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  1. I am beginning to actually like the team, they seem to have a good mix of players. Wish I could afford a decent ticket though.
  2. Thank you for the updates. I may be biased, but I consider the Little Sugar Creek Greenway to be a signature project for the city, and grow impatient as progress continues to slow....
  3. As a Trailblazer, I can say that yes, we are getting charged as well. I want to know if they are going to provide security now that we have to pay to park there.
  4. They can take Bon Jovi, I guess Charlotte will have to settle for Radiohead this spring instead.
  5. The problem with charging people to park there to use the trails is that they didn't build or maintain those trails. The Tarheel Trailblazers did. http://tarheeltrailblazers.com/ I think it is a bad move on their part to start charging for parking. Will they provide security since they are charging me to park in a poorly constructed gravel pit they call a parking lot? I'll just park down the street and ride my bike to the trails.
  6. Parking is free, for now. At the meeting they stated that they were most likely going to start charging for parking.
  7. The center's management wanted to start charging for trail access, but were denied. Now they want to charge for parking. The original business plan had companies coming to do workshops and retreats. That is why they built conference rooms and what not. What they never understood is how difficult it is to any major regional workshops when there are no hotel rooms nearby. They are getting next to no corporate business.
  8. So how are the bobcats doing in terms of ticket sales this year?
  9. I just want to point out that the center has AWESOME mountain biking trails, and affordable bike rentals. If any Urban Planet people want to learn how to ride, let me know. I'd be glad to come out an organize a lesson or two.
  10. Sad to see that the bike racks are exposed to the elements when there is a perfectly good parking garage right there. It is also a very high theft risk. Too bad they rejected my proposal for bike lockers like these: http://www.bikelink.org/ is a really good example of one of these systems currently in operation. I am not going to lock my bike to one of those things and leave it there for hours.
  11. found this site that shows a couple of the townhome designs as well as updated photos of the site: http://www.standardpacifichomes.com/findho...vName=Charlotte
  12. There is not going to be any southern extension of the Little Sugar Creek for several years.
  13. The problem with the Milstone is that the sound sucks, the neighborhood is dangerous, and the building itself is falling apart. Outside of nostalgia I don't see why anyone would want to book a show there. There are so many other venues with better facilities in this area. BTW, if anyone is interested, Friday and Saturday night there are two great shows at The Evening Muse. Saturday: http://www.myspace.com/trespasserswilliam
  14. His problem was that he booked bands that he liked, not bands that people wanted to see. Couple that with the fact that alot of his shows were at the Milestone, which is a complete dump in a horrible neighborhood, and it is no wonder the shows were poorly attended. He did a poor job of promoting the shows, and took to berating people on his email list. It was a disaster.
  15. Wow, that is really cool. Nice to see development like spreading out!
  16. Is alpha mill currently renting? Did I read correctly that they are also offering condos?
  17. Ok, forgive the dumb question. Is 210 Trade and the Epicentre the same thing? All of these tower projects are beginning to become one blur of pricey condos...
  18. I don't know if anyone mentioned it but Trader Joe's announced a second lcoation last week in the Arbors near UNCC. I wish that companies like TJ's and Earthfare would stop building so far out of the city. Also, it has been over TWO YEARS since Whole Foods announced that they were opening a store. Does anyone have information about that project?
  19. Catalunya Cafe on East Blvd is my current favorite place. Their Paella kicks ass and their house wine in only $9 a bottle and pretty tasty. Great food, low prices. Veggie options as well!
  20. It is an incredible resource for the area.
  21. Yes, but we can never have too many. Those trails are also very technical and can be quite dangerous. I have seen many broken bones there.
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