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  1. Agreed. DTO is a PITA to get to, to drive in and to park in. The word haven isn't in Loch Haven fer nothin, dang it.
  2. Nothing wrong with the Lake Ivanhoe location.... if they'd ever build it. Like everything else in Orlando, it has to spend a good decade or so in the planning/talking about phase before some scaled back version of it finally gets built. They must still be figuring out how to "Orlando" it.
  3. I worked part time at Advent Health from 2008 to 2012. I've had that cafeteria focaccia bread many times and you're right... it was quite good.
  4. I think Rodent Ron is a spineless, Trump-toady POS on par with Rick Scumbag Scott. I'm all for anything that would get him out of Florida, other that making it to the WH. Maybe a sudden chronic aversion to humidity that would force him to go live in Arizona or somewhere.
  5. Still seems like a bad idea, especially when they could easily have designed the pool around the column. Just build a peninsula out and around the column. You don't lose that much pool area whilst creating a shady spot for people to park their chaise lounges if they want to get out of the sun. Add three or four feet onto the length to make up for it. Etc., etc. There's probably thicker concrete around the part that's under water. Or maybe it's just a situation they encountered while doing the preliminary rendering and the final design will be amended. But still, it seems li
  6. I know I'll be seen as a heretic around here for this, but like Zoi House, I hope it never gets built. IMO, it's too massive for that neighborhood and those kinds of huge buildings are destroying the charm of Eola South. I'd like to see the St Regis stay where it's at and some narrower, smaller footprint building go up there instead. This thing is just another big, fat, land gobbling chunk.
  7. That kind of thing has always been a concern of mine too. But it was my understanding that the majority of construction and demolition debris gets recycled. According to the EPA, and as reflected in this chart.... ....slightly less than 25% of generated construction and demolition debris ends up in the landfill. That makes me feel a little better and I hope it does you too. https://www.epa.gov/facts-and-figures-about-materials-waste-and-recycling/construction-and-demolition-debris-material
  8. I believe that's an older rendering. Possibly from when they were still proposing three towers.
  9. Great job, President Biden!!!! Thanks!!!
  10. I think it's more about realistic vs unrealistic expectations. Doesn't mean some are non-aspirational or happy with whatever they're given, but that they just aren't going to beat their heads against the wall over something none of us have any control over anyway. If a building is truly ugly, that's one thing. But if it is OK, just not spectacular, why grouse about it?
  11. Agreed. Is it perfect? No. Could it look better? Yes. But overall, it's a vast improvement over the junky looking "architectural fad" designs they had proposed before. And it works better for that location.
  12. Agreed. Had they done it right, I would have liked that style in that spot. But they made the base too fat and chunky with the tower portion too short and squatty. To me it looked like they took a model of reasonably slender building, held it up in the air and dropped it, causing the entire thing to spread out and compress. And I think you're correct about the current version being a welcome improvement. I could easily live with the current design getting built on hat site. I am concerned with what someone else mentioned though, I think in the Society thread, ab
  13. Total BS. Nothing more to be expected from brainwashed members of Cult45. Hillary lost for several reasons, not the least of which was Bernie "Old BS" Sanders himself. His candidacy and it's attempt to co-opt the Democrats' election apparatus, divided the Democrats at a time when unity was of utmost importance. But he put his own selfish political aspirations above the good of the country and in doing so, alienated a portion of the voters who would otherwise have been solidly in her corner. That, along with a massive and concerted Russian sponsored social media propaganda c
  14. When I was downtown on Sunday taking pics of Radius and The Hilton, I meant to head over and take some pics of that site too, but I forgot.
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