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  1. Nashville based discussions aren’t the problem. Right vs Left discussions are which is where the thread was going and ultimately went. The post in question was edited to a single word. I personally don’t mind a good political debate but the coffee house is the place for that, at least that’s what the policy has always been and should be for the left and the right.
  2. Mods, I’m respectfully requesting this discussion be moved to the coffee house. It didn’t take long for it to cross the line and could easily escalate. Should be easy to see this coming.
  3. What you say if you’re trying to get the public, judge/jury and MLB on your side.
  4. Test of wills!! You have my full support! Not that it means anything of course but you have it nonetheless.
  5. Wow! Happily surprised. Of course I’m a big fan of Tony and give him a huge amount of credit for jumpstarting the downtown building boom in Nashville but I’ve been skeptical of this tower happening for a few reasons. The biggest one being the lead time. I sure hope it doesn’t meet the same timing fate as Signature. Sorry. Positivity! Carry on.
  6. Maaaaaaannnnn, what are the odds SWA gets one of those??
  7. The sculpture is ok I guess but it’s no Sticks.
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