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  1. What is the story with that parking deck-top pool next to the Marriott? What does it go with? I don't see photos of it on the Marriott's website.
  2. I think a second Chick-Fil-A would make more money, but that's just me.
  3. 13 stories? Are they going to label them "G,1-12" or "1-12,14"?
  4. Ewww That Ellis Tower (Charlotte) is really bad looking https://ktgy.com/the-ellis-charlottes-newest-residential-tower-is-complete-with-hundreds-of-ready-to-lease-units/
  5. The above ground parking elevates the residential section above the train tracks. I would never want to live this close to the railroad, but at least some elevation gives a little more separation. This was one of the 40-story projects that had been proposed; now down to 20 and 32.
  6. I am pulling for Zimmer. What a great looking building!
  7. Here is my list of high-rises currently planned for downtown (please feel free to correct me on these): 40 stories Nexus (N&O property) Legends (Legends) Highwoods (empty lot across Hargett from Legends) 327 Morgan (across from Flying Saucer) 316 W. Edenton (Reynolds Co's colonial office) 300 Glenwood/509 W. North (Rockford Block, Glenwood) Downtown South (Saunders/I-40) Turnbridge Equities (The Creamery redo, Glenwood) Smoky Hollow 3 (Between Smoky and Capital Blvd) Zimmer (506 Capital Blvd, Across blvd from Smoky Hollow)
  8. This is the Capital Square project (not a new proposal to this board).
  9. Here's a pano of the JCPenney hole. This is taken from the 2nd story of the parking garage, at the point nearest 440.
  10. It looks like this plan calls for 8 bus stops. I'm a little confused. Is this facility meant to replace Moore Square Station? Be a companion to Moore Square Station? I certainly understand the desire to get multimodal, but it doesn't seem like 8 bays in an area where the streets are narrow and tight is the best idea for _the_ bus hub, if the answer is the former. If the answer is the latter, are we going to have criticism about the "lack of focus" with the bus plan? Are there going to be complaints about bias with the routes/connections?
  11. Here is a still shot from the WRAL story showing the rendering of the I-540/70/I-40 turbinate interchange in Garner. Simple for the user, but wickedly complex. It really isn't like a roundabout. SMH. That's I-40 that cuts from the top (west) to the bottom (east). I-540 goes from the left to the upper right, and Hwy 70 goes off to the right, toward Smithfield. It's odd to me that I-40 west traffic getting onto I-540 clockwise (headed toward Apex) will get a simple right loop instead of a spin in the turbinate. Certainly there will be a lot of cars making this move, and I wonder if
  12. Wow! didn't realize this was so far along. It does sit at a lower elevation than those on Fayetteville St., so its comparative height won't be appreciated from a distance.
  13. Are you prepared to pay the price for what your ancestors did? That's pretty dangerous and unfair territory. Are we ready to unbox Sir Walter Raleigh's decisions and opinions? How about King Charles I ("Carolus")?
  14. Thanks for posting this video. I like the last real shot, where the drone is descending. The horizon reflected in the building matches the one behind the building. I still don't understand why there isn't a restaurant and/or bar in this entire complex on a high level where you can see downtown.
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