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  1. even if you could, you would have a hard time getting in there now. must are already sold.
  2. are you suggesting that buffett's place will be better?
  3. are you kidding me? when is the last time you have ever been to any of those trashbag tinibopper clubs at waterside. its like you get free drinks all night if you are under 24, have a gay haircut, and have a wife over 200 lbs and have 4 kids all under the age of 4. its navy central.
  4. the navy crowd is starting to pollute the brewry more and more these days.
  5. Hilltop To those who come from areas of high elevation, often it seems Hilltop was named as a joke. No way! It is the best hill we have in eastern Virginia Beach, and is a high spot on the crest of Pungo Ridge in our flat, barely above sea level city. In 1945, Mr. Dean S. Potter built a gas station on the northeast corner of Laskin Road and what is now First Colonial Road. According to his son Gordon, and the memory of this writer, Mr. Potter was the first to call this area hilltop. He leased his station as Hilltop Esso so that no matter who operated it, the name Hilltop would be utilize
  6. ok, i checked out Carrabbas. its not great. decent, but i wouldnt expect much more from a chain. the food is fresh, but not something to run home to tell your mother about. the atmosphere is........um.....ok, but with similarities of Outback(same owner). serive was great because we just so happened to know the bartender and he was up our azz trying to empress us. they arent open for lunch. i give it a 6 of of 10. i probably wont go back. i just cant get into chain restaraunts. i dont know what it is. i guess its the navy crowd that repulses me.
  7. Have any of you seen the men in the water stripping the forms yet? This is really something to see. The concrete deck is so low they cant fit a barge under there so they have divers go down there and strip the steel beams and formwork. These guys make more than decent money. Another hunch is that the city is too involved in this one and its going to take a slow start going vertical.
  8. Moes is freakin awesome. With that moving closer to me, I will gain 20 lbs.
  9. Why would you ever donate money to anyone other than the redcross? Your a moron if your gullible enough to give money to a "firefighter" standing outside Target........ ONLY GIVE MONEY TO THE RED CROSS @ THE RED CROSS OFFICE TO BE 100% SURE THAT YOUR MONEY IS GOING TO THE PROPER PLACE morons.
  10. Sounds good dogg. This place gets so dry in here, I was just trying to liven the place up a bit. I guess that remains in the "off-topic" only forum...
  11. That is a pretty amazing place. Your family has done some great work with the upgrades. I wouldnt mind coming and seeing that for myself. I am have a big interest for the history of this area. Its always good to see that someone still has the same interest and actually puts forth the effort to keep it in great condition. Great job.
  12. I dont care what you say, ........ "dubeu-tee-efff" , why is he always off topic......
  13. yes I meant H&M. sorry. i believe the H&M has a more feminine look about it the mens clothing. almost homosexual. i guess its whatever you like. i personlly dont. however i do like some of the mens express. i dont hate norfolk. i just hate having to drive there to find decent clothing.
  14. A&M is terrible. I thought that it would be good from the media but for men its just plain terrible. The new Express for men just opened back up. It's ok, but nothing great. I think we need a Holister. I know we have a lot of surf shops but I still think it would do well here. AF has jumped their prices up recently. Prices upwards of 80-90 duckets for a pair of jeans. I dont mind paying that much for a pair of Seven's or something designer, but for garbage like AF is just plain ignorant. Holister resembles AF a bit, but with lower prices. I hate going to Norfolk just to buy cloth
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