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  1. JFW657

    AAF Orlando

    Aka "The Donald"....
  2. JFW657

    AAF Orlando

    Maybe if they didn't use the tall, skinny dog as their logo/mascot, they could get away with it. But the Apollos is still goofy, Goofy or not.
  3. JFW657

    AAF Orlando

    Goofy name.
  4. JFW657


    I heard about that. Next one you get, ask them to not cut up the tenders then coat them in Buffalo Wing sauce. BTW, it's also get a free Wendy's Single w/cheese with any purchase for the rest of September in honor of National Cheeseburger Day yesterday. I think you have to d/l their mobile app or some such rigamarole. .
  5. JFW657

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    The owners of the building made that announcement, but BOA just being the anchor tenant wouldn't have anything to do with it.
  6. JFW657

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Not sure exactly what it says about our town when the definition of "about to get plain weird" involves the moving of one bank into a building a different bank used to occupy...
  7. Yeah, I thought the same thing when I saw that they went with oaks again. Those things grow fairly fast, but it will still be a good five years or so before they even start to form a canopy.
  8. JFW657

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Damn!!! Ya beat me to it. Well, you and the cavalry, anyway....
  9. Well, they've "replaced" the trees that they cut down along Michigan in front of Boston Market and Zoe's. Scrawny little saplings that look like oaks, but will likely take the better part of a decade before they're big enough to start providing decent shade.
  10. JFW657

    Cool Stuff in Other Cities

    Dag'gum, them's pert'near the fanciest Seb'm-leb'ms I ever dag'gum seen!!! How comes we cain't git us no fancy Seb'm-leb'ms like them thar 'round h'yere???? T'ain't fa'r, I tells ye!!! T'ain't fa'r!!!! (banjo a-plunkin') .
  11. JFW657

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Amazing the huge machinery required to put a bunch of tiny little print on paper.
  12. Seriously. I think the thought of a 60' - 70' drop is a pretty effective deterrent. Seems like they'd put some kind of heavy duty net about 10' down from the top.
  13. JFW657

    Union West at CV| Creative Village | 15 Stories

    I wish that they'd do something about that out of whack window on the top floor facing east... Been driving me OCD crazy for decades. Why can't we ever have anything nice around here????