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  1. I think it's supposed to be chic. Ala Miami or New York. As I've made my opinion on white buildings known before, no further commentary is required from me.
  2. As I understand it, the FAA height restriction is not uniform across the entire downtown area. The further away from the Herndon takeoff and landing path you go, the taller the buildings that are allowed. Personally, I'm not all that enthusiastic about Zoi House. Too massive and requires too much collateral demolition. I'd like to see something with a smaller footprint there and if that requires a shorter tower, I wouldn't mind. IMO, Zoi House as designed would be a better fit across the street where Golden Sparrow is supposed to go. Golden Sparrow should be up north of Colonial somewhere. Or in another city altogether.
  3. What's that mass of green, moldy looking crap on the roof of that one building? Ponding and leaking already?
  4. That's the crappy little one with the funny thing on the roof, in'nit?
  5. My college target was Harvard, but there was just no way that was ever going to happen. Go Knights.
  6. No, but I'd sure like for it (and the Fashion Square location) to be taken over by another home improvement/garden center. Actually, I don't mind it. That first thing was over designed anyway. If they'd just do something about the way it connects to those ramps. It's driving my OCD through the roof!!!!
  7. How about this.... an oval roller rink with steeply banked turns on each end (like Daytona), with an alligator tank in the center? And for extra fun and excitement, no inside guard rail.
  8. Yeah, I thought something looked kinda fishy too.
  9. I dig that funky town look, baby.
  10. I think it will. If someone comes along and offers to pay the kind of rent the spot should someday command, they'll move that no income producing junk out of there so fast it'll make your eyeballs spin. I think that right now, nobody wants the space because let's face it, pretty much any corner of Orange Avenue in downtown Orlando is still a suck location for retail.
  11. True, but just because those are the tenants occupying the space to begin with, doesn't mean they'll be there forever. They might move out after a few years and be replaced by something more preferable. Keep in mind also, that beggars can't usually be choosers. Maybe the fitness center was the only interested party that was willing to sign a lease.
  12. So, what do we figure.... ....finito by September? October?
  13. Yeah, after looking more closely at the pic you can see the wrinkles in it. It's definitely some kind of flexible sheet material. Possibly an adhesive backed, stick on/peel off type thing.
  14. I like them, though I'm guessing they aren't the final finish colors. The yellow is insulation board that will be covered with some kind of masonry coating. Don't know what the light blue is. I'm expecting it all to end up some shade of beige or tan. A light mud color, maybe. Anything but white. I hate white buildings.
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