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  1. Neiman Marcus. I can dream, can't I?
  2. This needs to happen! I love that building.
  3. I live in Blackman as well (Stonecrest/Puckett Crossing) and I find the traffic at Medical Center and I-24 highly annoying most of the time. Outside of that, this isn't a bad place to live and yes, I identify with Nashville. Nobody knows what Murfreesboro is outside of Tennessee.
  4. I think we'll see the likes of Icelandair or Condor sooner rather than later. I know Delta is paying close attention to what's happening.
  5. The flight has average a mid-90's load factor and has been their best launch on a mid-size route.
  6. When will they reveal who the city is? That's all I care about. I doubt we get it, but one can never tell. Everyone seems to "love" Boston and according to some Indy folks I know, there's nothing that city can do wrong.
  7. That's really interesting. That's a jumping location so a hotel would be perfect there honestly.
  8. I don't disagree with you at all. Louisville has been quite content to leave it status quo while neighboring airports have made improvements and expanded service. I think they're trying to keep the "leakage" to a minimum there more than anything.
  9. Our neighbors to the north are sick of everyone else getting flights to Mexico and England. Looks like they want to jump in the pool now. All joking aside, it's an interesting read. Might I add, if Air Canada wanted to serve Louisville, they could do it without FIS as it's Pre-Clear. https://insiderlouisville.com/government/transportation/dan-mann-wants-to-put-the-international-in-louisville-international-airport/
  10. It's the "baseball diamond" where all of the storm water runoff goes. It's being filled in so the terminal expansion can happen and give us more ramp space for RON aircraft and de-icing.
  11. I look for that to go year round soon. It’s up to 5 days a week now.
  12. I can respect that. Architecturally, it's nothing special. I haven't been inside yet so I can't comment on that.
  13. It actually has two gates now. As for Spirit, it's a complete mystery why they haven't started service to BNA. I'm shocked honestly. They serve far lesser markets, but can't seem to figure out BNA. We'll see.
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