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  1. I was in downtown a couple of weekends ago. There were four significant apartment projects underway. Three conversations and one new construction. Arch Street -53 units Pearl Street -258 units Radisson Hotel -96 units Asylum - 60 units All of these should open in 2019. It doesn't seem to matter how many units they build. They fill up fast. Much faster than anyone anticipated. The city is changing very rapidly.
  2. The hotel has pretty much reached its full height. Although it is not a very impressive building, for cars coming south on 91 it is tough to miss. The location is an A+ for a hotel.
  3. Signage is up. Could happen as soon as next week. A lower price option for hotel guests. That's a good thing.
  4. This event on April 5th promises to be an interesting one.
  5. This is the first construction photo I have seen of the project. Don't know when it was taken but it has to be fairly recent.
  6. This looks like a ballpark picture. And it is. But if you look at the subtle red circle I drew on the right side of the picture, you can see the steel frame of the hotel starting to rise.
  7. Across the street at Bushnell Park, the sidewalk has become a promenade. It's a fairly dramatic difference. Here are some before/after photos
  8. There is actual progress on the iquilt and Bushnell Park.
  9. Nice shots. I have to admit, I'm amazed they have this off the ground. They have been talking about it for a long time. Hartford doesn't really have a cheap option hotel/motel since the Holiday Inn Express went dark. The may be set up in a perfect niche.
  10. The streetscape is starting to round into shape.The new Trumbull Street is finished and has new lighting. The scoreboard in left is framed and looks huge.
  11. U.S. News & World Report today unveiled the 2016 Best Places to Live in the United States. The new list ranks the country's 100 largest metropolitan areas based on affordability, job prospects and quality of life. "The Best Places to Live ranking accounts for the most important concerns people have about where to live, such as cost of living, employment opportunities and access to good schools," said Miriam Weiner, product manager for Real Estate at U.S. News. "Top-ranked areas not only have steady job markets, but they also have attributes that contribute to a high quality of life – affordability, low crime rates, shorter commute times and quality health care." http://www.hartfordbusiness.com/article/20160302/NEWS01/160309973 http://realestate.usnews.com/places/connecticut/hartford
  12. Latest developments finished steelwork on the exterior of the stadium should start up shortly scoreboard delivery and installation early next week sod installation in mid-March; unveiling of the exterior façade of the ballpark Team owner Josh Solomon also announced that the team will hold its first job fair March 26 at the Wilson-Gray YMCA on Albany Avenue.
  13. The city approved the 5.5 million to take the park to finish. This is from February 22nd. This should be a spectacular addition to the city especially night games. By this time next year, the Hard Rock should be going up in the parking lot just left of the stadium.
  14. No. They left because Malloy hit corporations with two of the biggest tax hikes in Connecticut history in the last five years. It was cause/effect. And even worse, they believed more tax hikes are in the offing (and if Democrats keep control they are probably right). Keep making excuses if you want. But it is a pain in the butt to move a corporation. It's expensive and cause a lot of disruption. GE would have gone nowhere. This is a direct result of anti-business taxes, regulations and high energy prices. And both Aetna and UTC are now eyeing the door. Malloy and Andrew Cuomo (NY Governor) were elected at the same time. Both had huge deficits. Cuomo refused to raise taxes and lowered spending and New York didn't lose any companies. New York's economy is healthy. Malloy put in a huge tax increase and RAISED spending and you can see the result. Until Connecticut voters come out of their denial, the state will continue to bleed companies and jobs
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