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  1. You get a nice view of the downtown skyline from 414 East bound right before you cross over 441. The elevated roadway gets you high enough that you see over the tree line.
  2. I agree. This is one of those things you can't put a figure on, but will make a big difference. Even if it means people just hang around a little longer, walk around, or maybe have a drink. The way it is now people run to their cars and go home right after events at the arena.
  3. facilities man


    Anyone know why MLB made spring training longer? I saw the Astros and Pirates play in Kissimmee this past weekend. Good game and great weather.
  4. The overall footprint is much smaller. The current arena was built like a suburban development. It's an island set in a sea of parking lots. The new arena will be boxed in. I was thinking they were going to have more open space on the Church Street side. It almost seems like they're going to need to block off Church Street to vehicles every night there is an event.
  5. You're right. I wondered if anyone else knew that. KMart actually purchased Sears, but the deal was structured and recorded as if Sears bought KMart because the Sears name recognition was better percieved than KMart.
  6. If the economy doesn't turn around this year Sears / Kmart may not be long for this world either. Sears bought Kmart a few years ago for the value of their real estate holdings. With real estate values being the way they are, they're getting upside down on that venture. Sales suck, so they may have trouble meeting debt payments on real estate not worth what it once was. It could get ugly fast for Sears.
  7. They're closing all 34 of them, 5 of which are in Florida. That's the whole chain.
  8. The Maitland Blvd. extension is months AHEAD of schedule. It was supposed to open by early fall of 2009. It will partially open on February 14th, from the 429 to Hiawassee road. Then by early summer it will open the rest of the way from 441 to Hiawassee.
  9. Where are the best bartenders, most attentive, in the Orlando Metro area? Best Happy Hour? Best looking bartenders? Friendliest???
  10. Yep, Pittsburgh is beautiful for six months a year, (May through October). Kind of ugly the other six months. Lots of interesting buildings too.
  11. Whoops! I meant the western beltway. I call the whole thing the Greeneway. Maitland Blvd. can never be built to the Eastern part of the beltway. Even though that would be a nice crosstown expressway for the North side of town. That area has been developed for decades and there are too many lakes in the way. There aren't any corridores, it just will not happen.
  12. Maitland Blvd. extension to the Greeneway opening fall 2009.
  13. facilities man

    NFL Talk

    It looks like it could possibly be an all Pennsylvania Superbowl. Eagles and Steelers are peaking at the right time. Steelers lucked into home field with the Ravens win, but will have to beat the Ravens for a third time in one year.
  14. Florida should be a preseason favorite for #1 ranking. That would give then a goal to shoot for... #1 from start to finish.
  15. National Title Game... It was all about the defense. Florida mostly shut down OU with a great defensive performance. OU had a great defensive game as well but could only hold the Gators to 24 points and that was with two momentum turning interceptions. Florida / Tebow, threw their interceptions away. As for OU's interceptions..., they were take aways by Florida's defense, if you know what I'm trying to say. Tebow had a bad first half, seemed rusty and out of sync from the long lay off. Even with that, Florida seemed to control the game even though it was close in score. Great year for both teams and they could be in it again next year depending on how many players stay or jump to the NFL.
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