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  1. I like the comments, all along the lines of "Take your unnecessary housing plans and your greedy profit motive and go somewhere else!!!" Though in a kind of slick, shiny and new, but bland, generic and meh... kind of way.
  2. I remember that. I also seem to recall they downsized and redesigned it a little bit after that initial proposal. I'd love to see something with a little bit of height, maybe 4 to 6 floors, in a traditional architectural style go up there.
  3. Absolutely!!!! Love the brick.
  4. That would be gauche, dahlink. Have another chardonnay...?
  5. Because it isn't 500' tall. I kind of like it even though its the kind of "shoebox" building I usually don't like.
  6. People will still have to walk in front of the building to get to the retail not to mention the residents and those who will be coming and going to and from BoA. So it shouldn't be totally devoid of pedestrian activity. Not as good as having an entire block of storefronts I know, but this is Orlando. C'est la vie. .
  7. Ground was broken today on The Cannery.... https://www.wftv.com/news/local/9-facts-about-orlando-s-new-packing-district/1006278229
  8. It seems as though the larger, busier and more populated a city's downtown area gets, the more the homeless population grows, which means more chances of encountering aggressive types. I've had more experiences with aggressive transients in downtown Tampa than in Orlando, but Orlando is slowly catching up.
  9. As much as I've participated in the fun we've had around here at 7 Eleven's expense, I appreciate having them there. Any small store that sells cheap food and beverages and where you can get quickly in and out is a plus for downtown.
  10. My question is, what would or could you have done to stop it?
  11. Yes, I wanted to outline the actual parcel, but it was late and that would have been more time-consuming work. I also didn't want to zoom the map pic in closer, because that would've defeated my purpose, which was to give a better idea of the location than the rendering does. C'est la vie. Edit:
  12. And it's not a bad looking building at all, for a shoebox. Not wild about the color, but with something that size, there aren't a lot of options. One thing I like is that they put the tallest part fronting Orange Ave rather than doing a setback that stepped upward away from Orange. Hope this one gets going soon.
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