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  1. My first thought is that there are people on Ramblewood in houses built since then that complain about it being "used as an offramp".
  2. Well, I really just meant that the 9yo justice center building. I've marked the two sections here:
  3. I finally went in the Wake County office/court building last week for the first time. I didn't realize that it is essentially two buildings smooshed together. The section adjacent to McDowell (seen in the foreground above) is only a few stories and has its own elevator core. I joked with the help desk about the building's elevators not going to the top floor like some people I know, and he responded that they do ... for this section. haha. @nicholas' photo shows the two sections well.
  4. I really wish that Raleigh had taken Anderson across the Beltline and connected it with North Glen. Of course they'd screw it up with all-way stop signs at every intersection now.
  5. What is the story with that parking deck-top pool next to the Marriott? What does it go with? I don't see photos of it on the Marriott's website.
  6. I think a second Chick-Fil-A would make more money, but that's just me.
  7. 13 stories? Are they going to label them "G,1-12" or "1-12,14"?
  8. Ewww That Ellis Tower (Charlotte) is really bad looking https://ktgy.com/the-ellis-charlottes-newest-residential-tower-is-complete-with-hundreds-of-ready-to-lease-units/
  9. The above ground parking elevates the residential section above the train tracks. I would never want to live this close to the railroad, but at least some elevation gives a little more separation. This was one of the 40-story projects that had been proposed; now down to 20 and 32.
  10. I am pulling for Zimmer. What a great looking building!
  11. Here is my list of high-rises currently planned for downtown (please feel free to correct me on these): 40 stories Nexus (N&O property) Legends (Legends) Highwoods (empty lot across Hargett from Legends) 327 Morgan (across from Flying Saucer) 316 W. Edenton (Reynolds Co's colonial office) 300 Glenwood/509 W. North (Rockford Block, Glenwood) Downtown South (Saunders/I-40) Turnbridge Equities (The Creamery redo, Glenwood) Smoky Hollow 3 (Between Smoky and Capital Blvd) Zimmer (506 Capital Blvd, Across blvd from Smoky Hollow) CAM (CAM Art Museum) Raleigh RFP A (Civic Center Parking) Raleigh RFP B (Civic Center Parking) 35 Stories RUSBUS (Old 5-Star) Marbles Tower? 20 Stories 400H (Southeastern Radio) Capital Square (320 W. South St) East Civic Tower (Police HQ) Raleigh Crossing Phase 2 (Flying Saucer) Salisbury Square A (across Wilmington from Meymandi Hall) Salisbury Square B (across Wilmington from Meymandi Hall) 10-19 Stories Bloc3 Phase 3 (18 stories, Moonlight Pizza at Morgan/Boylan) Home 2/Tru (next to McDonalds on Wilmington) Nash Square Springhill Suites (9 stories) The Madison (12 Stories, Glenwood/Johnson) Bloc 122/Hilton Garden (13 stories, Davie/McDowell)
  12. This is the Capital Square project (not a new proposal to this board).
  13. Here's a pano of the JCPenney hole. This is taken from the 2nd story of the parking garage, at the point nearest 440.
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