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  1. View of Lake Eola Park pre and post Ian....
  2. Christian Nationalism. The new home for kooks, zealots and the low educated. And one of the biggest dangers to democracy that exists today. Give them enough of a chance, and they will become the American Christian version of the Ayatollahs in Iran.
  3. I wasn't trying to be snarky, but I just can't spend the time and effort required to address each point in those types of marathon posts. But don't worry, you're far from the only one who does that. I've been arguing politics and current events since the early, AOL days of the internet and I've done it myself and seen it done countless times. But anyway, it occurred to me some years ago, that the best way to compose a long, involved post that covers a lot of ground, is to use a notepad or WordPad type text editor, take my time, get my thoughts down, then go back and clean it up. Move sentences and paragraphs around to where they make the whole thing flow better, etc. Then just copy/paste it in. But the main thing I figured out is that there's no hurry. Usually, if I'm responding to something that got my back up a bit, I find it's best to wait awhile until I'm cooled off a bit.
  4. I'm sorry, but your political ranting is always too scattershot to respond to. You're just all over the place, bouncing around like a ping pong ball from one issue to another, without really saying anything about anything. My recommendation would be to figure out what you want to talk about, then type out your thoughts in random order in some other text editor. Then arrange and connect them together into some semblance of order. Maybe add to or subtract from them until you end up with a clear, concise narrative. That having been said, you calling us Biden supporters hypocrites for knocking the current slimy slug up in Tallahassee, while we're supposedly ignoring some right-wing conspiracies regarding Biden's family, is just incomprehensible. After four years of the right totally ignoring the high crimes and treason of the grifter scum you admit to having had the unfathomably poor judgement to vote for, as well as the questionable actions of his lowlife grifter family, you have no room to finger point at anyone else on that score. Yadda yadda yadda on the rest of it.
  5. Spoken like a dedicated Republican. "Nooooooooo....... Wrong DeShameless is not the politically opportunistic, gutless Trump panderer he shows himself to be in virtually everything he says and does. Nooooooooo...... he's just a good guy who cares about children!!!!" Puh-lease. Look, I'm not saying you're completely off base about big pharma being against legalized weed and using their financial clout to fight it. But I don't think they are the only or even the biggest factor. And when you consider the money states can make off of taxing it and all the other little opportunities for personal pocket lining that brings with it for lawmakers, big pharma's bribes don't amount to as much as one might assume. Plus, who's to say DeShameless isn't taking his own share of big pharma cash? But I think the real issue is Rhonda's Presidential ambitions which requires kissing the backsides of the bible kooks who dream of Trump 2 The Sequel.
  6. Says @HankStrong from the safety of an undisclosed location several states away.... J/K. Thanks and you do the same.
  7. The people you're talking about are not the "Christians" of yesteryear. They are part of a movement known as "Christian Nationalism". These are the conspiracy kooks and Trumper types. Election deniers, anti-vaxxers, birthers, 9/11 truthers, etc, etc. They hold extreme right-wing political views that get spoon fed to them by "pastors" who exploit their gullibility, naivete and low IQ for their own benefit. https://religionandpolitics.org/2022/06/06/why-trumps-maga-resonates-with-white-christian-nationalism/ Google the name Greg Locke.
  8. Well, all I can say is that when we have human beings performing services for us, there will be imperfections and mistakes will be made. But that still doesn't change the fact that there aren't enough cops to cover every area all the time. Not to mention the reality of more serious crimes and other situations going on that take priority over homeless people harassing people on a bike trail. Given the way everyone is suing them nowadays, making excessive force complaints against them and with the help of the media, making them out to be the real criminals, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that they back burner non-violent/non-emergency situations.
  9. I think it's the shape of all those Las Vegas hotels that is the issue. Like the big hotels on I Drive and the Disney area, their massive width gives the impression of boxiness. The preference for an urban downtown skyline tends to be tall and slender. As glittery and illuminated as the LV skyline is, I doubt most people who like skylines would want theirs to look like that.
  10. We need a pizza district. And a burger district. And a taco district. And a sub district. And a chicken district.
  11. That IS encouraging news. And this is a project I can be enthusiastic about because it's in a location for which a project this size would be a good fit. I couldn't/can't get enthusiastic about the Zoi House or Lake & Pine proposals because IMO they are both too massive and out of scale for their surroundings and would require the destruction of some smaller buildings that I'd like to see spared because they represent a couple of the dwindling links to Orlando's past. Really hope this takes off.
  12. Angst????? Where did you get that from? What I described was a typical, modern day, fast food restaurant dine-in experience. Coulda been Wendy's or Popeye's or Taco Bell. Sensitive much?
  13. No. Not even close. What I said, in essence, was that if you love BM food so much, and it is no longer available in restaurant form, you can still get the next best thing at the supermarket and pretend. Get a bunch of plastic dinnerware, hang a fluorescent light fixture over your favorite Formica topped table, play some crappy music most mature adults can't stand on your stereo, invite a bunch of strangers in to mill around gabbing at each other (don't forget the crying baby/screaming kids), and voila! you're home again.
  14. So, it's not really Boston Market per se that you miss, it's the convenience of walking in, ordering your food, sitting down and eating out of plastic plates and bowls with plastic utensils, then chucking it in the trash on your way out. Got it. As for the small frozen portions, like I said, get two. No more expensive than what you'd pay at the restaurant. And re: the chicken, for the most part, baked chicken is baked chicken. If there's a noticeable difference, it's negligible. Not enough to cause one to wistfully pine about the good ol' days and BM chicken. You'll live.
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