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  1. Well said, as always, John. Blessed to have known Dave and thankful for all my “old timer” brothers as well as the “new timers” that make this forum great!
  2. Pete, I remember you mentioning the google earth measuring tool at a forum meet awhile back so I tried it myself several months ago and came up with the same numbers you did. Explains why the published math and the visuals don’t jibe. I also got 350’ for NCC.
  3. Probably related to the British Airways pilots strike.
  4. Is it me or is that a skull and crossbones in the sky on the right?
  5. Yep. Tony was almost that guy if not for the recession. Unfortunately I think that was our shot but who really knows.
  6. Should never have allowed the L&C tower to be built. Height was totally in appropriate.
  7. Love E+Rose! Mrs Geek and I keep the Brentwood location in business. They will do very well at 505.
  8. If you use the measuring tool on google earth, (tip of the cap to Pete) Bridgestone is approximately 440’ and Pinnacle is 431’. Visually this holds true. This also holds for 505 at 524’ and Batman 617’. 5/3? Not surprisingly 443’.
  9. Ron, knew it wasn’t John that regularly does but I thought he mentioned at a forum meet that he tried to update the info and it was erased.
  10. I could be wrong but didn’t John say he had communicated with the individual after he/she kept erasing John’s updates?
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