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  1. CVS will moving from their present location to a bigger one at 777 Main.
  2. I agree VOR. If there is retail already signed for the UConn building, I'm willing to bet it's for a UConn bookstore.
  3. I drove by the site today. Crews were dismantling chain link fences and marking trees with orange ribbon I assume to differentiate which stay and which go.
  4. I believe that the Wadsworth cafe will front this street as well so you will not need to enter the museum to dine there. The rendering looks like the cafe will have outdoor seating facing the rink/fountain. What a great idea. A small glass coffee shop on the plaza and a Christmas tree during the holidays would complete this scene. What a great design. I'm pretty sure the rink in Bushnell Park would go away if this were built since the plan for Bushnell Gardens includes a restaurant in that area.
  5. Drove by the east armory on 91 tonight. Two floors of the building were lit inside by construction lights so things are definitely underway here.
  6. As part of the IQuilt, the renderings I saw for that small street between the Travelers Plaza and the Wadsworth were amazing. the street was narrowed and the plaza was reconfigured to include a sizeable skating rink in the winter that would become a fountain in the warmer months. It reminded me of Rockefeller Center. Lets hope the funds are there (maybe a gift from Travelers?) to do this and it doesn't get passed over for lack of dollars. That would really tie the Front St area to Main St.
  7. A Mexican chain restaurant did sign a lease for the spot next to Infinity. There are two spots left at the existing Front St development. It will be interesting to see what happens with the retail at the apartment building and the UConn building
  8. They look to be the same height and in line with the windows on the front of the building. For security purposes (don't think they would want people moving freely from building to building), I'm going to guess they are windows.
  9. Couldn't agree more. For whatever reason, the people complaining and protesting everything want everything to stay the way it's been? Sorry, but the way it's been sucks. If they succeed in killing the stadium deal and preventing any resulting development from happening (like the Hooker Brewery), what is their plan B?? This is the best shot to right the wrongs of the 1960s that caused this wasteland of parking lots. When will the next opportunity present itself?? Sometimes I swear people say "no" just to feel that they have a voice.
  10. A built in tenant willing to take 50,000 sq ft certainly makes this project much more attractive for a private developer.
  11. What people don't understand is that no one is building ANYTHING for the Rock Cats owners. The stadium is for the city and will be owned by the city. The baseball team will be paying rent to the city... five times what they are paying in New Britain. Uninformed people- are there are a lot on this subject- are under the impression the city is building and giving the Rock cats a stadium which is not the case at all. I'm pretty sure the city will make money off of concessions, parking, etc. Parking stands to be the biggest money maker year round.
  12. I had heard about a month or two ago that awful six story motel looking apartment building was getting approved by zoning and moving forward. Although no one likes the design and everyone feels the building should be much bigger, it's getting approved because something at this point is better than nothing.
  13. Walked down Prospect today, and the new apartment building is right up to the sidewalk. All other buildings (Hartford Club, Elks, Times) maintain a uniform street wall about 20 ft from the road. Weird that they designed it like this.and broke the continuity.
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