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  1. All this was, was a potential money-grab by Taliaferro. She saw that the convention center is running over budget by ?$30M? (because of the parking), and decided that she'd try to open the whole thing back up to get more money for Site 1 now that RBC got into the picture and gave dt a big momentum push.
  2. The store will be more upscale than the Fresh Market, and offer delivery to your car.
  3. Well, I guess Camden is out as a place to honeymoon. [snap fingers]
  4. It would be interesting. I kind of wonder what Sears' market is in 2005. It seems like big boxes like Home Depot, Best Buy, and Bed Bath and Beyond are doing MUCH better job than Sears is. But don't quote me on this rumor of speculation!!!
  5. I think that Brendle's opened in about 1978. My mother told me in that store that if I made the honor roll she'd buy me a $38 boom box. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade then. Steak and Ale and Pizza Hut went up around then, too. Actually I believe the strip mall was built a year or two later.
  6. I wasn't aware of the Sears Grand concept. The whole thing sounds like if Kia and Hyundai teamed up to me I always thought K Mart should rip up their tile floors, stain the concrete underneath a terra cotta color, change the ceiling and the lighting, and stock hip, cheap items for the home. Call it "HomeTown". It could rival Target's chabby chic market and be a home run.
  7. I heard a rumor from a very unreliable source that in so interesting it is worth throwing out for consideration. Some feel that KMart will want to start pulling Sears out of malls....well you can surmise the rest and how it relates to Crabtree. This, of course, is enormous speculation, so don't hold me to it!!!
  8. Hey! You're not supposed to use my real name here! I'm hiding behind this tricky, convoluted handle. "I'm, like, 'inburrito' or something." Thanks, seriously!!!
  9. The Triangle Business Journal reported that Crabtree is considering Bloomingdale's for the space. Here's my story on it with a link to TBJ
  10. Darryl's used to just be the section next to Weatherman's with the tiny door. The whole section on the corner with the 80's greenhouse window was added in the early 80's. The old section was definitely 2 stories of restaurant. The circus room in the back left was really neat, and under-used. The best thing in there was the booth in the old-timey elevator. Sometimes we waited extra long for that booth. The 80's expansion never used the upstairs portion. The old place was fantastic in the 70's...until the local guys (Winston, Eure, and "Darryl") sold out to General Mills who fern-barred and steroided up the location list so as to ruin everything neat about the place.
  11. I was just in Atlanta last week and was extremely disappointed with the Sports Talk there. There is very little substance and not many stations. We in Raleigh are getting our 3rd sports talk station soon. I love ATL, but sports talk is one of its weaknesses.
  12. The North Hills Q Shack location was planned before the Hillsborough St opened, I believe, so I don't think it is a reactionary addition. Incidentally, Scott Howell had a big squabble with investors, sold the Q-shack, and went running back to Durham with his middle finger in the air to Raleigh. Good riddance, Scott. The Southpoint location closed because the mall got a better offer from the Cheesecake Factory. They TORE DOWN the Q-shack and Big Bowl. CF opens in a few weeks. During demolition the whole chain for the large anchor Organized Living (next door, no less), folded, leaving a large empty space. DOH!!! The Q-Shack's bbq'd chicken sandwich is incredible. The pork is OK, but I'm not really a bbq fan. The ribs are very good.
  13. I was under the impression that the new replacement C terminal will be called "Terminal 3". This would be just perfect. RDU, with its crazy history of illogic, would have Terminal A and Terminal 3. Terminal A was a late 70's hasty mistakey.
  14. 850 am in Raleigh has been reporting that NASCAR is considering Atlanta, Charlotte, and a few other cities for its new NASCAR Hall of Fame. Ya think they may be announcing CLT tomorrow?
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