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  1. Plan documents that have resulted from the neighborhood charrettes are now available here! http://www.providenceplanning.org/index.ph...ry&catid=34
  2. At the bottom of the front page of the Metro Section today, there was a small blurb and photo of a demolition of a building in the Jewelry District at the corner of Chestnut and Elbow, across the street from the building where Jewel is located. It said that there was going to be a new building constructed at that location. Any idea what will be built?
  3. Seems like there is a lot of projects being discussed at the December 13th Providence Redevelopment Authority Meeting. Anyone familiar with some of the items. Bomes Theater and Loutitt are the only ones familiar to me. Providence Redevelopment Agency -December 13, 2007
  4. From The Providence Journal, November 16, 2007 Contributing column by Michael Solomon, Providence City Councilman (Ward 5 - Mt. Pleasant/Elmhurst) [url=http://www.projo.com/opinion/contributors/content/CT_sol16_11-16-07_PC7QK2V_v19.2a7f63b.html]Michael Solomon: In defense of city
  5. The second city council vote on the revised Comprehensive Plan will be coming up soon. Bob Azar, DPD Principal Planner, mentioned the importance of the new plan from this perspective at the September 17 city council meeting: From The Providence Journal: Providence City Council questions Comprehensive Plan timetable, September 18, 2007
  6. One down...one to go. Comprehensive Plan gets initial OK from council
  7. Ironman 70.3 Adds Rhode Island to Its Family of Events Sounds cool.
  8. Providence City Council will vote this Thursday, November 1st, as to the adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan.
  9. You ever notice how Rhode Island is always used as a size comparative. How Big Is Rhode Island? Plus, why the state is the nation's yardstick.
  10. For all who are disgusted with the low quality new construction in Providence, I give you an example of high quality, unapologetically, traditional urban development from our brothers and sisters at UP Chicago. We need some of this here. High density residential development in Oak Park, IL
  11. Providence City Council is looking ahead to waaaaay beyond tomorrow: From the October 29, 2007, Committee on Urban Redevelopment, Renewal and Planning Agenda: Providence URRP Committee -October 29, 2007 06:00 PM You can't accuse City Council of a lack of strategic thinking.
  12. I would think this will be an important meeting. Is it open to the public? City Council As A Whole - September 17, 2007 Agenda
  13. From the transcript of the May 30th CPC meeting: May 30, 2007 - CPC Transcript
  14. No worries. Now we can enjoy all your quotes right here. CPC Transcripts
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