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  1. Northland has something in the works for retail at Hartford 21. You guys will be blown away if it comes to fruition.
  2. I actually agree with you mike, but the problem is a sizable amount of retail/entertainment is needed to make the Convention Center more attractive to potential customers. As I said before, I have completely lost faith in this city and the dolts running it to get this done the right way. Once Rowland was gone and the city became more involved in this project, it became doomed. I would love to see a neighborhood of townhouses... thats what USED to be there before they bulldozed the entire neighborhood for those awful Sheldon/Charter Oak aprtments and Percival Tower. And entire functioning neighborhood gone... just like that.
  3. I can't tell you all how disgusted I am with this whole project. Its been 10 years... thats right, 10 years...... since this project was first announced. If this city had their act together, it would have been built during the housing boom. I never hear any news regarding this project and when I do, its that it is being scaled back. I have NO faith in this project at all. To how badly this project has been screwed up, read this:
  4. Look at the grand ist from the early 90's compared to today. This comes from the city website: http://www.hartford.gov/assessor/pdfs/2006...l_GL_Totals.pdf
  5. Hartford could do what many other cities have done... add a very small tax to all hotel rooms and rental cars to fund the building of a new arena. That way, outsiders pay for it.
  6. [quote name='beerbeer' date='Jan 3 2008, 01:48 PM' post='912854' If the state had the billion bucks to get rid of I-84, it would be better spent on the Griffin Line and substituting rail for the busway.
  7. The original vision of years ago has been pared down from 500,000 sq ft of retail and 500 apartments to 60,000 sq ft of retail and 115 apartments. No tenants yet, only renderings. Focus on tenants has shifted to restaurants and entertainment and away from shopping. Here you go... http://www.courant.com/news/custom/topnews...0,4963771.story
  8. It would be fantastic if Colt sponsored a gun and manufacturing museum at Colt National Park. I believe the biggest collection of Colt firearms is owned by the CT Historical Society and I believe Colt has a sizeable collection as well. Both should make it happen.
  9. I don't know why we haven't heard anything about a hotel at AL since this original proposal. It seems like a natural with the Convention Center a block away and the weekday business needs of downtown. A hip boutique hotel with a restaurant and lounge at the ground floor seems like a natural. With the Atheneum pulling out, the facade of the Hartford Times building would be stunning as an entrance to a hotel.
  10. I know perception is everything, but West Hartford Center is very small and not especially easy to get to for out of towners. What makes the location so good is the cluster of upscale shopping within a few block area making it a destination. Add a convention center, a large hotel, a world class art museum and a science center at the intersection of two major highways and you have something BBS can't touch. It doesn't hurt that rents are far less expensive than BBS. If I were designing Front Street, I would also include a high rise condo tower and a badly needed boutique hotel. The potential is there. Hartford needs to do something about crime which seems to get worse. There is a widespread perception that Hartford is unsafe among outsiders even though thje vast majority of all violent crime reported in the media happens in certain neighborhoods and is not random. If the media wants to keep scaring people out of Hartford, they won't come back. People need to feel safe. Hartford also needs to lockup panhanders. I am so sick of not being able to walk one block downtown without getting harrassed by some homeless guy looking for cash "Excuse me sir.... but can I speak to you for a minute? I'm not a bum, but I need $4 for a bus ticket, blah blah blah." I hate it and so does everyone else.
  11. The whole concept of the busway is that busses will be able to "jump off" the busway onto city streets. It sounds like they are just making more roads for busses.... nothing new and a recipe for failure. When you take into consideration that they are actually paving over existing rail lines, it all seems so stupid - and a huge waste of money. We should just bite the bullett once and spend the moeny for trains. It is a fact in every city that people prefer trains over busses and are more wiling to use them.
  12. The article regarding The Wadsworth pulling out states Nitkin is planning a spring ground breaking.
  13. The old two phase story Hartford is famous for. We are still waiting for Phase ll of Metro Center, Constitution Plaza, The Convention Center, The Downtown Marriot etc... I don't get a good feeling about this. Especially with no time table for the second phase.
  14. Why on Earth wouldn't they continue the store fronts down to the parking garage entrance? Its a relatively easy way to improve the streetscape dramatically from the pedestrian level.
  15. I agree wholeheartedly. After all we've learned about what Hartford has done wrong in developing downtown over the years, what do we do? Put a huge surface parking right smack in the middle of this important development. Its maddening. The story given by developers is that this was room left for expansion. I'm sure we'll see this when the Marriot is also completed and the second wing is added. I'm not holding my breath for either. What would be ideal is to build a street that would cut right infront of the CC creating a triagular lot fronting Columbus. A mixed use (office space/boutique hotel/residential) flatiron shaped building with retail at the bottom floor could go here giving Front St some continuity to the CC and the Science Center.
  16. Stern's designs strike me as modern but still classic and understated... perfect for the Hartford skyline. Its why I am hoping his condo building will be a kind of focal point for the development.
  17. I agree beerbeer- density is the most imporatnat aspect for a successful development. I was just hoping given Stern's worlwide reputation, that his condo building would stand above the rest of the development as a kind of centerpiece.
  18. I was hoping the Stern designed condo building would be taller...
  19. I think he said its NOT an April Fools joke....
  20. People have complained for years what a bad idea it was to build the state run hospital out in Farmington. Now is the chance to correct a long standing mistake. Although it sounds like the hospital's board has made their mind up, I hope the state and the city aren't sitting on their hands with this one. Tom Condon has been an outspoken critic of the present location of UConn Med Center as opposed to Hartford. I'm surprised he hasn't written anything about this yet.
  21. This move will be protested by both St Francis and Hartford Hospital and for good reason. Most suburbanites - who have health insurance - will go to state-run John Dempsey while Hartford's two major hospitals are left to treat much of Hartford's poor at a financial loss. It should be the other way around. Many of Hartford's residents need access to the services and financial advantages John Dempsey offers them. Anyway, I think the north side of 84 downtown would be a perfect place for a new UConn Hospital. Students would be equidistant between St Francis and Hartford Hospitals which would be convenient for doctors, interns and students.
  22. So much for a spring ground breaking... Not so sure I like the idea of 75% restaurants and 25% "convenience retail." What does that mean? A bank, a dry cleaner and a drug store? Not exactly what I had in mind. I was hoping for a unique shopping district that would draw in suburbanites and convention goers.
  23. They ARE a bunch of morons. Hartford City Council has accomplished absolutely nothing good for the city for as long as I can remember. Race and special interests, not the well being of the city, fuel everything. The less power these cretins have, the better it is for all of us. Why do you think Rowland and the state oversaw the current effort to turn Hartford around? Would you trust the simpletons on city council with such a task and the billions of dollars involved? Neither would the state. This idiot Winch is now going to try to make an issue of the name of this development at such a critical time? A name that has its roots in this city's history and that has played an intregral part in Hartford's past? And make it a racial issue? Grow up, get the big picture and try to contribute for God's sakes. Hartford NEEDS a neighborhood that caters to the upper class... whether they are white, black, latino or whatever (how the name "Front St." is not welcoming to minorities is beyond me). This reminds of another idiotic City Council member comment from a few months back. Asked why she was the only member to vote against breaks for a NYC developer looking to build condos on Pearl St, Elizabeth Horton Sheff responded... "we don't need anymore condos downtown." Unbelieveable. Disband City Council as we know it. They are an embarrassment.
  24. I like Constitution Plaza. Architecturally, its a beautiful space. If a high rise condo were built where WFSB is now, a boutique hotel were put where the Clarion is and more restauarants and cafes added around the fountain to compliment Spris, you would increase traffic on the plaza tenfold. Hopefully, the owners of CP have some kind of plan.
  25. The whole inner court at the north end of CP and street level along Market St. were all retail stores when CP first opened up. It worked until the department stores on Main St. started to suffer.
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