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  1. Looks like there will be a plethora of options this year for those temporary Halloween stores that pop up every year around September.
  2. The path around the lake was already widened once in the mid '80's. I doubt they'll widen them even more. Also, best be careful talking about trees around here. There are some who become rather upset over he subject and don't believe they are worthy of discussion on an urban development forum.... That aside, there are some nice ones on the parcel worthy of saving and which we can only hope fit into some future new design. OTOH, there are two or three of them whose futures don't look all that promising....
  3. Sad. FS used to be a nice place to go kill a couple of hours. Get out of the heat and into the a/c on a hot day, sit down and have a nice lunch and a cold drink. Stroll around and look at a bunch of crap you had no intention of buying. I was actually surprised to see as many stores open as there were. Especially in the middle of our current biohazard lifestyle.
  4. How does that work? Does the restaurant deliver the food to the delivery service who then delivers it to the customer?
  5. I managed to find it on a blogger page called Extinct Orlando.... http://extinctorlando.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html The place was called... Uncle Waldo's. It was at the corner of Park Ave & New England, in the back, facing the parking lot behind Peterbrooke Chocolatier and Häagen Dazs . I don't remember exactly which building it was in or where the entrance was. Maybe where the awning/canopy is or where the white car is. Here's an old OS article from 2010 about John Lennon, in which the author references it. No pay wall. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/os-xpm-2010-12-09-os-cal-abbott-lennon-tribute-121010-20101209-story.html
  6. Wow. Even at 2x playback speed that place looks boring. Though they wanted to transform DB and the boardwalk from a somewhat seedy little beach town with a reputation for being kind of raunchy, to a family friendly, Disney/I-Drive theme park style, "Orlando by the sea", all they've succeeded in doing is making the place bland, flavorless, dull and boring. I liked the old, seedy Daytona myself, though I'm sure the morons on the DB city council who engineered all those changes are proud of themselves.
  7. I've flown in light aircraft a few times. I worked for Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach in 1977. They hired a guy who was attending Embry Riddle and was just there for for the summer. He was only around 22 y/o but already had his commercial pilots license w/instrument rating. On a few occasions our dept had to work overtime and my ride back to Central Brevard, about 60 miles away, had left. Because employees got a really good rate on airplane rentals, I could rent a nearly new Piper Cherokee for about $8 per hour. So I'd pay to rent the plane and he'd fly me to the Merritt Island airport. Even radioed the tower and had them call a friend to be waiting to pick me up when we landed. He'd drop me off without even shutting down the engine, then turn around and head back to Vero. The entire round trip took one hour and that included a little sightseeing circle around Cocoa Beach and Merritt Island It was like an air taxi or something. I'd get a cheap ride home and he'd log an hour of free flight time. Win-win. Did an aerial tour of Key West once on vacation with a girlfriend. That was pretty fun.
  8. I've always said that if Rick Scott had to live in Florida for eight years, he should have spent them in Raiford rather than Tallahassee.
  9. You're braver than I am, flying in a helicopter. I would only get in one of those things if the only alternative was certain death. Once back in the 80's, they were having some kind of aviation celebration day at Herndon. I went to get a look at some vintage WWII fighter planes that had flown in for the occasion. While there, I saw that they were selling aerial tours of greater Orlando in a Cessna top wing, and charging by the pound. I think it was about 5¢ per lb. as I paid around $8 or $9. A man and his young son were on board with me. We took off heading toward Semoran, turned north following Semoran up to Altamonte Springs, then followed I-4 south back though downtown, turning east again over Gore and landing back at Herndon. I think the entire thing lasted about ten minutes or so.
  10. The response is still apropos.
  11. ^^^ Irony.... BTW, I don't have a mortgage. Never have. By eschewing things like pricey lunches in trendy Winter Park restaurants and renting apartments just because of the urban hipster appeal of their location, I was able to save up enough to pay cash for my home in 1999 and have never made a mortgage payment in my life. Due in large part to all the money I've been able to save by not paying mortgage interest, I was semi-retired (worked part time) from 2000 till 2012 at which point I just quit working altogether eight years ago at the age of 55. Been relaxing ever since. That, meine freunde, is financial planning. And I didn't have to consult anyone. But I do "love" (not really) the way the modern "progressive" (they're anything but) self-righteous, self-adoring, extremist far left just cannot resist finding things to point the finger of blame and try to shame anyone who doesn't live or conform according to some phony standards they mostly only talk the talk about themselves.
  12. This place was about a block or so off of Park Ave and was basically the back side of a building. Maybe the back half of something that fronted either Park Ave or a side street off of Park. I seem to recall an outdoor stairway or something in the vicinity. I'll have to check Google maps aerial 3D to see if anything rings a bell. I only went there a couple of times.
  13. Well, we all know how coffee always ends up....
  14. I remember 2FU. I also remember back around "81, there was this down & dirty little dive bar around a corner back off Park Ave. Probably frequented by Rollins students, I think. The front entrance was amongst the backs of the other buildings as I recall. The most unpretentious place I recall ever being in DTWP. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it.
  15. All gone now because they weren't pretentious enough, I'll bet. The 7 Eleven is pretentious for a 7 Eleven. .
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