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  1. Orlando Mayor, Hizzoner Buddy Dyer, was a guest on Central Florida Spotlight yesterday and was asked about his expectations for downtown office building occupancy post COVID. @spenser1058 will likely want to avoid watching this video as we know the sight and sound of our illustrious Mayor tends to give him indigestion.
  2. Just heard on the news that Volusia County is considering selling the naming rights to various sections of the beaches in order to offset the loss of revenue if they do away with beach driving fees. https://www.news-journalonline.com/story/news/local/volusia/2021/04/06/volusia-proposal-sell-beach-access-naming-rights-delayed-after-budget/7099940002/ That could result in some interesting names.... Coca Cola (Coke) Beach Pepsi Beach Budweiser Beach McDonald's Beach Tide Beach Amway Beach Hawaiian Tropic Beach Camping World Beach Standard Oil Beach NASCAR Beach
  3. Got my Pfizer shot #1 at Orange Blossom Family Health Ivey Lane office last Friday. Go back for #2 on the 23rd.
  4. JFW657


    There was also this one.... Just off of Colonial on Westmoreland. In 1978, before I ever moved to Orlando, I worked at the Pizza Hut on Merritt Island. A few of us "cooks" were dating a few of the waitresses. One of the guys borrowed his dad's van and a bunch of us drove over here to go to Rosie's. I remember the "steep" admission price of $2.50 a person!!!! I think those "Hurricane" drinks were about $2 bucks apiece too. Big money back in those days of .30¢ a gallon gas. Anyway, we had a bit of difficulty finding the place and missed the turn from Colonial onto Hughey Ave. Stopped in at this 7 Eleven and Larry went inside and got directions,
  5. JFW657


    From the Growing Up In Orlando Before Disney Facebook group.... "Saw they're finally tearing down the building at Mills Ave & Colonial Dr that housed 7-11 for years. The first one I remember as a kid, may have been one of the first ones in Orlando...back when they really were only open 7 to11." Must've just started today because I drove past yesterday and nothing had been started yet.
  6. I hope they nail the smarmy SOB.
  7. That's about as plain as Jane gets. It got Orlando'd.
  8. And I am certain you will provide links to posts where I have expressed those views..... right? I'll wait.....
  9. Oh puh-lease. She mentioned it on talk shows like Oprah and whichever other she was on after being asked about it, but she wasn't out holding rallies and making speeches in front of angry crowds, ranting endlessly on and lying about it the way Trump does. And besides.... there where some very legitimate concerns, not the least of which was that idiotic letter James Comey sent to the JD and which was made public just two weeks prior to the election. She had a legitimate beef. He didn't. Plain and simple. But his apologists and excuse makers will never stop toting his water I guess.
  10. I guess I misread the quoted portion of the article where it referenced the "...its historic building..." and "... 100-plus-year-old club ...". I read that as meaning both the club and the building. Still, it's a good looking building that fits nicely into the surrounding neighborhood, so I hope whoever buys it keeps it the way it is.
  11. I hope the building is protected. But then again, I suppose given it's location away from the CBD, there is little chance someone will want to knock it down to put up a high rise. I just hope it doesn't get demo'd to make way for some cheesy condos.
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