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  1. Great to see Johnson Hall get an update. Even when I was there in the mid/late-90's it was close to busting at the seams. Hopefully new space will help them add more programs. It kind of feels like TECH is finally thinking about growing up.
  2. It has its own identity and it has the ability to be looped into the metro; that is kind of the best of two worlds. Definitely a sleeper city/area that is just beginning to stir before it wakes up. On the map it has quick access to Nashville, Clarksville, Franklin, and, thanks to 840, Murfreesboro. You can travel to Memphis, Southern Indiana or North Alabama/Mississippi/Georgia in roughly 2.5 hours which gives it a good location. We just need a few more retail options, another major supermarket would be nice.
  3. Oh yeah, DC has always been the "rugged" western outpost of the metro area (we still like our boots and hats, and not in fashionably ironic way). It is definitely behind the curve but that is slowly changing as you can see the growth happening now, albeit mostly people priced out of Davidson and Williamson counties. Its funny though, the city of Dickson almost serves as a hub for other surrounding counties, it isn't a micropolitan but it serves many of the same purposes. It is the last "large" stop between Nashville and Jackson. So this brings up the topic of "ring cities" that surround Nashville but play another role as hubs for the further out counties. Is that a thing?
  4. Always good to see TECH prosper. I did my undergrad there. The built environment seems to be coming along quite well. I especially like these planned additions. The tower reminds me a bit of the one at Furman, but with a different architecture style - very prominent. Here's hoping TECH will find a new athletic conference soon as well. I'd like to donate to the football stadium but not while they're part of the OVC.
  5. I agree with your thought about universities. I’ve concluded that most TN universities are just beginning to approach their coming out age/maturity. Most offerings have been necessity-driven basics and, let’s be honest, if they’re public universities they’ve been hampered by politicians and having to play second fiddle to UTK and it’s football fantasies. A few years ago when the TN Board of Regents shifted focus to community colleges and technical schools, it gave the TBR universities the autonomy they needed to brand themselves. I really think this will take time and demand. Local business will dictate the programs that get added. Right now I’m seeing a flurry of hospitality programs in the local area which is good but the timing is bad. About a decade ago there was a smaller flurry of pharmacy schools, or at least talks, in the local area.
  6. Star and diamond ratings are mostly assurance that a hotel has, at least, the capability of providing a minimal level of service. Loews will be the market leader when it opens, the brand has a strong delivery reputation in the upper upscale segment. I don't think the market will command the common sought after luxury brands for a while.
  7. Wonder why the Governor likes TECH so much? He went to Auburn so it’s not like he’s tied to Cookeville. Don’t get me wrong, the investment in TECH makes me happy. When I was in school no new buildings were built because MTSU and UTK were getting all the money.
  8. Anyone know which airline will move to Concourse D? Maybe Delta? They're supposed to open a new Sky Club in 2020 but you'd never know it by looking around the current one. Just something I noticed.
  9. I have noticed Concourse D on the drive after arriving. The thing that stands out to me is how nice D looks compared to the other concourses. I am sure the rest will get an update but D looks like it be a pleasure to use while the rest are just so-so. I fly a lot for work so I'm in and out of BNA a lot.
  10. It is a handsome facade and those details are missing in so many projects in Nashville. Developers should take note.
  11. Here’s a street view of the Apple store in downtown Portland. The Nashville store may look similar. I’d suspect Microsoft to follow as they’re both in downtown PDX.
  12. a 35-floor one in downtown and another 25-floor on on the east bank. Name them all accordingly: West, Downtown, and East. Just need someone who wants to fund it. The tiered crown (can it be considered a crown?) would look nice poking out of downtown's skyline.
  13. Totally agree with it adding to our hotel game here in Nashville. Its the fun ones that people remember. The boring corporate hotels, unless they have exceptional service, are completely forgettable.
  14. It looks to be designed for the female traveler. I don’t think many guys are going to like the decor and finishes. It’s cool for what it is though.
  15. Found this beauty in Hounslow just outside London (near Heathrow). I think it is a local government building. Would be cool to see something like this in Nashville.
  16. Kroger on 8th. I think we can consider that “downtown” now.
  17. The DGX reminds me of a Tesco express or Sainsburys local in the UK but with probably less focus on meal prep or pre-made meals. So cool to see these stores opening.
  18. Good deal for Belmont. I wonder how private school students will react to starting at the bottom of the food chain within all these hotels upon graduation? College hospitality graduates are woefully unprepared for the workforce and they can sometimes also overestimate their worth. The expectation is that they should walk into a new career with a senior leadership role but reality means the gross majority of them will be working shifts at the front desk to learn what really happens in the industry. Putting it in the biz school is a good choice though because today's hospitality industry is more business than anything. It will be interesting to review their curriculum. As of right now, there are no professors listed with a bio which includes hospitality (they do have the program listed as an option). I am also curious about how this will impact TSU's hospitality degree program which is also in the college of business. My first concern is with learning partnerships within the local industry. Will potential industry partners choose Belmont over TSU because it is a private school and carries with it a bit of local name branding? Two similar degrees competing in one city might be an interesting dance to watch.
  19. Honestly, it looks like something Disney would build and I love it. It'll probably change shapes 4-5 times but that is okay. Now is that a swimming pool in the river?
  20. Look at AA taking second place in the share of capacity metric. I would have thought DL would've been number two. I guess AA is upping their game (yes I know BNA used to be an AA hub and yes it still surprises me).
  21. As a way-too-frequent flyer it kind of hate the trend of local outlets at airports. A typical traveler can be rushed and in a hurry and may not have time to experience a restaurant concept that hasn’t figured out how to serve someone who isn’t in an actual dining environment. Austin’s airport comes to mind; it’s a great place but try to get breakfast “on the go” when catching an early flight. As long as it’s balanced with some chains it should be okay. JMO.
  22. I’ll agree that the universities appear to lack foresight when it comes to developing modern programs. I think the public schools have traditionally been so focused on first-generation college students that they didn’t need to create exciting and challenging programs because “status quo” was sufficient. Basically by doing nothing the state schools inadvertently did something, they got left behind. Also the business climate didn’t need much for a long time so there’s that to consider, too.
  23. Here’s a few pics from berlin which is one my favorite places to visit. It’s walkable, clean, historic and interesting. The areas surrounding the Tiergarten (I probably misspelled that) is, to me, a great use of space but not overwhelming the nature of the park (4th pic is an e ample of development in that area).
  24. Wow! The Rec/Fit center is quite large. I really need to get up that way soon. I meant to go to the International SAE Baja Competition but the rain kept me away.
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