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  1. So, now that we have zero options for transit on the table my attention turns to the horribly antiquated interstates in and around Nashville and the lousy interchanges. What can we do to push our state leaders to fix this mess? The majority of our traffic issues revolve around interchanges that are currently at or above capacity. The whole 24/40 spilt is a giant cluster. TDOT seems perfectly happy with keeping it status quo. We've heard NOTHING from them on fixing anything. Just patch paving and pothole work. As for future transit, I'm not a firm believer anything will ever happen. We will continue to rely on cars in this metro. This speak of monorail and stuff is fun, but unrealistic. Monorail is EXPENSIVE and well, voters in Nashville have shown they don't want to spend a lot of money on transit and neighboring counties (and CSX) have shown no desire to change either.
  2. Lexy

    MSA South - Williamson & Rutherford Counties

    Wonderful, more semi trucks on the interstate. And still no ice in Williamson County. These narrow minded sports complex owners are truly missing a HUGE opportunity.
  3. I would LOVE to get inside some of the new high rises to shoot some photos. Any ideas??
  4. Lexy

    IKEA to Nashville

    This isn't about a rivalry. The facts support that Memphis is NOT a destination for a majority of young, hip, modern, young folks. It's not a rivalry issue, it's a fact. It's a tourist destination thanks to Elvis and Beale Street, but otherwise it's not a destination for young professionals. I have family in Memphis and they hate it. They'd rather live in Paris, TN and have to drive everywhere for everything than live in Memphis, but work won't allow it. LOL!
  5. Not at all! Thank you! Here's another...
  6. Lexy

    IKEA to Nashville

    They were given the farm in a desperation move by the city to stay somewhat relevant to a younger demographic. I can't blame them honestly, but I think long term, it will prove to be a bad move for IKEA once all of the "gifts" run out.
  7. Lexy

    IKEA to Nashville

    I've never seen the Memphis store with a lot of people in it. Never.
  8. No sir. I’m land based, but WISH I had a drone.
  9. Lexy

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    It's metro. 100% metro. That's why everything in SoBro looks the same height with little creativity. Metro.
  10. Some very recent snaps by me while at work and driving around waiting on the wife to get off work at Vandy. For the record, the Westin is the ugliest building in the city bar none. It's almost offensive.
  11. State Representative, Republican Beth Harwell's brother-in-law (and author) Jim Harwell is the money man behind this group. He's a VOCAL opponent of Mayor Barry and isn't afraid to let you know it according to his facebook. Ask to see their books and they'll block you on their facebook page. I asked for transparency with their "volunteer" funding and they blocked me.
  12. So you all know who's behind the Better Transit page, right?
  13. Good looking building! This will be a nice addition and welcomed density!
  14. Lexy

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    We could always put a giant cut-out of the planned (but never built) City Center II in the plaza!
  15. Of course! When you can't have New York City, go for its smaller cousin up north in Boston. I'm not a fan.