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  1. Video or it didn't happen.
  2. I think that they were there more to serve the professional and serious hobbyist/artistic photographer rather than the more everyday kind of snapshot photographer.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Harmon Photo for most of it's existence, formerly occupy this somewhat larger building farther up the street at 1919 N Orange Ave, now occupied by Florida Hospital? I'm pretty sure they did, as I seem to recall having gone in there once some years back to get a photo enlarged.
  4. Why didn't the "scale up" requirement apply to Skyhouse, right across the street? Pretty silly afaic.
  5. Look for that site to sit empty for a few more years, then get something even more lackluster. Orlando SOP.
  6. Just saw this on the news awhile ago... Celebration apartments deemed not safe for residents (link) CELEBRATION, Fla. - A damaged apartment complex in Celebration has been deemed unsafe, officials said Monday. Multiple units at the Sola at Celebration apartments, which are two years old, are cracking at 1662 Celebration Boulevard. During a recent repair project, crews noticed that the damage was much more extensive then they first thought. "They invested in a complex that's basically sinking and now they're trying to recoup their losses," said resident Steven Kapusta, who has lived in his apartment a year and a half. Architecture and Engineering found "extreme deterioration" of the "wood structural members" and cited "questionable construction methods" in the buildings. The Osceola County building inspector has issued a “yellow tag” on the property, which means residents can only stay there for the next 30 days, and only at their own risk. Southstar Management I, LLC, who oversees the property told about 200 residents in a letter that residents should begin searching for a new home immediately and that residents will receive a security deposit refund and August rent refund. Residents have 30 days to leave.
  7. My point was never that LNTC is a bad development or that I dislike anything about the design or layout, etc, etc. My only issue is that I don't like seeing development encroaching into previously unspoiled areas for numerous environmental reasons. I'm afraid that one day, urbanization will begin eating up too much wilderness to the south and east of there. Lake Nona WILL spur more and more development. And as tax revenue and budgets get tighter and tighter, I'm afraid the temptation to increase the tax base by approving more of it, will just be too much for the county govt to resist.
  8. They've already named a new highway and interchange on the Bee Line after Sunbridge. I refuse to call it the Beach Line.
  9. That is all well and good, but it doesn't change the fact that Lake Nona is bringing more development outside the metro area into what was previously undeveloped land. And it will become a catalyst for even more development. Whatever the Lake Nona developers do or how well they plan and execute, other less conscientious developers are going to come along eventually, attracted by the demand for more residential and commercial development in close proximity to what they've already built. Development begets more development. Eventually, Narcoosee Rd will be a four lane commercial corridor from the airport all the way down to 192 with uninterrupted sprawling suburban neighborhoods, strip malls, fast food joints and 7 Elevens. Not saying that wouldn't have eventually happened anyway, but I think Lake Nona is bringing us closer to that day sooner.
  10. Here is a rendering of the new six story office building planned for 2018 completion... I believe the accompanying article mentioned two buildings. New Office Space coming to Lake Nona Town Center in 2018 (link)
  11. I dunno. Places like Lake Nona and Avalon Park are also prime examples of urban sprawl. All that new development represents more ground being covered with asphalt, more traffic and air pollution, more water being sucked up out of the aquifer faster than it can be replaced, more sprawling neighborhoods full of single family homes with pools and big yards that need to be watered and people taking showers and doing laundry and flushing toilets etc, etc, etc. I saw a report on the evening news earlier, about Tavistock getting ready to put up yet another six story building out there somewhere. Can't find the rendering anywhere, though.
  12. Anyone else notice how the end of this truss rafter abuts the divider wall between the units? Looks like it will create a sort of trough along the divider walls over each unit. Even with a built in gutter system in place, that seems like a serious roof leak just waiting to happen. I used to work in a commercial building in the 33rd St Industrial Park off of LB McLeod, in which a similar situation existed. It had a gable roof with the ridge running the length of the building and the slope terminating on the back side of a front parapet wall and with a gutter that ran along the back of the wall. This placed the gutter above the interior of the building . Once it started to leak, it soon turned into Niagara Falls. We'd come to work in the morning and splash water with every step.The roofing company they hired to fix it, couldn't seem to completely stop the leak even after several attempts.
  13. Hard to say. But judging/guesstimating from this pic.... ...and assuming that at 10 floors, the building is currently around 100' tall, with the crane being just a bit over twice as tall, I'd say around 200'. Possibly a bit more. Maybe 220'.
  14. So does this mean most of them are not being cut down?
  15. Yeah, TMI I guess.... Apologies.