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  1. Nashville International Airport

    I'm really excited about these new renderings.
  2. Before long, you'll be able to jump from one 23 story roof top to another 23 story rooftop and NEVER touch the sidewalk. The entire skyline will look like the Bridgestone Tower and Pinnacle...just one BIG FLAT roofline with absolutely no imagination whatsoever. This has been my beef for a long time. The SoBro height restriction and the unwillingness of developers to design something worth looking at longterm that still remains capable of turning a profit. We are a city full of mid-rises and L-shaped hotels. Tony should be commended for breaking the 500-foot barrier.
  3. Nashville International Airport

    Delta has strengthened their position here recently and I look for that to continue as we move forward.
  4. Building fits in with its surroundings so I'm okay with it.
  5. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors - topped out

    Best looking highrise in the city hands down. NOW, if it was about 20 floors taller, I'd be REALLY happy, but I digress.
  6. Nashville International Airport

    Personally, I hope it's right too! AMS is a big hub for SkyTeam Alliance and like you said, DL and KLM/Air France are HUGE there offering a number of destinations from there with considerable ease.
  7. Nashville International Airport

    Yeah, I'm at AA. I'm hearing there's some strong possibility with Amsterdam on Delta. I don't know how true that is, but this was confirmed by some interesting info I can't really talk about right now. Also, there's a good possibility we could see another international airline here. Time will tell!
  8. Nashville International Airport

    This will open the flood gates so to speak. Just sit back and watch what happens.
  9. I'm not sure what people wanted downtown for shopping instead of an H & M? Were you wanting a Neiman Marcus? How about a Macy's? Grocery store request not withstanding, this is a pretty big deal.
  10. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Me personally, I like the wider sidewalks. I think that's a wonderful idea!
  11. New photos, friends. I'm still trying to keep up, but it's not the easiest task. See the entire collection on my Flickr page. Link: www.flickr.com/perspectivephotography To me, this panoramic is a show stopper. Probably gonna frame it honestly.
  12. Nashville International Airport

    I would rather not put things out on a public forum. But trust me, there's a lot of mismanagement over there. The MNAA likes to think very highly of themselves with little to brag about in the grand scheme of things. They, unlike our peer cities, are chasing and not leading in the industry.
  13. Nashville International Airport

    DTW is a nice airport. Both terminals (Delta and non-Delta terminals) are really nice! The problem with our airport? The Airport Authority. It's real simple. They are as unorganized as a box of lego's and NOBODY in this city has the guts to call them out on it.
  14. Nashville International Airport

    Yep, they are moving me out of my parking under A concourse because of construction starting at the end of this month.
  15. Nashville International Airport

    Our airport, ramp side, is laid out poorly. Very little room and no chance for double taxiways because of that silly hole between C and B concourse. As for Southwest pushing AA out. Not gonna happen. There will always be a huge demand for premium travel into and out of Nashville. Southwest will not deliver that regardless of price point. They don't even have a club for crying out loud (because they don't have a club product). The one airline that could REALLY come out of nowhere would be Delta or United. American has seemed to have forgotten the importance of Nashville to their network.