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  1. I'm beginning to wonder if Centerplan has held off on the start of phase two (they said its because they want to focus on completing the ballpark) because they are somehow working on incorporating the casino development into their plan.
  2. CVS will moving from their present location to a bigger one at 777 Main.
  3. Article says that there will be another announcement soon regarding another property close to the DoNo development
  4. My wife and I rode on Saturday. The schedule boards, platforms and smooth ride really did make it feel like a train. Very impressive until we got downtown and were let off on the sidewalk across from the Holiday Inn. We expected to be let off at Union Station. So we walked over to Union Station expecting to find a Fastrack station. There was none. And the employees there had no idea what we were talking about. We went back outside to where we were let off and found others confused as to where to pick up the busway again. Turns out there is no station, no stop or even a sign! You just get on in front of the Holiday Inn. Huge failure here. As Bill said, the flagship station should be downtown for commuters as I expect this to be the busiest stop by a long shot. There isn't even a ticket kiosk like every other station. Ho would you buy a ticket? The stations are so impressive, why in the world was downtown omitted??? I don't see this working. On the way back we got off at Elmwood and had a pizza at pepe's. When we got back to the Elmwood station, another bus didn't come by for 45 minutes despite the schedule board telling us buses were coming every 9 minutes or so. As Bill pointed out, the shelters have a space above the seating, so in the rain, we couldn't even sit but the benches were set. Serious design flaw. I'm sure the kinks will get worked out but the lack of a station downtown is a huge issue. The system itself it pretty awesome. And will be a huge success.
  5. The political museum which was housed at U of H has been in storage for years. It has no home and is a pretty impressive collection.
  6. I agree VOR. If there is retail already signed for the UConn building, I'm willing to bet it's for a UConn bookstore.
  7. I drove by the site today. Crews were dismantling chain link fences and marking trees with orange ribbon I assume to differentiate which stay and which go.
  8. I had an interesting conversation with someone in planning and development regarding nightlife. He said if you got the right people behind it, you could create an entertainment zone in Downtown Hartford that would be permitted to serve alcohol and stay open later than the state allows. We started talking about how neighborhoods in New York like Meat Packing District, Chelsea and now the lower East side and places like downtown Miami have virtually been built on nightlife with hospitality, housing and retail following. When downtown Miami was an absolute dump, the city started handing out liquor permits to anyone who wanted them for downtown. Look at it 10 years later.. It rivals South Beach. It would be a tough sell in in a place like Hartford but you would be offering something no one else does except for New York and you immediately make the city more exciting and attractive for young, single professionals. It's not the cure all, but it certainly could be part of the puzzle.
  9. I had heard today that Bloomfield's Republic will be opening in the Linden Building downtown
  10. Speaking of Hartford Hospital projects, does anyone know whatever became of this project? I thought it was a great way to redevelop a (still) blighted property. It was approved four years ago but nothing ever happened with it. http://www.crosskey.com/Pages/pgCommHH.aspx
  11. I believe that the Wadsworth cafe will front this street as well so you will not need to enter the museum to dine there. The rendering looks like the cafe will have outdoor seating facing the rink/fountain. What a great idea. A small glass coffee shop on the plaza and a Christmas tree during the holidays would complete this scene. What a great design. I'm pretty sure the rink in Bushnell Park would go away if this were built since the plan for Bushnell Gardens includes a restaurant in that area.
  12. Drove by the east armory on 91 tonight. Two floors of the building were lit inside by construction lights so things are definitely underway here.
  13. As part of the IQuilt, the renderings I saw for that small street between the Travelers Plaza and the Wadsworth were amazing. the street was narrowed and the plaza was reconfigured to include a sizeable skating rink in the winter that would become a fountain in the warmer months. It reminded me of Rockefeller Center. Lets hope the funds are there (maybe a gift from Travelers?) to do this and it doesn't get passed over for lack of dollars. That would really tie the Front St area to Main St.
  14. A Mexican chain restaurant did sign a lease for the spot next to Infinity. There are two spots left at the existing Front St development. It will be interesting to see what happens with the retail at the apartment building and the UConn building
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