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  1. Speaking of FBC, they are directly responsible for the existence of The Next Door and gave $1,000,000.00 toward their new building.
  2. You had me at, “Would be cool if there were a couple of tall glass towers”.
  3. I'll start with the obligatory "I love Birmingham but..." I attended Samford University for two semester (86'-87') before transferring to Belmont. I loved Birmingham and at that time, it and Nashville were very much on the same "tier". Over the years I've been back to B'ham many times and driven through many more. I still love it for a lot of reasons, both new and old memories. Southside/Five Points South, Baby Does (RIP), Pete's Famous Hot Dogs (RIP), etc., etc., etc. It is a very charming city with its own style. Buuuuuuuuuttt COME ON! All you need for the purposes of this discussion (the thread in question) is to apply the drive-by/eyeball test and compare both skylines and their evolutions. jmtunafish, you're spot on with your 1980 comparison comment. The ironic thing is, while Birmingham has some old gems, its skyline is virtually the same as when I left in 1987. Now, skylines aren't everything (did I just say that?) but it's a huge indicator of economic and cultural progress and momentum. Facts are facts as you all have listed. Nashville has grown by leaps and bounds by nearly all indicators since 1987. You cannot say that about Birmingham.
  4. Paging PHofKS...customer needs assistance in the photoshop department.
  5. Well said, as always, John. Blessed to have known Dave and thankful for all my “old timer” brothers as well as the “new timers” that make this forum great!
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