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  1. memphian


    Maybe like 40,000 sq ft, if that much.
  2. memphian


    Here’s a tiny little target in downtown Denver. I think Nashville could make this work.
  3. memphian

    Cookeville News

    Well there goes being able to afford loving in Cookeville - lol. On the flip side, Target may not be too far off!
  4. memphian

    Cookeville News

    Cookeville has a few things on its side as it pertains to restaurants. First the location is perfect being on I-40. Next is it’s greater trade area - there’s not a lot in the other nearby counties. Then you have TECH which supplies a steady stream of hungry students. Now it’s beginning to grow into itself which brings in tourism and industry.
  5. memphian


    Downtown doesn’t need a big department store but I think it could very well support a meticulously-curated small department store. Problem is that Macy’s, Belk, Dillard’s, etc... they don’t [know how to] do that. Macy’s has closed almost all its downtown stores - doing so while it’s obvious that city living is back and not going anywhere.
  6. memphian


    Urban Target would be most welcomed. Whatever it is will need to be a destination if you want “Nashville” to shop it.
  7. memphian

    Cookeville News

    Have you taken a look at the housing prices in Cookeville lately?
  8. I'm sure there will be new developments, both condo and apartment, to be announced soon. Some will materialize, others won't. I'd kind of like to see the apartment building near Bridgestone Arena to come back to the conversation.
  9. Interesting to bring up a lack of adequate universities in the area. We like to talk up or local institutions; however, they are behind in the creation of a modern, world-class workforce. Glad to have Vanderbilt for sure but the rest simply serve a different purpose. It’s something State/University Leadership needs to address if we want to be even more competitive in the future.
  10. memphian

    Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    That pic just proves how bad 505 needs a crown of some sort. Even a set of Christmas lights at the top would do it wonders - lol
  11. memphian

    Cookeville News

    So today I watched the TECH Homecoming Parade and TTU President, Phil Oldham, referred to Cookeville as “Tennessee’s College Town” during the broadcast. I hadn’t thought too much about it but it does seem to be a fitting title as none of the other college towns rely as heavily on their local University as does Cookeville. It’s not in the same league, University wise, as Oxford, MS, Athens, GA, or Pullman, WA but it does hold its own in many of the college town categories.
  12. memphian

    Nashville International Airport

    I want to speculate on the brand but it’s just too early to make any sense yet.
  13. It gives character and depth, something which is missing. If you’re a pedestrian exploring the city and happen upon this building it’ll probably warrant a second or third look because it’s interesting.
  14. memphian

    Cookeville News

    I looked online and there is a Food City in Crossville so it makes sense. I wonder if this new store will be more utilitarian or upscale? I know it is in a higher income area so just curious if Food City will accommodate. (pretty sure it cannot be answered at this time).
  15. memphian

    Cookeville News

    It didn’t have very good reviews as a Clarion... it, along with the others at that exit, are wrecking ball quality. I’d save the Executive Inn (whatever it’s called now) and remodel it to a kitschy type place but the rest need to go.