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  1. Following the Livability.com ranking for top American downtowns among the non-major cities (New York, LA, Chicago, etc), Winston-Salem is selected as the 8th best U.S. downtown among all cities by Forbes magazine.

    1. Chicago

    2. Portland, OR

    3. Burlington, VT

    4. Indianapolis

    5. San Antonio

    6. Savannah

    7. Kansas City

    8. Winston-Salem

    9. Greenville, SC

    10. Santa Monica


  2. Hey guys, I'm planning to be in downtown Winston-Salem over the weekend. Are there any spots I shouldn't miss? I'm going to check out Old Salem, but I also want to explore the main part of downtown. I DL-ed the retail map from the DWSP and it looks like the area around Trade and 4th is a good spot to walk. I'm looking for bar, shops, music, and restaurant ideas, mainly. I'd like to find enough to do and explore so I don't have to drive much, if at all. Thanks!

    You should check out Christopher's on Brookstown Ave at the corner of Broad Street. It's arguably the best restaurant in W-S and they have a great patio that usually has live music. There are great shops along Trade from 5th to 8th.

  3. Renovation on the old Liberty Building at the corner of Broad and Second has begun:

    Update 12-1-07


    The Winston-Salem Symphony (along with possibly one other arts organization) is moving their offices into this building. With Piedmont Music Center across the street, this could turn into a small arts precinct for the west side of downtown.

  4. Agreed intcvlcphlga, how could they not have foreseen this? Though it is reassuring news that Jay is continuing to scout sites in the downtown area for a relocation of Ziggy's.

    In other downtown news:

    Burke Street Bakery is opening at 1130 Burke St.

    Highlands Group Plastics Inc. is moving to the former Rubber Soul nightclub and will completely restructure the exterior at 1148 Burke St. Highlands will divide the space into 1,000 square feet for itself and 1,600 square feet for lease for other businesses.

    There's a WSJ article on Ziggy's from Sunday: http://www.journalnow.com/servlet/Satellit...s=1037645509099

  5. i guess its safe to assume that these are the buildings they are considering

    i took these a while ago




    Thanks for posting the photos. In addition to revamping the Bailey, I hope they preserve and incorporate all of the infrastructural elements that tied all of the Reynolds' factories together - eg. the water towers, the bridges over 5th Street, etc. Also, I've always liked the building with the water tower on top - the exposed slabs with each floor comprised of glass block that wraps the corners is a really nice, minimalist industrial aesthetic that I hope they respect if they renovate it.

  6. I'm impressed by the scale of this potential project - 60 acres. If it's anchored around the Bailey Power Plant and Vine Street area, that 60 acres would likely encompass not only the former RJR factories along East 5th Street, but hopefully all of those surface parking lots as well. Given the type of developments they have done before, perhaps they will be open to restoring the creek near Bailey & Piedmont Leaf Lofts and the old railroad trestles. Is that railroad still in use? If not, it would be great to use that corridor as a linear park to connect the south end of PTRP with the north end (along the lines of the High Line in New York http://www.thehighline.org/). This area would also be a great home for the Center for Design Innovation.

  7. Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse, a Baltimore company, is considering developing about 60 acres of of the PRTP, park officials have said. This is the same company which has worked in Durham on many projects related to old American Tobacco Buildings. They also did the $100 million dollar redevelopment of Fenway park. If this happens, this would be a huge boost towards the city's drive to a bio-tech economy. It also would have a big impact on re-using a large portion of our old-economy tobacco buildings left in inventory downtown.

    The Bailey Power Plant would be one of the main benefactors, with the possibility of being turned into a modern day building.

    The project would be in phases, spread out for up to six years. The first phase would be for 16 acres and renovation of older buildings near Vine St. The complete project has the potential to be in the $100's of millions of dollars invested.

    Great news for W-S, the PTRP, and the Triad! :thumbsup:

    WSJ Article about potential PTRP Developer

    This sounds really promising! I'm glad they're talking about saving the Baily Power Plant - it would be terrible if they tore it down. Here's a link to the developer's website: http://www.sber.com/home.php .

  8. Greensboro (I kinda hate this angle because the New Wachovia Tower blocks the Renaisannce Plaza Building) But Center Pointe really adds color to Greensboro's skyline. I look forward to seeing the taller twin.



    courtesy of joelgillespie1957


    courtesy of K Tosh

    I'd never noticed the Mini-me towers on the Jefferson-Pilot parking garage...very scary (architecturally speaking)!

    Downtown W-S





    Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center


    Wake Forest university



    Great aerials. Looks like downtown could use a highrise right around 2nd and Marshall.

  9. did anyone else know that Louis Farrakhan is a WSSU alumnus??? :o


    I didn't realize that but I think he is in W-S frequently. One time, a few years ago, when I was looking to buy a piano, he and his entourage randomly came into Piedmont Music Center while I was there. I'm not sure if he bought a Steinway or anything, but he seemed interested (which is slightly odd, unless he has a place in Winston).

  10. which highway? do u mean 52 or Bus. 40?

    There are plans to expand PTRP south of 40, but not east of 52 - which is mostly a wooded hillside/cloverleaf across from the PTRP site. It would be great if in the future the park grew to encompass both sides of both highways (52 north of E 4th St, I guess), but they should really focus on building out the immediate area first so that they can maximize the density of it.

  11. With it's overall location and the amount of activity going on in the proposed "downtown triad" area, or "Heart of the Triad" or Center of High Point, Winston-Salem, Greensboro if your not into the whole brevity thing, it makes perfect sense to add an urban feel to this area. In time this area has potential with projects like Triad Tower and the increase in job opportunities to help not only Greensboro grow but also W/S, HP, and K'ville and this area will really tie these cities together.

    I'm not on board with this whole "HOT" thing. While I agree with the notion of sensible planning for future developement of the geographic center of the Triad, the urban focus should be on the downtowns of W-S, HP and GSO rather than trying to create an urban feel in an area whose employment base is and will likely continue to be focused on logistics which are inherently non-urban, low density, single-use programs - ie. shipping (FedEx), storage (warehouses) and manufacturing (Dell). And, the proposed Triad Tower, regardless of its mixed-use program, will do nothing (as it is currently designed) to promote an urban feel because at the end of the day, it will be an out-of-place tall tower in a sea of parking. To echo many other posters on here, it should be built "downtown."

  12. Right now its a telecommunications/network company. The building is mainly vacant. It would be nice if this building were converted to an apartment building or a hotel. Most people dont know that this building was designed to be a hotel in 1926 but that never materialized and it ended up being home to Greensboro Bank & Trust. eventually it was renamed the Guilford Building. When you walk inside you feel like you are in a hotel lobby of an old hotel.

    It's sort of reminiscent of The Carolina Theater and Hotel (which is now the Steven's Center) in W-S. It would make a nice residential bldg or boutique hotel.

  13. 843165470_9248125cd8_b.jpg

    Beautiful shot. I've always liked the dichotomy between the Reynolds Building and the Wachovia Building. The Wachovia Building was long derided as the box that the Reynolds Building came in, but it's actually a timeless, good example of the International Style.

  14. PTRP Updates

    The Piedmont Triad Research Park wants the city of Winston-Salem to contribute $125,000 to help pay for $626,000 of low-cost wet-lab incubator space for start ups. The park wants to build three labs with a combined 5,000 square feet of space and has raised $378,000 from private sources.



    Device Partners International is a new firm led by Kent Riddle lured to Winston-Salem by our biotech cluster. The firm has secured licenses and patents for a number of product lines.


    CJMW has been contracted to design a building for Forsyth Tech on the southside of PTRP below Business 40.

    I think this is a worthwhile investment for the city. If the city, county and state are willing to spend millions to get $30k-40k jobs, then $125k to foster jobs that will pay 2x the manufacturing jobs at Dell and will lure/retain young, well-educated people to the city.

  15. We took this yesterday, sure it's a shot we've all seen but I like this view! :thumbsup:


    Civic Plaza, as it is now designed, would effectively block the view of the Reynolds Building from this perspective. This illustrates why Niemann should go with a slender tower rather than the low wall-type concept he's got now and also why he should hire a better architect.

  16. Winston-Salem wants funding for NanoMed Institute

    Creation of the North Carolina NanoMedicine Institute in Winston-Salem's Piedmont Triad Research Park could generate as many as 6,000 jobs during the next 10 years, with an average annual salary of $87,000.

    But first, chambers of commerce from around the Piedmont Triad must convince the General Assembly to provide $15 million in initial funding for the project, according to an announcement from the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce.

    N.C. NanoMed would be an independent nonprofit medical testing facility designed to help companies obtain FDA approval for nanomedical products. The institute would include researchers from area colleges and universities, who would work with the companies in the testing process, the announcement said.

    David Carroll, director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University, said there is a shortage of such testing facilities, and that is impacting the industry's ability to bring nano-related products to market.

    "N.C. NanoMed is expected to be one of only two FDA testing facilities in the nation, and will fill an unmet need for regulatory review of nanotechnology in medical applications," Carroll said.

    Project boosters say the Triad already has a significant number of nanotechnology resources, and a facility such as N.C. NanoMed would draw many more.

    Rep. Larry Womble, D-Forsyth, is currently drafting a bill for the $15 million funding request that will be submitted prior to the May 9 filing deadline.

    If Winston is able to get this it would help the whole park, and new companies will start to move to the park.

    This is great news. I just hope Womble's able to get the backing needed to make this a reality.

  17. is harris teeter international?

    Think of it as the "World Series" of grocers...Does one team in Toronto constitute the world? Major League baseball seems to define the "world" that way. Since size seems to matter in the world of grocer enthusiasts, think of it as a means to heighten their sense of validation and swagger, if you will. I can only imagine the giddiness that would erupt if these environs were to score the world's largest WalMart or perhaps a Super "Duper" Target... :D

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