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  1. It's been said that what takes PM's place will NOT be a strip mall, and will NOT be parceled out. I don't really buy that -- I think it is wishful thinking on the council's part. It's highly unlikely that it will be a park. There is no revenue from a park. They have to try to replace the tax money lost from PM moving. What they are hoping is that a big company will come in and put a plant there. That's probably the most likely scenario, that or it sits there because they won't parcel it up.
  2. The whole entrance of Kansas City in this race leaves me scratching my head. Who goes to Kansas City? Sure, there are Nascar Fans on the west coast, but give me a break, Sports fans all have to come to Canton, Ohio for the Football Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts for the Basketball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, New York for the Baseball Hall of fame, and Toronto, Ontario for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Do people still go? Of course they do. I could see arguments for Richmond, Charlotte, Atlanta and Daytona, but KC makes no sense and their argument is weak at best.
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