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  1. I've used that gif before myself. I forget what it's from, but I've seen video of those two with audio. Kinda remind me of the old animated Family Auto Mart commercials. As to the subject, I guess it's time to start online ordering my groceries and everything else I buy so I won't have to risk going out in public anymore and getting my ass shot off.
  2. JFW657


    At least those four way truss system things they have on OBT look like they fit in with the surroundings. I actually kind of like them. That unpainted, galvanized steel tree stump with the one ridiculously long limb sticking off one side of it at Kaley and Bumby, looks as out of place as paper plates and plastic utensils at a decent restaurant.
  3. Yeah, people on Facebook are moaning about what a shame it is that "such a lovely old historic building is getting torn down for an ugly high rise" and how it's "another example of how Orlando destroys its past" etc, etc. Silly amateurs....
  4. Maybe the reporter just fat-fingered the 0 & 9 keys while typing. After which they were too lazy to proof read it, then their editor missed it, too. Typical of the level of quality we've become used to in modern day journalism.
  5. JFW657


    Maybe they'll put up something cool looking like this.... Just gorgeous.
  6. It was. Sun Trust tower, Church St. Market w/garage and the Exchange all went up around '88 - '90. The ballroom went up soon after those three opened. .
  7. It's not Florida, it's the knuckle-draggers who keep getting elected here, thanks to all the Jethros and Ellie Mays in the backwards rural areas of the state and the cranky old retirees from up north who've infested The Villages.
  8. I assumed it was the Drop Tower, but looking at it more closely, I think you're correct re: it being the Sea World Tower.
  9. I HOPE you're only assuming and that your assumption is not correct. I was there a few days ago and didn't notice any trees cut down. But then, given the way things have gone around here in the past, it wouldn't surprise me. I'll be over that way tomorrow I think, so I'll take a look. Edit: Looking at Google street view, it looks like they did take down one.
  10. I remember that. Started out at three stories which was disappointing enough, then in typical Orlando fashion, shrank to two. Had some kind of rooftop drinking and dining component as recall. Maybe the city will someday renege on it's parking requirement and allow a real building to go up there. For the time being though, it would make an awesome spot for a container park with food vendors.
  11. Aside from the high sugar content and high levels of carbohydrates, nothing at all. Love them!!! But on a downtown wall mural? Meh. I'd have rather seen something more akin to this.... Minus the drop tower now, of course....
  12. I'm trying to withhold judgement on it until it's finished, but just based on the subject matter alone, it looks to me to be a typically Orlando crap design. IMHO, it should just be a really cool rendering of the downtown skyline at night rather than all that namby-pamby, happy feel-good Disney ice cream cone tourist crap. OTOH, a crappy mural might create a greater incentive to hurry up and erect a new building there to cover it up with.
  13. I don't know. But I suppose when dealing with the kind of money involved in a project like this, making it happen is not always a cakewalk. Especially in a smallish city like Orlando. I've always felt that it will eventually happen, though. Still do.
  14. I've always kind of assumed that maybe they demo'd the garage (which I liked) when they did for a couple of (or possibly more) reasons, among them being 1) that they actually thought things were going to happen more quickly than they did given that they didn't know COVID was right around the corner about to bring everything to a screeching halt, and 2) that they felt they could save money on the demolition by doing it sooner rather than later. As I recall around that time, construction industry prices were going up precipitously and people were scrambling to get things started quickly. I could be wrong of course.
  15. So according to your logic, a city govt limiting the number of places to get drunk and cause trouble in a confined section of the city, is tantamount to using the threat of taking an extremely costly license away from an established business, just for allowing a parentally accompanied minor inside, to watch men strut around dressed like women??? I don't know exactly what is at play re: that thought process, but I'm pretty sure logic and reasoning aren't a big part of it. I'm thinking maybe it's got more to do with desperation. Yes, you're right about that. It is ridiculous. Yet, according to DeStalin, allowing a 17 year old accompanied by a parent or adult legal guardian is equal to child abuse or neglect and as such, adequate reason to destroy an established business. And here you are defending him and his totalitarian tactics.
  16. So typical of you in these political disagreements... completely miss the point and avoid the subject at hand. The discussion was about DeShamelessBullyBoy taking revenge against a corporation for making a public comment. It was also about the supposed similarities between California choosing to not renew an annual pharmaceutical contract with Walgreens because of a decision they made re: the abortion pill, and DeStupid repealing a decades old law that established a special governing district. Had nothing to do with why or how DeStalin got elected or the size of his balls, etc, etc. Though we all know you right wingers are always endlessly impressed with such things. And to answer your question... yes, making a public statement for the purpose of undermining a proposed law IS in fact protected by the First Amendment. Personally, I think DeStalin infringed on Disney's Constitutional right to free speech and I'd like to have seen them sue the Governor and the State.
  17. Kind of a pointless question as people have differing reasons for where they take their kids. Keep in mind also, that legally speaking, "kids" (children) are considered anyone under 18. So if one of these businesses allowed entry to a parent accompanied 17 y/o whose parents feel the "child" is mature enough to experience it, under the draconian GOP culture war, they can have their liquor license yanked. It's a more complex dynamic than that, which varies from state to state and case to case. Yes, legislatures generally write laws and governors usually sign them. But it can also work the other way around. A governor can write or craft a bill, send it to the legislature for review, approval or tweaking, after which they send it back to the governor to sign. But Florida has the.... (ahem) "good fortune" of having a little Mussolini governor AND a spineless, rubber stamp legislature who'll do and approve anything little Benito wants and tells them to. This crap is 100% Ron DeFascist all the way.
  18. You guys make it sound like the ★★ Magic ★★ are the only team in the NBA that has had several losing or sub par seasons. There are several teams that have never even made it to the final championship series. Something the ★★ Magic ★★ have done twice. I stopped following them and basketball in general years ago, so I don't really care OWOTO. But even having a losing team that fills up the arena is better than not having a team. And any losing team can someday become a winning team. .
  19. There is no reason to expect decades old laws to arbitrarily change from year to year. An annual business contract OTOH is something that is guaranteed to expire every 12 months. Therefore there is no legitimate comparison of the two situations. Also, there was no legitimate reason to change the RCID law, in spite of your unproven claims to the contrary. Your own claims that little or nothing has changed regarding operations in the district since the repeal supports that. The truth of the matter is that prior to Trump, elected officials didn't behave in such blatant, revenge motivated political theater, designed solely to throw red meat to their voting base. Trump opened the door to that for everyone and green-lighted it for all his imitators that have cropped up in the GOP, including our own little mini-Mussolini governor who uses these kind of culture war tactics to fire up his base. You can keep scraping and scratching around and using twisted logic in an attempt to falsely equate a decades old, Constitutionally approved state law with an annual pharmaceutical supply contract, but nobody is buying it. You're just wasting your time. Disney never had any kind of tax exempt status, nor did they avoid paying property taxes on new construction. That was just another right-wing propaganda and social media disinformation campaign. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2022/apr/27/facebook-posts/walt-disney-world-was-not-tax-exempt-florida-contr/ Yes, Disney fought with local county government over what they claimed was overvaluation of their properties while of course, the county claimed they were undervalued. But every other theme park in the area did the exact same thing. https://floridapolitics.com/archives/440815-what-is-disney-world-actually-worth-tax-assessment-battle-heads-to-court/ Also, how is preventing supposed "expansion" of Disney's special district going to "make the quantity of government smaller"? What do you mean by that? How exactly was RCID "expanding" and where was it expanding to? You can try to put all the fancy-shmancy, razzle-dazzle, baffle 'em with BS spin on it you want to, but it's plain as day that by putting RCID under the control of the state, they have expanded the size and scope of state government. All so Governor DeFascist could make headlines, score political points and make himself look like a right-wing tough guy. Plain. And. Simple.
  20. Hilarious. It was signed into LAW. The Reedy Creek Improvement Act, otherwise known as House Bill No. 486, was a law introduced and passed in the U.S. state of Florida in 1967. The Supreme Court of Florida ruled in 1968 that the law did not violate any provision of the Constitution of Florida. In case you weren't aware of it, there is no expiration date on laws. Walgreens and California had an annual contract. Note the difference. As for the so-called "warning", if you're talking about the bill that dissolved RCID which passed the Florida legislature in 2022, that was not a "warning" and it said nothing about anything expiring. The bill became effective in 2023. If you want to call that a "warning" or claim that the 1967 law that created RCID "expired", go ahead. But it's BS and you know it. What a load. What rules did Disney fail to follow, other than not being quiet and not making Governor DeDiaperBoy angry? Which of Disney's benefits did they lose other than to appoint their own board members? Now the state and the so-called "smaller government" conservative Republicans whose mantra has for decades been "make government smaller and get it off the backs of businesses", have taken control of a corporation and in doing so, EXPANDED the state government. And BTW, are the unhinged Trumper hypocrites going to be pushing for Governor DeCrybaby to dissolve the special taxing district of The Villages? You know about that place, right? Right-wing Republican golf enclave up around Sumter County that reliably votes Republican in every election? That place? Ya think Governor Bully Boy is going to employ the same standard with them? Yeah, right. And Newsome's restrictions in California were based on medical science and the findings of The CDC. COVID took over a million lives and was/is a legitimate public health crisis. Despite the blatantly false right-wing Trumper flake claims to the contrary. Which show? He's threatened multiple venues for putting on drag shows, including little old Plaza Live right here in Orlando. According to Fox News Tampa: "A Drag Queen Christmas" held its performance Monday at Fort Lauderdale's Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The show is on a national tour, with four stops in Florida — including a scheduled performance on Thursday, Dec. 29 at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. Though the governor's office accuses the show of marketing to children, ticket listings for both the Fort Lauderdale and Clearwater shows have a message that reads: "This performance has adult themes and content. Admission is limited to patrons 18 years of age or over." For the Fort Lauderdale performance, the message adds that those under the age of 18 may be accompanied by a parent. However, the Clearwater show does not give that option, and instead adds, "Proof of age will be required." https://www.fox13news.com/news/gov-desantis-investigating-christmas-drag-show-accused-of-exposing-children-to-sexually-explicit-activity But when has the right ever been concerned with trivialities such as facts they use to justify their hypocrisy? Its easier to just make things up! Contribute what a little closer in line? Taxes? They weren't getting any special tax breaks other mega corporations weren't. Jobs? They're one of if not THE largest employer in the region and possibly the state. And that doesn't take into account all the other businesses and jobs that were created just by them being here. Disney created the modern Orlando area. Charities? Disney has donated quite generously to local and national charities. Probably more than any other company. Infrastructure? Disney has paid millions to improve the public roadways outside their property. So please explain to us what you feel they should contribute "more in line" with other companies. I have no idea what you're talking about re: Walgreens saying anything about corruption in California. I don't even know what that means. And you don't have to defend the Parental Rights in Education bill to me, since I mostly agree with it. I've said as much here multiple times. I agree with the bill more than I agree with Disney's position on it but you Trumpers just don't seem to want to accept it in light of my disparaging one of your culture warrior heroes. But that is not even the issue here, is it? No, it's not. The ISSUE is Ron DeSensitive's politically motivated over reaction to Disney's publicly disagreement with him. The rest of the nonsense about me wanting tax breaks for companies who agree with me etc, is so laughable it doesn't even merit a response, so give it a rest. We get it.... there's no behavior you won't defend Trump or Mini Trump for and there are no lengths to which you won't go in order to accomplish your sacred mission. #MAGA.
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