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  1. About the Parisians in Atlanta how it is more upscale than in Columbia...perhaps so, but it still isnt anything compared to Bloomy's or Neiman's......and the same thing goes for Belk....the Belk in SouthPark is way more upscale than any belk in columbia, winston or charleston.....but still cant be compared to other more "big city" department stores....its like comparing apples to oranges.....
  2. In fact......I have a friend who goes to Johnson & Wales (i went there for a semester too)......he said that Dr. Stanton(the fashion/retail director) told his class that Northlake is bankrupt and that's why it took them so long to open.....it is struggling......but not for long....
  3. Looks like more people are in Northlake forum lately lol....
  4. Well im not sure but I have friends that work in South Park and they told me it was becominga Bloomy's
  5. I've been to Lord & Taylor and I've been to Parisian's.........Lord & Taylor carries Ben Sherman and French Connection.....Parisian does not......Parisian to me is just another run of the mill department store....As far as what Northlake should have as it's next anchor.....I think it should be something different becuz all those mediocre stores are getting old......Saks definately needs to be uptown....I think alot of us are getting tired of uptown lacking retail......and since Hechts in Southpark is going to become Bloomingdale's (Hopefully from what ive heard).....it wont make it to Northlake......then Hecht's at northlake will turn into Macy's.......Neiman is going up in SP......so that basically means that there is only a few possibilities left for NL's next anchor.....it's either Lord & Taylor which i doubt becuase they have been closing several stores lately.....or possibly another Nordstrom......
  6. There is no way in hell that Burberry is going to have a second location in Charlotte and since when was Parisian upscale? We have two Parisians in Columbia....it is not that elite trust me
  7. I just read some of the threads for the past few weeks........you guys have no lives! lol.....but then again who am i to say that im on here too reading this stuff at 1:20 in the morning lol
  8. Or.....forget SP.........we need a Virgin Megastore Uptown! that would be amazing! Right next to Saks and Barnes & Nobles (uptown) oh and of course can't forget the H & M which would go perfect right across the street lol
  9. You know what else SP needs.....a freakin CD store/Electronic store....There was electronic boutique a few years ago but it was in the deteriorating hallway where Sears used to be and it ended up closing.....I think a Sam Goody(none in the charlotte area yet) or FYE would be perfect....but there isn't any room anywhere...Joseph Beth's music selection is really not that good by the way....
  10. I don't know about you guys but I'm ready for them to bring an A/X, Gucci, French Connection, Crate & Barrel, Barneys of New York, Saks, and Diesel stores. Oh and i heard that the Hecht's is gonna turn into a Bloomingdale's since all the other Hecht's are in middle class malls which will transform into Macy's after the merge will be complete.
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