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  1. The PDF and rendering don't hint at any additional accesses. They repainted Lassiter Mill Road in that segment to give the outer lanes to the 3 bicyclists per year who use it. Traffic isn't bad with the current design and demand level. That resign certainly puts a little more pressure on that road for cars, though.
  2. That is _gorgeous_. I really like the change in continuity of the street plan. It is a big improvement over the current situation. The way I see it the only real people with a legitimate gripe, in the eyes of the city council, is the homeowners who lost privacy due to the new, taller buildings. It's about a dozen houses across I-440 and a half a dozen across Lassiter Mill Road.
  3. ^ Good. JCP is awful. I like the design, but think that 6 stories is optimal.
  4. Note: Despite the artist's rendering error, the project is named Smoky Hollow (not Smokey) www.smokyhollowraleigh.com
  5. PNC Arena is an excellent, centrally-located facility that can hold events without being a nuisance to old nearby neighborhoods, provides parking that isn't in grossly expensive parking structures, offers an easily accessible ticket office during work days, can expand without affecting neighborhoods, does not present a giant vacuole in the fabric of a downtown, serves the handicapped and media well, provides the owner land to stage certain events without begging the city for permission, provides tailgating experience superior to (and cheaper than) one in a parking garage or private establishment, and is a facility where women feel safe going to events at night. Light rail will never be a factor as self-driving low-occupancy vehicles are the future of transportation. I really haven't had an extraordinarily difficult time moving in or out of the facility (coming from West Raleigh). There are changes I would make to the traffic design, of course, but it sounds like you are trying the I-40 West + Wade Ave + Edwards Mill way in, which is usually the slowest way to get there. I don't disagree with some of the perks of a downtown facility you value, but there are good aspects a facility designed this way. No one design is clearly superior, as we've seen cities constantly switch between models through the years. There are plenty of successful businesses that are in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Buying a house at $72,500 and selling it 30 years later for $494,500 only represents a 6.6% return on investment. While this is on the high end in Raleigh, consider that the Dow has risen by 8.2% during that period. Still think 6.6% is obnoxious?
  7. Hmmmmmm. New site for IKEA?
  8. I confirmed this on April 18, BTW. http://www.gogoraleigh.com/2016/04/18/publix-coming-to-downtown-raleigh/
  9. The problem is that everthing in this statement is incorrect.
  10. A plan for moving people around in 2035 that ignores the impact of driverless cars is completely worthless. Transportation is getting ready to dramatically change in a very short time.
  11. I'd rather live on top of a Westin than in the woods overlooking the Beltline.
  12. Still seems like a good restaurant space; kitchen downstairs, bar/dining upstairs.
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