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  1. Following the Livability.com ranking for top American downtowns among the non-major cities (New York, LA, Chicago, etc), Winston-Salem is selected as the 8th best U.S. downtown among all cities by Forbes magazine. 1. Chicago 2. Portland, OR 3. Burlington, VT 4. Indianapolis 5. San Antonio 6. Savannah 7. Kansas City 8. Winston-Salem 9. Greenville, SC 10. Santa Monica http://www.forbes.com/sites/johngiuffo/2011/10/14/americas-best-downtowns/
  2. You should check out Christopher's on Brookstown Ave at the corner of Broad Street. It's arguably the best restaurant in W-S and they have a great patio that usually has live music. There are great shops along Trade from 5th to 8th.
  3. I agree that this is a great opportunity to get a developer on board who has vision. Whether or not Avant is that developer remains to be seen, but in comparison to Niemann, Avant was able to get his project, One Park Vista built in a timely manner. The key is for Avant to hire a talented architect who knows Winston-Salem and the site, but who isn't mired in superficial discussions of style in place of thoughtful architecture. Niemann's architect, Davis from Raleigh didn't demonstrate that they have much vision and understanding of creating interesting urban architecture any more than any of Winston-Salem's architects have. Hopefully, Avant will take a risk on architecture rather than play it safe and create something truly inspiring for Civic Plaza. Fingers crossed...
  4. Thanks for the pics. Good to see the progress.
  5. It would seem in light of the recent safety inspections problems with Southwest, United, Delta and American, perhaps we need more regulatory authority to insure the safety of flying. Bush can be blamed for that too. The FAA is a joke and he has done nothing to upgrade the antiquated system that is largely relying on 1950s technology in an era where near-misses in the air and on the ground have become commonplace at most of our large airports. You have to wonder, if he put a horse lawyer in charge of FEMA, who's at the helm of the FAA and NTSB?
  6. I'm trying to figure out what exactly you are asking with the question: "To what extent to you credit overreaching regulation which increases costs?" I don't think you can lay the demise of Skybus at the feet of Bush, but the overall structural problems with our economy and the energy crisis we are facing are very much the result of his extreme indifference to fiscal responsibility, his tone deafness to geo-politics, his pre-emptive (dishonest) warmongering, his inability to grapple with scientific realities, etc. I feel sorry for Obama, Clinton and McCain, one of whom will have to spend the next 4 years cleaning up the incredible mess wrought by Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc. It will be necessary for our next president to rebuild not only our economy, but virtually every single aspect of this country, from foreign policy to education to the health of the planet. I have an idea - let's resurrect Piedmont Airlines!
  7. I'm not in NC right now, but I would like to help out in any way possible (eg. research, composing letter/op-editorial, editing, etc.). In addition to the list of people that we compiled, we should also submit it as an op-ed piece in the Winston-Salem Journal, Greensboro News & Record, etc.
  8. The Winston-Salem Symphony (along with possibly one other arts organization) is moving their offices into this building. With Piedmont Music Center across the street, this could turn into a small arts precinct for the west side of downtown.
  9. Here's the contact info of some of the people I listed: W-S Mayor [email protected] W-S City Council [email protected] - Dan Besse [email protected] - City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tempore Vivian H. Burke [email protected] - Robert C. Clark [email protected] - Joycelyn V. Johnson [email protected] - Molly Leight [email protected] - Nelson L. Malloy, Jr. [email protected] - Wanda Merschel [email protected] - Evelyn A. Terry Senator Elizabeth Dole Republican - North Carolina United States Senate Washington, DC 20510 202-224-6342 Senator Richard Burr Republican - North Carolina Washington, D.C. office: Senate Dirksen Office Building, #40C Washington, DC 20510 202-224-3154 (phone) 202-228-2981 (fax) Web Form: burr.senate.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=Contact.Home North Carolina office: 2000 W. First Street Suite 508 Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27104 (336) 631-5125 (phone) (800) 685-8916 (toll free) (336) 725-4493 (Fax) Virginia Foxx (R
  10. Agreed on the EIFS! The only thing worse than not renovating is renovating with cheap, characterless materials. What will this building be used for?
  11. The problem with the "H" in GWH is that "H" is a modifier of P. It's not just a point, it's a high point. Unfortunately, the name "High Point" is sort of generic (no offense intended). Greensboro is named after someone and is therefore specific. Winston-Salem, likewise is a very specific, unique name. So, like ABE being Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton, GWH would translate to Greensboro/Winston/High. This is why I would push GWS which would translate to something specific - Greensboro/Winston-Salem. Perhaps, that's why RDU wasn't RDC because Chapel is sort of a generic name too and as has been mentioned before, Chapel Hill is significantly smaller than Raleigh and Durham. And, while you are probably correct that code changes are not common, they do happen. Idlewild Airport(IDL) became JFK and now Indianola, MS uses IDL. Also, Sioux City (SUX) city officials petitioned the FAA to change their code and the FAA gave them 5 alternative codes to choose from. While they decided to embrace SUX and market it, the fact is that the FAA gave them the option to change it.
  12. There's a WSJ article on Ziggy's from Sunday: http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645509099
  13. Where's this going? Are they closing the Kernersville one?
  14. Thanks for putting this together. I agree about the PTI part - it sort of confuses the issue you are trying to raise. As a start, perhaps we should put together a list of people to be copied on the flood of emails. I would cc: Senators Dole and Burr Congresspersons Coble, Foxx, Miller and Watt (all of whose Congressional Districts include part of Forsyth and Guilford Counties)the state senators and representatives from Forsyth and Guilford Mayors Joines and Johnson every member of the city councils every member of the Forsyth and Guilford County Commissioners the airport commission presidents of the chambers of commerce Winston-Salem Business Inc and the Greensboro equivalent And, perhaps leaders from Triad-based companies and institutions like RJR, BB&T, Hanesbrands, VF Corp, Wake Forest University, Guilford College, WFUBMC, Novant Health, etc.
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