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  1. we did. that was forever ago. the controversial may town center too. we've sense settled on projects that are getting built. haha. thanks!
  2. we are qualified www.2dimes.com examples in this gallery. we've done quite a bit of work in Nashville. We are based in Memphis. http://www.2dimes.com/work/video
  3. And if you borrowed the Sig illustration, that company might appreciate it too. What did ya'll think of our 30 second commercial?
  4. Correct it was a temporary maintenance server error.
  5. That is not the final design. We are waiting for newest drawings to make revisions to the key illustrations. Probably a few weeks out.
  6. LOL. I haven't been posting because it isn't worth the headache of tracking responses and quite frankly I'm too busy working on other projects. We are still involved in the project and continue to work on various marketing and design items. In fact, we are currently working on lobby illustrations of the hotel portion.
  7. It is a really nice space, if I don't say so myself. Sorry that the pictures aren't that great though. I failed to take a picture of the bathroom. Note that a few display items and wall titles are not posted in these shots which were taken prior to the grand opening last week.
  8. Sales office is opening next week. We had final display boards delivered yesterday.
  9. Yes, it changed several months ago. I know that the interactive components and renderings are ready to show. There was a lot to do to prepare the space, so the opening has slightly pushed. Can't tell you when, but I suspect any day now.
  10. Sweet shot. We need to work 1beale into that.
  11. Thanks. We are working on sales center related items now.
  12. West Memphis if I'm not mistaken is almost 8 miles away. The problem is those fields are flood plains - and they flood frequently. No feasible way to build there. It actually makes for great views from downtown. It is really cool to watch the storms roll across Arkansas into Memphis from there.
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