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  1. I don't think I've ever payed attention to that view before.
  2. That's what it would seem like. Glad that it's going along.
  3. It would be a good industrial building, lol. It could also be a casino (unique in that it would have windows). Or part of a convention center (the lower levels could be built into a larger base, and the upper levels could be made into smaller spaces, conference areas, and a parking garage). They could be office buildings. I think they could be a lot of different things. You could even reclad them to make them look like the Greektown Casino Hotel if you wanted to.
  4. uhh, so if my understanding is correct, they want to bulldoze the historic structure, and replace it with a fake new historic strucutre?
  5. Great! I've tried looking at those places in the past, but of course never could. Many hours of time wasting lay ahead of me.
  6. That's a great comparison. The difference is depressing.
  7. wow, yeah, it looks really recent. Higher resolution too! The only thing I don't like, is that they erase the roofs of the buildings when they overlap the street. I use Google Earth mostly to measure buildings, and look at roofs, so that kind of ruins it for me for some of those buildings.
  8. I think ridership would increase if hydraulics were installed in city buses.
  9. The range is 45,000 to 300,000, which isn't bad. And judging from some of the plans, and the lot sizes, many of them will probably be more in the middle. It's mega exciting though.
  10. Thanks for the numbers Hudkina. I'd also like to add that even though that area of SW Detroit is more dense, the NE side has always been less dense, and that it is not less dense because it is not intact, and that the intact area has a large area.
  11. I would say that the North East corner of the city is a lot more intact. Almost all of the houses are still there, there are nice local businesses, access to good schools, there is real shopping nearby. Nice parks, houses are generally maintained. I mean, how good that neighborhood is is being determined by how many houses have been burned down recently. I'm not saying there aren't worthwhile qualities, or that people shouldn't live there, but I don't think it's the most intact neighborhood of Detroit.
  12. I wouldn't say that SW Detroit is the most intact neighborhood at all. I think there are plenty of more intact areas, and they're closer to where you need to commute. I don't know how expensive these areas are though, but I doubt sharing a rental house with someone would be mega expensive.
  13. Mega-big thanks to Baldy for getting the photos for me.
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