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  1. I confirmed this on April 18, BTW.
  2. This is not a politics website.
  3. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    The problem is that everthing in this statement is incorrect.
  4. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    A plan for moving people around in 2035 that ignores the impact of driverless cars is completely worthless. Transportation is getting ready to dramatically change in a very short time.
  5. Soleil Center I & II at Crabtree

    I'd rather live on top of a Westin than in the woods overlooking the Beltline.
  6. Five Points in Raleigh

    Still seems like a good restaurant space; kitchen downstairs, bar/dining upstairs.
  7. 2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Why is a topic that has had no activity for over 3 months still pinned?
  8. North Hills / Midtown area developments

    Close, Green_man. I think that view is essentially from the front of Coquette, looking east (obviously).
  9. Triangle in the national media

    I like how they considered NON-fiction book sales into the mix.
  10. Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    yep. Someone did. I'm not slamming on the plaza light structures, mind you. I just fail to see how these types of things would have been bad at three more intersections on the street.
  11. RDU International Airport

    And that's precisely why I said that $500M would have been better spent on a central terminal that used Terminal A and C strictly as gateway strips. We are spending hundreds of millions of dollars and not opening up any new streams of revenue. In fact, we will have fewer than before.
  12. Raleigh's Fayetteville Street

    +1. I look at those lights and think,"an unnamed executive didn't like the chandeliers because they were 'too gay', and THIS is good?"
  13. Weren't these businesses the biggest proponents for the H-St changes?
  14. Cary Towne Center

    I cannot believe you sent me to Wikipedia instead of answering a simple question.