. SMH. Has anyone heard any complaints about PNC Tower's roof pool facing south? (is it unbearably hot in the summer?). To put a pool on the shaded, north side is asking for mold growth around the pool.
  9. This is one of the 3 sites downtown that has the potential to stand out in the money shot. (across from Poole's and the State lot between Archives and Christ Church being the 3rd). So, one of those towers really needs to stand out.
  10. None of the people moving into this project are going North for anything. NE Raleigh is dying on the vine, especially in the eyes of those under 40. The real focus needs to be connecting this project over to Atlantic Ave because that is the only 440 crossing point that isn't saturated. A Diverging Diamond Interchange is supposedly going to be put in at Wake Forest/440. It will help with the flow there, and they need to get it going. Lassiter Mill won't ever be changed into a major artery. One project I wish they would do is a connector from Anderson Dr. northward to Quail Hollow Dr. (It'll never get done because the residents on those streets have the irrational notion that they own their street and will never have more traffic than they day they bought their houses, but oh well.) It could open up a nice redevelopment of the Barrett Drive area. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Crqbt6sjPJnP-yDpXpI_AvGGu7U&usp=sharing Unless something radical is done, we're stuck with just 3 pinch points for crossing I-440 (Atlantic, Wake Forest, Lassiter Mill). in order to get south from this project.
  11. The PDF and rendering don't hint at any additional accesses. They repainted Lassiter Mill Road in that segment to give the outer lanes to the 3 bicyclists per year who use it. Traffic isn't bad with the current design and demand level. That resign certainly puts a little more pressure on that road for cars, though.
  12. That is _gorgeous_. I really like the change in continuity of the street plan. It is a big improvement over the current situation. The way I see it the only real people with a legitimate gripe, in the eyes of the city council, is the homeowners who lost privacy due to the new, taller buildings. It's about a dozen houses across I-440 and a half a dozen across Lassiter Mill Road.
  13. ^ Good. JCP is awful. I like the design, but think that 6 stories is optimal.
  14. Note: Despite the artist's rendering error, the project is named Smoky Hollow (not Smokey) www.smokyhollowraleigh.com
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