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  1. And not only that, but....
  2. I dunno. I think they shot their wad on J6. They had their initial little temper tantrum, showed us they were mad and everyone else saw the crap (literally) they left behind in their wake. Now, after having a year for reality to sink in, I believe they are coming to realize that Orange Jesus isn't really as invincible and infallible as he led them to believe he was. Sure, they're still talking big and loud, but I think deep down, they understand that Trump is a deeply flawed individual. If he goes to prison they'll all be howling conspiracy, but they'll probably just find some new Messiah to worship. Maybe Don Jr. Or Ivanka. If they don't go to prison with him, that is.
  3. I'm hoping Trump will be serving time in prison by 2024, and as such, unable to run for anything higher than cell block captain.
  4. I will exploit this opportunity to repeat my oft expressed hope that Zoi doesn't happen and that I'd like to see something nice go up there, but more in scale with the block, which would not require Fratelli's building to be demo'd. I also hope whoever ordered the tree cut down loses his shirt on the deal.
  5. So, what other important business is Florida's Republican legislature working on other than planning how to best curtail women's reproductive rights and kowtowing to Trump supporters? They are busy as bees crafting SB 1006, aka The Strawberry Shortcake Bill, which will make strawberry shortcake the official dessert of Florida. Big surprise here, it was sponsored by the House Rep. from Plant City, aka Florida's strawberry growing capitol, Lawrence McClure. https://apnews.com/article/business-elections-florida-house-elections-ee0c06b40b4caebf6f159617899f6758 https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/1006 Way to stay focused on the important stuff there.....
  6. Even if they get it on the ballot and the voters approve it with the required margin, if DeSpineless is still Governor and the state legislature is still under GOP control, they'll figure out some slick, underhanded maneuver to stall signing it into law indefinitely. Meanwhile, the same Repugnants are already crouched and poised to spring into action to outlaw all abortions past 15 weeks as soon as Trump's lackeys on the SCOTUS overturn Roe v. Wade. Welcome to FloriDUH.
  7. Aldi? Publix?? How about a.... WINN WIN!!!!!
  8. Nah. When I move out of this place, it'll be feet first.
  9. That would be nice. That one really large space on the NE corner looks big enough to accommodate a little mini mall type thing with several small shops.
  10. They briefly mentioned the new tower atthe end, but overall the report was pretty much of a nothing burger. Nothing much in the way of new info but a lot of rah rah cheerleading.
  11. I wonder how many floors it will be shortened before they're done Orlandoing it...
  12. So they mentioned Lake Eola's "9-mile sidewalk".... But made no mention whatsoever of the monorail!!!!
  13. Funny... because that's exactly what they DID do according to Tim3167's above post from Saturday morning.
  14. Comedian and former Full House star Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando today. He was 65. RIP Bob.
  15. I would love... just once... to hear a developer of a DTO high rise, announce that they were ADDING floors rather than subtracting them. Just once!!!!
  16. Good ol' downtown Bore-lando. Anyone wanna make a guess as to how many more floors will get cut before it's finished?
  17. The black line represents approximately where the current height is.... Plenty of height yet to go!!!!
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