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  1. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I wish we still had Cain-Sloan & Castner Knott. They’d eat Macy’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  2. Cookeville News

    I’m glad to see Cookeville come into its own. It’s high on the list of places I want to move to (at some point). And, if you think no one in Nashville knows about it, you should see the faces of Memphians when it is mentioned. LOL Now if we could just get TECH out of the OVC and into something a bit more interesting, like the Southern Conference (the OVC has sucked since the TECH/Middle rivalry died).
  3. I feel like a caviar & bananas would be a good location for Dean and Deluca...
  4. Nashville International Airport

    Except those really long escalators in subway stations. I’ll walk a few steps but then stand to the side for the over-achievers. LOL
  5. Scary that Nashville's "College Population" is so low. I don't think the "Tech Labor Force" score is any big shocker. Overall I would say Nashville is in pretty good company in these rankings - aside from Newark (which benefits from proximity to NYC) these are top-tier American cities.
  6. CBD/SoBro/RutledgeHill/Rolling Mill Hill Projects

    Well that Hampton Inn addition doesn’t look too bad. It kind of balances the building when you see it from this angle. I’m sure they wish they had 200 more rooms but they’re rather large for a Hampton Inn. The biggest is in Berlin (Alexanderplatz) and it is just shy of 400 rooms.
  7. This looks much more stylish than anything else built recently. Is Nashville design turning a corner? It really should be 10 floors taller, I am thinking people will want to be in this tower and it might fill up rather quickly.
  8. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    I liked it when all those trees had twinkling lights strung through them (they may still have them). It made for a festive atmosphere all year long. Of course that may have just been a 1990’s fad but I liked it. LOL
  9. I definitely agree with that, didn’t say it up front. I don’t think it should become a miniature Cool Springs Galleria, just a cleaner and nicer version of itself.
  10. I’m sure money will eventually win out when it comes to the Arcade. In the meantime, if I were the owner, I’d be looking at ways to grab the prospective hotel guests that are about to be right outside my door. As for charm, the house of pizza sign doesn’t have much (just an example even though the pies were always good). On the flip side the post office & peanut shoppe are both very charming so there are some things to protect and some things possibly needing a revisit. The point is that area is about to change unlike anything we’ve seen in years and with the hotels targeting an expected upscale guest will an as-is Arcade go unchanged or should it consider an update (without losing its charm)?
  11. That is a shock to me. Maybe the guests from the Fairlane, Bobby, Dream, and Noel will give it a bit more life - I’m trying to figure out how that stretch of Fourth is going to change here in the next few years. The Arcade May become more relevant past standard office hours!
  12. Oh, I hope you’re right about the Arcade, it has so much potential to be so much more than it is right now. Personally I’d like to see it go upscale. I think they could enclose it and add escalators/elevators in the middle where that access road cuts through. The Arcade could be such a great place (it’s already good but it needs a direction).
  13. 50 stories with a pointy crown! I’m just happy to see Hyatt return - and with such a splash, too! I think the Hyatt is going to look far more impressive in-person than in the renderings (that wall of glass looks sleek as can be). Of course if they added 10 more floors to it no one here would care.
  14. Margaritaville Hotel,12 stories, 145 ft., 215 rooms

    Ooh - that’s a nice development. I wonder if they’ll be rental pooled with the hotel rooms or people might actually live there? I have to admit that I’d love daily maid service (which you have to buy in such a scenario).