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  1. JC3124

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    Is it all rental, or can you buy a condo too?
  2. JC3124

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Normally seating capacities do include luxury boxes, the Whalers didn't because Peter Karmanos wanted to skew the numbers. Everyone else, to my knowledge, counts luxury boxes in with seating capacity.
  3. Close, but not quite. Boston metro is just under 5.9 mill, CT population is just under 3.4 mill. 6.8 mill is double our pop.
  4. Now that gas prices are ridiculous, let's go over some of the plans from the past and present and possibly future that can help us travel without those damned internal combustion engines. When is the commuter line from New Haven through Hartford into Springfield scheduled to start/be finished?
  5. JC3124

    COMPLETED: Hartford 21

    That is one of the top 3 best things about Connecticut, it does an unparalleled job of hiding all the over development with trees. Even the heavily Urban areas look great because there are nice maples or oaks all over the place.
  6. Hello everyone, nice to be here around some Hartford people.