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  1. It doesn't look bad, but from the angle in the above pic, it looks like an uncured clay model that was lifted up then plopped straight down, causing the bottom to compress and squish outward.
  2. They need the square footage. If they slimmed it, they'd have to go up to make up the difference. Something we'd all like to see, but which might not fit their needs.
  3. All these "Star Track" (that's what I thought it was called when I was a kid in the 60's) references are over my head. Never saw any of the later versions after the original cast and crew.
  4. Will this soon be a common site around Lake Eola? Sacre bleu!!! Oui oui!!!!
  5. How far back are you talking about? I remember in the 80's I used to pay in person at the former OUC (now Aloft) building and my phone bill at the old Bell South building, but I never heard of them using the old JCPenney location. Might it have been a third party bill collector? I'm pretty sure they contracted with various businesses around town to collect payments for them. A couple over around the trail that I'd be hesitant to walk inside of while carrying money, too.
  6. Apparently, hacking down the only beautiful things on the property for the purpose of making their ugly, tacky looking buildings and their ugly, sea-of-asphalt parking lot more visible, = "improvements" in the minds of the owners. Sad.
  7. Having had to circle the parking lot there on several occasions just to find an empty space because it was so packed from all the bar and restaurant patrons, I would say that anyone familiar with the place, might be led to think otherwise. I'm fairly certain most if not all of those people are regular customers and don't rely on the visibility of signage to find their way there. The property owners or managers might be using visibility as a convenient excuse to hack down those decades old trees, but I'll never buy it. My gut feeling is that it had to with saving money.
  8. Well, it's not like that plaza or the stores in it are getting a ton of business from outside of the immediate Hourglass vicinity or from people who don't know what's in there anyway. I 'd bet they probably did it to save money on maintaining them or something. I think I'll write them a nasty letter.
  9. Who says we can't contact the property owners or management and strongly urge them to replace it. I've noticed that about half or more of the ones they replanted in front of Boston Market in Sodo are already gone. Two left.
  10. "Orlando: A Great Place To Do Your Business!!!" "When Ya Gotta Go, Go To Orlando!!!!"
  11. Port-a-potties... the new harbingers of downtown growth. Who'd-a thunk it?
  12. I'd be happy with some kind of national catastrophic health care protection. Something like... nobody with income and assets below a certain level, would ever have to pay over x amount for treatment of any catastrophic illness or injury. As an individual's income and assets rose, their required payment would be a percentage, but in no case, would anyone ever have to spend over a certain percentage of their assets for treatment. Of course, very well off people who can afford good private insurance would be free to use that. For everything that would be considered standard, everyday health care, like minor injuries and illnesses, regular insurance could pay for that, which the premiums for, I would think, would be greatly reduced since the insurance companies would no longer have to worry about being on the hook for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat one person's medical issues. That's just a rough, general idea of what I'm thinking, and of course there might be factors I didn't cover or consider. But in general, I think that some kind of plan that requires people to pay only a portion of large catastrophic medical bills while a taxpayer funded, govt safety net paid the rest, and private insurance took care of all the minor stuff, might be a workable compromise. Feel free to pick my idea to pieces. .
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