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  1. Skyscrapergeek

    JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

  2. Won’t be able to make it this month. Family in town. Have a great meeting.
  3. Hmmmmm if only you attended the monthly forum meet.
  4. I completely agree Ron. That’s always been one of my favorite Tony designs. Finger’s crossed but preparing myself for a box.
  5. At 60 floors it shouldn’t be a problem to reach 700’. The Independent in Austin, now under construction, will be 58 floors and 690’. The Austonian is 56 floors and 683’.
  6. Skyscrapergeek

    Nashville International Airport

    I’ve been on many 767s and A330s but not a 787-8. What would you guys say is the biggest difference? I’m guessing the obvious answer is space but is there anything else you’d say makes it especially unpleasant? Thanks!
  7. Great seeing everyone. Lots of great info as always but my favorite part was when a newcomer to the group lead us on an imaginary journey to the great metropolis of Winslow, AZ. Within 32 minutes of not actually being there, we became experts on their city, built environment and all aspects of life in a barren wasteland. Frankly, I was underwhelmed by the lack of 1000 footers. The food scene wasn’t any better as it was sorely lacking in Chicago style pizzarias and traditional Japanese Ramen shops. Entertainment? Apparently their is not one Death Metal Club in the whole MSA, just saying. The locals? Bunch of homers. Some have suggested, and I tend to agree, that Winslow is 70 years behind in their aerospace program. What’s up with that??? Sadly, Winslow’s “It City” status was fleeting and came to an abrupt end when Glen Frey decided to stop standing on a corner there. Another blow to the economy and tourism came when the city lost its beaches some 541 million years ago but not to worry Winslow, not even Charlotte has beaches. In thourough summation, I’d like to say that Nashville is better than Winslow in every conceivable way except for one. Their massive hole in the ground is much larger than ours and soon...we won’t even have that. Anyway, thanks for the trip new guy, I now feel more superior than I already did. Sincerely, Sarcasmgeek Ps. My sincere apologies if any Winslownians or those with absolutely no sense of humor were offended, disheartened, mortally wounded or trolled by reading this pure piece of fiction.
  8. Skyscrapergeek

    CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Extremely well said, Pete!
  9. I mentioned this at one of the last meets, what does everyone think of officially naming it “The Dave Luna / Urban Planet Forum Meet”? Or something to that effect. The restaurants already named after him.
  10. Agreed ML. The Tennessean also states that both towers are about 20 stories. Really? They are?? Could they maybe take 10 seconds to count the stories on the residential tower? If you can’t accurately report what’s in front of face why should I assume anything else is correct? Ok, I done. Anyway, I love this! Especially considering how long we’ve been waiting.
  11. Skyscrapergeek

    Will Nashville ever see another amusement park?

    Took my son to the zoo today and I thought about how I will never get to take him to Opryland and share the experience with him. Those were some of my best childhood memories and there was no place like it. As God as my witness, I will never take my son to Opry Mills! By the way, is it wrong that I took pleasure in its flooding in 2010?