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  1. wow, this thread is really dead... i know the recession is affecting d.c., but i'm sure there are still some new projects, like the redevelopment of the car dealership in tysons... These blogs are pretty good for checking up on development in the area: http://dcmud.blogspot.com/ http://dcmetrocentric.com/ This has an entire directory of new condo projects in DC and the surrounding area: http://www.dclofts.com/newcondodirectory.html Urban Trekker's alrite too http://metrodchomes.typepad.com/
  2. Hey! Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, i've been moving into my dorm at Cal Poly in california! ^About the Mosaic development, I went to a couple of restaurants in the first phase of the plan, which im not sure is a part of the development, or an entirely different project, and got mixed reactions. While im really glad that section of merrifield is being redeveloped from a complete mess of townhomes, industrial parks, retail strips, parking lots, and hotels, some particular aspects of the development weren't very well executed. For example, there are obvious cracks in between some of the bricks, paint splattered concrete barriers that block pedestrians from just parking their cars and walking onto the sidewalk, cheap windows, basically no details or differentiation in the facade, and an overall hulking and overbearing impression. It looks like from the renderings on the website that the next phases of the project were more well thought through.
  3. Sorta off topic, but I was looking at new homes in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne suburbs), and was shocked and amazed by the quality and innovation found in new homes there. Unlike this country, they have moved beyond copying the past as a means of creating a sense of security, and have created an entire new category of modern-styled, green suburban homes, which are now the fastest growing segment of new homes. All of this has been done without sacrificing the urban cores of these cities, which are still booming with new condos and lofts. The fact is, there will always be a segment of the population that will desire a suburban setting, and these homes do the best job of melding urban design creativity and green features, with a calm suburban setting. I will still always advocate for a shift back the city core, but these homes are worth a look, and would still be an enormous leap forward over current tract housing. http://www.metricon.com.au/regionalvictoria/ http://www.urbaynehomes.com.au/ I really hope that these will be the model for suburban development in the future, and that the creative designs will transform our ideas about infill
  4. I guess this belongs here, but I finally found out the plan for the redevelopment of the Carlyle area, around the DoD buildings in Alexandria. Its called "Hoffman Town Center", and looks absolutely amazing, very modern, and the first phase of the project, the parking garage, has already been completed. Website: http://www.hoffmantowncenter.com/ Also, the website for MRP Realty has many new projects i've never heard of, like Lakeview at University Center. And thankfully, they're developing part of the Potomac Yards site, instead of Pulte homes, which is doing on the other section. In other news, Park Center in Manassas Park is currently u/c, I had no idea it even existed until I saw it. I found a rendering, but I don't know where I got it anymore, so heres a small image: There are currently two strip centers under construction in Manassas, Shops at Signal Hill, and Evergreen Terrace. And also, the Hastings Marketplace lifestyle center is u/c.
  5. I remember looking at that rendering too, a long time ago... Im pretty sure I saw somewhere that the Dominion project was redesigned into "The Paramount", which was built a couple of years ago. Heres the finished product, the massing and some parts of the design look similar to the Dominion proposal:
  6. Heres an overview of the site plan of the Spectrum redevelopment:
  7. ^Thats really good news! I hope this trend of redeveloping strip centers into mixed-use complexes continues, as it could applied to very many desolate suburban areas around the country! I didn't get to take pics of the other part of the garage, facing the SoMa area, which isn't as bad, as it has some greenery installed on the side, which I think may grow over part of the garage in the future.
  8. ^Sure, actually I just went to Reston today for Iceberry, and I snapped some pics of the newer sections of Reston Town Center, including the under-construction Democracy Tower. It's somewhat hard to see, but these are the proposed Reston Gateway towers, the signs been up there since '01, but there is equipment at the site, they may start soon. Midtown Reston Towers New Rolls Royce Building at SoMa Reston Democracy Tower under construction Rendering of the completed tower
  9. Oh whoops, those are the renderings for the first phase, which is nearly done. The new building under construction with a curving glass facade is called the "Democracy Tower" (geez, Democracy Tower this and Freedom Center that, i guess we are near DC lol ) And the only rendering for that is on a small banner on the parking garage on which the tower portion is being built (9 stories existing parking garage plus the office building itself is gonna be pretty tall). Walking through the new South of Market phase I, the buildings seem alright, modern, and a nice mix of materials, but the landscaping itself is pretty bad, very unorganized and haphazard-looking, with random chunky stone lines going in every which direction, abruptly ending right before the buildings themselves, giving the whole plaza a disconnected, sloppy look. I hope that with the opening of some stores or the addition of tree planters, the area will seem more lively. The parking garage fronting the plaza isn't that bad, I like the addition of what I think are the plants/vines that, over time, will conceal the garage.
  10. Wow, this threads been pretty dead for a while...in pretty big news, at least for Reston, a new office building is being built on top of the parking garage at South of Market! I had no idea this was planned, but looking at the only rendering up, on the site, it looks really nice, curving glass facade on one side, normal precast and glass modern on the other. Heres a link to some info on the boston properties page: Phase II SoMA
  11. I had no idea this was what was going up at Potomac Yards (Alexandria side), but I finally found the website, listed in MRP Realty! It's really amazing, much better than the bleech 1880's inspired plan for the south section!!! In other news: Both hotels in the Dulles Station complex are underway, a Hyatt Place and a Sheraton. Dulles Station Hotels A large office complex of I think two towers is going up in Carlyle 2nd phase of really ugly condos going up in the Dulles Overlook complex, although these look more like the typical 90s-00s condo complexes seen everywhere around here. Ashton at Dulles Overlook (click brochure.pdf to see the rendering) The second phase at Potomac Yards Arlington is going up!!!! (I passed by it, finally some construction work going on, I thought it was dead) Potomac Yards (the u/c buildings are National Gateway I and II, the two buildings in the foreground are done, and so are the ones opposite of Natl Gateway I and II) Mystery Projects: Theres a construction crane in the middle of the Carlyle area, I have no idea what its for though. Theres a pretty large building going up in Alexandria, across from the Mark Center In random news, McMansions are still sprouting up like weeds all over the place, even with the down economy. In the McNeighboorhood, or Unzoned Wasteland, (also known as the area around the intersection of Colchester and Popes Head, and around Doyle Rd), there are many new, offensively ugly homes, and a lot of land has been cleared opposite Willow Springs and Doyle Rd for a bunch more. Also, i need to get a pic of it, but there is a McMansion going up next to the Exxon on Ox rd, with Victorian turrets, Mediterranean roof tiles, and colonial windows
  12. oh god, those apartments around the parking garage look awful, they really did have the opportunity, like pretty much every other development around here, to not put up some neo-eclectic piece of junk, and of course they took the cheap, easy route. And while i'm also extremely sick of the design of new-urbanist developments (they can be pedestrian-friendly and innovative in terms of architecture at the same time), i guess it adds something to the non-existent street life of Herndon...I really hope that soon, this new-urbanism fad passes by, and we can concentrate on putting our money and effort towards redeveloping our real urban areas, not creating more disney-fied development...
  13. I am extremely frustrated with this current administration, but hopefully, if we get a new, more mass transit-friendly administration, they could finally approve the project and get it going....I really hope its not 15 years of planning and $140 million down the drain...
  14. Wow, I was gone for a while and am so amazed by the amount of projects being proposed for tysons! Park Crest looks really well-done, fresh and contemporary. I hadn't even heard of the tysons crescent development or tysons tower, but both would be an excellent addition to tysons. Still a bit worried about the metro line plan, I really hope it gets approved at the fed meeting...
  15. Its great to see an update to the extremely dated-looking cars, although do they really have to use the "vomit motion" upholestry? They should've taken a look at the interior design of some of the new light rail cars in charlotte or phoenix, those look very fresh and contemporary. It would also help to improve the image of metro for a new generation of riders...
  16. Nice, the Promenade project is a big step forward for Tysons, it looks like it could have been proposed in a much more developed city like atlanta or charlotte, and the base retail will possibly start to encourage a more pedestrian environment. This could be the first step to a much more sustainable Tysons!...if it gets past the approval stage and the dampening effect of the recession.
  17. Kewl, i had no idea they were planning an addition! I go there alot, so thats really good news! All i have seen over the past couple of years is that some new large restaurants like the cheesecake factory have moved in. Where did you find this out, and do you know of any renderings or other details? and btw, great news about the relocation! I hope VW does something really creative with the design of their new hq!
  18. Ugh, for some reason, i hate these soo much, mostly cause im sick of neo-traditonal, but you all already know that. They are the new townhomes going up along the Occoquan River. One of the problems I have with these is that im not really a fan of Victorian-era design at all, and knowing other Victorian-influenced developments in the area from the past 20 years, these will be really ugly and tacky. Second, they are another stupid gated community that adds nothing to the character and fabric of the city, and even though i usually beat up on contextual design, these don't really fit in with the rest of the community, except for the ugly 80s waterfront plaza building. It doesn't help the colors are extremely garish and clashing...all i can hope is that they will be torn down in 20 years and replaced with something much better. Progress as of aug 13th 2007:
  19. Well i went down to Bristow to see what stuff was going up, just typical more subdivisions, but they are expanding rt 28 (nokesville rd), and right here they are building a gigantic target, and while i like targets more than walmart, its still obviously not helping with the sprawl issue...however, i do love the modern design they are giving it, a fresh change from all this faux-colonialism http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bristow,+VA,...m=1&layer=t Other than that, just more road-expanding, and more warehouse-based office parks, and one especially offensive office building designed to look like a McMansion! And they just opened a gigantic new shopping strip mall complex here, at the intersection of Nokesville and Linton Hall: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Bristow,+VA,...m=1&layer=t And ill post some pics of the worst sprawl and horribly planned developments in the area!
  20. Yeah, and its still going strong too with all the office construction in fx county and loudoun county, but alot of the development is the worst kind, as tasteless mcmansions, oversized megachurches, and bland strip malls are still going up all over the place, even with the housing slowdown. I was driving through Loudoun, and they are still building a bazillion McMansions all over the place. It seems as the housing boom winds down, even worse and more cheap designs and materials are being used, i guess because the economy is slowing...and even worse, there are so many clear-cut areas that were planned to be housing developments, but now they are just desolate wastelands...
  21. I went to Alexandria today, and wow, there is soo much construction in the Carlyle area! I got a bunch of pics, but photobucket wont let me upload all of them... ^That one's from the area around the mark center The older 80s postmod stuff around carlyle 90s condo buildings, the first real high rise buildings in the area What used to be the time life building Entrance buildings to the patent office complex, really well done imo More 80s stuff The signature building of the patent office complex is in the back Nice plaza Nice modern sculpture The cheaper back buildings, still not that bad, good mix of modern and traditional New condo building More new condos Condos and brownstones... There were alot of parking garages in the complex, but they werent that badly done... The newest buildings, really nice and modern More offices... Looking down at all the new development... And the parting shot!
  22. ^I just used photobucket, uploaded the photos to there, and then got the code for how to post pics, and copied and pasted each code for each picture here About 1725 tysons, im not sure if its cancelled (really hope not!), or just on hold until the market gets better, but i can't see that being the reason as office is booming around here right now...
  23. This is the latest i can find of any news on it, and it lists it as 'under construction'.... http://www.arlingtonva.us/NewsReleases/Scr....asp?Index=1954
  24. Lol im sorta on a post frenzy tonite, but yep, the one called 1725 tysons, i remember all the hype about it a while ago, and they did put up construction fences, but then it just sorta died out...heres the link to emporis for the rendering: http://www.emporis.com/en/il/im/?id=105490
  25. Heres the rendering of the new Long & Foster HQ, bleech, they really couldn't have come up with anything more creative or interesting than this? http://www.longandfoster.com/Press_Release/NewHQ.pdf
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