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  1. That would be a great boost for that area, i wish they would get more damned housing in that area (Maybe AI Engineers should look into that aspect)...
  2. Untrue, the MTS Centre in Winnipeg holds 15,004 for hockey, and they just got a team...
  3. Ha, they'll blow through that just painting the swing sets in Bushnell Park...
  4. I totally agree with beerbeer's post. I'm totally for this, and totally for most anything in the city.... if it's done right. Most of the time, the city screws it up. I'd almost rather have nothing done than a bunch of half-assed nonsense. Good post, beerbeer.
  5. Lol, green surface parking is still surface parking, which I find to be the single biggest waste of space in the universe. However, I concede the point, I misunderstood it's use, and since it's happening anyways, it might as well happen this way.
  6. I agree with everything 1000% except..... the State parking lot nonsense. That area along Capitol Ave was supposed to be brownstones... or row houses... or... something. Adding more park there is kinda silly. I love the idea, really I do, but we need more RESIDENTIAL downtown! Yes, I know, we are getting some, but Capitol Ave is a perfect place to create a nice neighborhood. Go look at Paris, full of 6 story apartment buildings with nice iron-wrought balconies, etc. Now, imagine that along Capitol Ave and the little side streets. That's what's needed, not a farmer's market...
  7. This refurbish the Civic Center stuff has to stop. Really, we need a new building...
  8. If Boise gets a team before we do, I'm putting a bullet in my head. Mark it down...
  9. I still hate what this project has become...
  10. I too would take those buildings in Hartford in a second...
  11. I drive by there every day and there is little or no traffic. Like VoR said, I'm one of the people using it as a backdoor to downtown from Brainard Rd. The new magnet School there is nice, I believe it's the Sports Sciences one. Is there another over there too?
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