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  1. I know, but, you have to remember, Coeur d'Alene is a major resort town, so that is probably what drives that sort of development( that and the beautiful lake.)
  2. Lets see, there is the Aspen (17 stories, i think 187', correct me if i am wrong...) Capitol Plaza(i think around 170-200') And that is all i have right now.
  3. i know, that will be amazing
  4. sorry, thats the only good one that i have got, but i will get more, i promise
  5. OK, i've got an update on the Aspen Building (17 floors, 197') The developer is looking for a permit and states it would take 24 months to build, and also states if it looks like were going to have a mild winter, he will go ahead and start it. Idahostatesman (rendering included on site)
  6. I couldn't say, as i have never been to Spokane, but it is definatly MUCH more liberal than the area that i moved from(suburbs in Tennessee's Williamson County, i don't even think that there is a democratic party there....)
  7. Boise is somewhat liberal, it has the only openly lesbian in the state legislature, but its Metro as a whole is still conservative, but Boise is more liberal than people think
  8. ill try, ive been really busy lately, so not much time for pics....
  9. Boisefan

    Idaho off topic

    Chevelle is coming with Nickleback, and thats all i can think of right now
  10. Boisefan

    Idaho off topic

    Idaho Falls is smaller then Pocatello, but it is growing, and Pocatello isn't, thats the diffrence, and Pocatello wont be the third largest for long, Meridian, another Boise suburb, and Idaho Falls are catching up. Nampa, which is also a suburb of Boise is the second largest. So the real population, government, and Comericial center of the state is the Boise Metro area.
  11. sorry, ill try to get some more up, of the skyline wiht Banner Bank, and the Hampton Inn in the skyline, and ill try to get some more street level pics.
  12. i would be scared to, imagine the swaying of the building at the top!
  13. Boisefan

    Idaho off topic

    the fourth had some interesting weather, i didn't have power were i was for about 2 hours...and i am surprised that Boise doesn't have a fireworks display, its very strange...
  14. no, that was a huge typo, but just imagine how tall that would be for a second, 350 floors, multiply that by about 12 feet, and you get 4200', at that height it would be taller than the mountains that surround it
  15. But we are still waiting on the new design, but this time it might be 30 stories, bringing the total height to about 350 floors instead of just 300(possibly more height depending on the design) The new developer said that it will use quality building materials on the inside and outside, and that it will use a variety(sp?) of colors, which is very much needed, so i cant wait to see the new design.
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