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  1. They're not surface lots...They're fields. ..you know...open space They were left unpaved on purpose. You would have known that if you had actually researched site, rather than making broad brushed statement about "trashy" tailgaters. This is a 680-acre site we are talking about. Leaving 25 to 30 acres of fields open to allow football fans (and other stadium users) to have fun, shouldn't be that big a deal.
  2. ROFLAO...What are you talking about ...not a "Connecticut tradition." It's been going on at UConn for years before Rentschler Field. Not to mention, the Yalies practically perfected it during the 50s, 60s, and 70s....some of Yale-Harvard tailgates were legendary. Not to mention the Jets/Giants/Patriots/BC tailgates that have been going on for decades. Oh, and are we supposed to believe that the corporate owners of the Meadows are actually part of some southern menace intent on foisting their "southern lifestyle" on CT? Incidentally, the Meadows is owned by the state and its operations are leased. It's too bad you have to you feel you have to "belittle" things that give others enjoyment. Frankly, I still haven't figured out what's so offensive or for that matter rednecked about picnicing before a football game. But I'm sure you'll explain it to me, no doubt with some bigoted statements about UConn fans intelligence, body weight, and choice of vehicles.
  3. No it's not, if I want to bring my grill and barbecue burgers, hot dogs, shrimp....bring a large cooler containing these food items plus beverages...my chairs, my serving table ...a radio (I use my car's radio) and my canopy. And I can leave at my own schedule, not the bus's. Factor in the cost of parking downtown (non-event garage parking), besides, if I live in Manchester, why would I drive Downtown and take a bus to East Hartford? If you've ever been to a UConn game at the Rent, my tailgate party is quite modest compared most others.
  4. Well, the vast majority of people who go to those games don't simply park their car and walk into the stadium, so the mass transit option isn't really pratical.
  5. But half the fun of college football is getting to the game several hours early and tailgating. I think CT Transit frowns on people bringing barbeques and beer coolers onto their buses.
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