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  1. hey m brown its been a while since i posted here.. damn u see the new on ramp and off ramp ont the everett tunrpike and the work they did on the Granite Street Bridge. Manchesters big dig
  2. has anyone herd about the Las Ramblas Hotel that includes 11 hihgrises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and over 8 million square feet of space!!!! thats twice the mall of america!!!! and its being done by gorge clooney!!! ahhh but this will look nice on the sky line
  3. never mind i found the toher thread
  4. hey you know how you said that the number 8 picture are they building the bofa tower now? if so you have any pictures and if not do you have any renderings? also where in the skyline will it be
  5. good im waiting for them to update their site. it should happen soon
  6. the picture of the whole town is a nice one with the tree colors
  7. you should see the new Singer Family Park they built right acroos form my highschool. they had to rebuild it because the baseball feild took over the other Singer Family park. maybe ill start a thread if i can find info.
  8. yes its a nice pic of the new psnh observeing tower
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