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  1. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    While the faithful Republicans elect felons (Trump & Scott to name a couple) to public office.
  2. JFW657

    Orlando's Hometown National Champions

    So the Knights are ranked #8 now, tied with LSU, eh? Pretty rare company.
  3. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    I suppose when you have no logical rebuttal to facts, your next move is to twist the meaning of your opponent's words around to mean something utterly ridiculous. Oldest deflection tactic in the books. Obviously the main purpose of expanding Medicaid is to help not only indigent poor families with children, which is ALL it currently does, but to also provide access to health care for WORKING PEOPLE who don't qualify for traditional Medicaid because they 1) have no children and/or 2) make too much money to qualify but not enough to afford insurance. But among the many other ADDITIONAL benefits, is the one where hospitals get reimbursed for every patient they treat, which they aren't doing now. Utter nonsense. Hospitals each get a certain annual lump sum for the purpose of offsetting the burden of unreimbursed care, but it nowhere near covers what they spend. So yes, everyone else IS paying the cost of unreimbursed care via the higher rates charged to both self-paying, non-insured patients as well as insurance companies, who pass the cost on to policy holders in the form of higher premiums. But contrary to what you seem to feel, that is not a good thing. Far from it. It damages the economy by taking money people could be spending on other things and forcing it to be spent on health insurance. Plus, there's the issue of all those jobs I spoke of that don't get created because of not expanding Medicaid. Basic economics 101. I'm kinda surprised you don't understand it. Anyway, my big question to you is, why would anyone in their right mind advocate paying higher health insurance premiums to foot the cost of non-paying ER patients? Do you truly want that just because you're against "gub'mint handouts"??? Sounds like yet another example of conservative ideology being placed above doing what's good for society. I don't see where you have as yet made a convincing argument against it.
  4. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Tell us all about the millions of dollars in loans Hillary had to get from Russian banks, some probably linked to Putin, in order to keep her hotel empire operating because American banks wouldn't loan to her anymore. Oh wait, that's Trump. Hillary is not millions of dollars in debt to any banks, Russian or otherwise. And though she and her husband were the subject of a Special Council and FBI investigation, not one shred of evidence has ever been found that she ever broke one law. We'll see how Trump, his son and his son in law fare with Robert Mueller, but I wouldn't put my money on them. And don't be surprised if Trump ends up letting Don Jr and Kushner take the fall for him. Sorry, but your "everybody does it, so it's OK" excuse doesn't hold any water not to mention it's totally inaccurate. It was reported just last month how Trump set up a sham corporation to disguise hundreds of millions of dollars as "gifts" from his parents and in doing so, reduced the taxes on the money by tens of millions in the process. Please don't tell me everybody does that. https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-tax-fraud-allegations-investigation-1149877 The rest of the rambling, irrelevant tangent I have no comment on. The new health care jobs created by expanding Medicaid would not be doctors and nurses but other support personnel working in jobs related to health care. Expanding Medicaid would not create as many new patients as it would increase the number of patients which doctors and hospitals would be reimbursed for. Right now, uninsured people go to the ER where they clog up waiting rooms and wait all day for treatment that they can't pay for and cannot be forced to, so the hospitals end up eating the cost themselves. That is the crux of the matter and why every hospital in the state as well as the major hospital association which represents their interests, begged on their knees for Scott and the legislature to expand Medicaid, only for their pleas to fall on deaf ears. Republicans cannot govern responsibly because they place ideology ahead of doing what's right for the public.
  5. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Since neither Hillary Clinton nor Andrew Gillum are criminals, your point is moot. Rick Scott ran a corporation that defrauded taxpayers out of billions of dollars by over billing Medicare and Medicaid. The idea that he didn't know what was going on is laughable. Everyone who is being honest with themselves knows that Donald Trump and his family are mired in political and financial entanglements with Russia. Trump himself almost certainly evaded paying untold millions in taxes and has probably obstructed justice on several occasions since taking office. Any petty little instances of things like accepting a Broadway theater ticket or some email server nonsense that was blown thousands of times out of proportion by the rwnj propaganda and character assassination machine, pale in comparison to the actual real crimes committed by the likes of Scott and Trump. As for the relationship between jobs and Medicaid expansion, it's pretty simple. Had Scott and his gang of GOP thugs in the State Legislature not stood in the way, the federal dollars coming in would have freed up hospitals' operating revenue for things like building expanded facilities, which would have created construction jobs as well new health care jobs. Also taken into consideration was the expanded market for medical services and equipment supply companies and all the attendant jobs that would have come with them. And of course, there is always a ripple effect in any economy when you create more jobs and free up money that people no longer have to save for or spend on health care. Money that can be spent at other local businesses, which in turn creates even more jobs. Forbes: On Obamacare's 6th Birthday, Medicaid Expansion Creates Jobs, Saves Money https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2016/03/23/acas-medicaid-expansion-created-jobs-saved-state-dollars/#61c2ab9c5e54 South Florida Business Journal: Medicaid expansion would create 71,300 Florida jobs, Families USA says https://www.bizjournals.com/southflorida/news/2013/02/20/medicaid-expansion-would-create-71300.html US News & World Report: Medicaid Expansion Will Create Jobs While Extending Care https://www.usnews.com/debate-club/is-medicaid-expansion-good-for-the-states/medicaid-expansion-will-create-jobs-while-extending-care Too bad for Florida we missed out on all that extra economic success we could have enjoyed but didn't thanks to the goobers in the panhandle who keep putting criminals like Scott and the irresponsible GOP State Legislature in office who stand in the way of it for the sake of their narrow social and political agenda.
  6. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    I never vote for Republican criminals and thugs like Rick Scott and Donald Trump, so I'm not pretending to prize integrity. I actually do. We could put a reasonably intelligent 12 year old in charge of Florida's economy and it would still hum along. Stop giving the credit for it to Scott or the Repugnants in the State Legislature who've probably done more to stifle economic development than they have to encourage it. Had they opened their closed eyes and their closed little conservative minds and accepted Medicaid expansion a few years ago, we'd have thousands more jobs in the medical and medical supply industry right now. Not to mention a healthier population.
  7. JFW657

    LOCAL and Florida Politics

    Yeah, thanks to those dumb rednecks we've still got an immoral criminal who should've been in prison years ago making policy for our state. How great.
  8. JFW657

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    Disney has released plans for the layout of it's proposed new Star Wars themed resort hotel, etc. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/breaking-new-permits-reveal-disney-world-star-wars-hotel-layout-guests-will-travel-to-galaxys-edge-by-shuttle/
  9. JFW657

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    Well sir, taste as we know, is a very subjective thing. IMO, two of the three buildings you listed are amongst the tackiest looking examples of arcraptecture I've ever seen. Especially that Frost Bank monstrosity... Talk about tacky looking. Yuck. And that roof... Or to borrow a phrase from Saddam Hussein... "the mother of all gimmicky roofs." As for the RSA tower, there are two of them so I assume you meant this one... Somewhat better looking than that first... thing, but still doesn't look like a residential building and doesn't look "Orlando" or even "Florida" to me. I've always liked the US Bank tower, though it's way taller than Orlando will ever see of course, but given a choice between something similar looking and the current Zoi House proposal, I'll take the Zoi House as is any day. But like I said, taste is subjective and this was all meant in the spirit of fun. (Not 2/3 of fun) Re: the SunTrust roof... can't stand it. Always thought it looked like the building is wearing a silly paper hat. Not as bad as The Conquistador, but close to it. I've always wished they'd do a remodel of that building and clean up that roofline. Something more like this:
  10. JFW657

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    The part of the article that concerns me was the mention of ARB's recommendation of a possible spire. Here comes another gimmicky roof.
  11. JFW657

    Zoi House Orlando/ New Tallest [Proposed]

    Why? It's a terrific looking building and compared to everything else downtown it does have a lot of wow factor. So it isn't the Shanghai Tower or the Burj Khalifa. No reason to look down at it. For Orlando it's a real prize. Nothing low standard about it afaic.