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  1. I just don’t share the love for this building. I’ve never liked it, especially with its proximity to lower broad and 2nd Ave. In my opinion it looks like a weak copy. The windows look cheap, the white trim, color of the brick, etc. It looks like it belongs in Cool Springs. With that said, I don’t like the white either. Looks like a mini fed courthouse. Another building I can’t stand. Ok, got my negativity out for the day.
  2. They’ve only completed the 33rd story and the 40 stories do not include the mechanical level. They are currently 17 stories above the dark strip on the side which is about 9 stories above the pedestal. They still have the equivalent of 10 stories to go with the added height of penthouse levels. Pinnacle is 431’ not for 417’ so this will easily hit 542’.
  3. Agree with you on this. Huge improvements but needs a little fine tuning. Baggage claim went from dungeon to operating room and I do think covid has something to do with the odd “store” in D.
  4. These are approximate depending on where you drop a pin on google earth. 505 - 488’ ATT - 435’ 2nd & Peabody - 470’
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