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  1. Wow, Garris, after that post I think UP Providence should start a letter-writing campaign to your potential local employers ensure that you can stay here.
  2. Actually Summit is another name for the Hope neighborhood, which is adjacent to the Mt. Hope neighborhood. Yes, confusing...
  3. I live in Summit too (no kids yet though), and would definitely recommend checking it out.
  4. Hi All, My wife has recently taken a new job which will have her traveling domesticly quite a bit (really all over the country, no region necessarily more than any other). Of course, she'd like to use TF Green whenever possible, but realizes that she'll have to use Logan sometimes as well. That said, any suggestions for which airline to sign up with for her frequent flier program? Factors would include frequency and diversity of domestic flights, as well as any special amenities (I know that some airlines have special lounges for their frequent fliers -- does TF Green?) Thanks for any advice
  5. Hey All, Just a reminder that the second Providence Geek Dinner is tomorrow night (Wednesday) 5:30-7pm+ at AS220. Details and a place for RSVP'ing are at the Providence Geeks weblog. We're shaping up to have a great crowd--hope to see you there. PVDJack
  6. Thanks, Ari -- can you please describe more specifically the nature/agenda of the event? Thanks!
  7. In another thread (now closed), AriPVD wrote: "We are hosting a CNU 101 on March 2nd from 5:30 to 8:30pm. Anyone who wants to learn about NU should attend." Does anyone know if this is still on and if so what the details are? Thanks!
  8. I too drove by this for the first time the other day. It's jaw-droppingly large--if you're in the area definitely check it out. Does anyone know if it will include an actual store, or will it merely serve other stores?
  9. No, just looking to network in the local software scene, and to take it from there. Thanks!
  10. Hi All, I've gotten the impression from a number of posts that there are more than a few software professionals on these boards. I'm new to Providence, and am looking to network with with some local Internet software engineering gurus. I have quite a bit of experience on the business and product design sides of hi-tech start-ups, and am looking to collaborate on the development of one or more "web applications." Most of my networking is currently focused on Boston/Cambridge (makes sense since it's one of the world's software capitals), but my preference would definitely be to find people i
  11. Understood. I think the map is such a powerful tool, and will be even more powerful once if/when it has "wiki-style" functionality that enables us all to contribute. In the meantime, thanks again for carrying the burden. Jack
  12. Great. Here's my first request: New India Point Park Pedestrian Bridge http://www.dot.state.ri.us/projects/constr...pedbr/index.htm BTW, what do you think about including projects that aren't technically in Providence, e.g. Pawtucket projects, airport runway expansion, etc. Thanks! Jack
  13. This is really terrific, Cotuit -- thank you! Are you taking requests for other projects to be listed? Or alternatively is there a way for other folks to post directly to the map? Jack
  14. "Wow" is right. The craziest part is the accompanying line, "Not all project models are included, but you get the idea." If the economics hold up, I could see the Jewelry District and the reclaimed I-195-relocation acreage being a smaller version of this leve of development. Thanks for posting it. Jack
  15. So am I understanding this right? -- Pawtucket wants to evaluate the possibility of creating an operating station at _either_ the site of the old station _or_ at another site on Goff St? I'm not familiar with this second site -- can anyone fill me in? Thanks! Jack
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