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  1. Well, the building adjacent to the GTA Property (warehouse looking, lots of plants & stuff) I believe is owned by the railroad but, was once a paper mill (low scale) of some sort. The only reason I say that is because my father (1 of the 3 partenrs of St.Francis Pet "Services") once rented the building for the Pet company. He did not buy the building for it has 1 or 2 underground fuel tanks (for the mill) that are not up to spec. So, chances are the the city will either buy or just re-po it from the RR.
  2. I drove the Southern Connector yesterday and I gotta say, I know it's not good that theres not traffic on it (because there was only 3 other cars @ circa 6:30 pm)but, it is the perfect road around here to "work - out" your automobile ...
  3. I was downtown this afternoon/evening and I witnessed the fountains running. It looked quite fab !
  4. This whole guessing game is pretty intense, even for me and I write some of the most "intertesting" development posts on the board. If you can't say (I know that position) hint, and hint alot.
  5. Remember when .......... (Hope they have a way to deal with this ) In this one you can see an ad for 55 Riverplace
  6. This kinda reminds me of Jillian's ...
  7. i really do wanna say but i really can't but, i will answer some questions : It has nothing to do with the airport and is completly unrelated to museums or courthouses. but once again i want to say more but i cannot say more
  8. Well, as far as the little health spas, there are 3 open/constructing within a mile of each other on my side of town. (Thornblade/Parkway Area) And theres that Urban Nirvana spa @ Greenridge. And time for a new announcement of a Greenville development ! (be prepared for more fun lingo b/c I CANNOT give details about anything other than what it mentioned below) Well actually it's a GSP project between two trial - lawyer utopias . Through a combonation of pork greenbacks and deity centered bread it is planned to construct a facility to economicly contrast the upstate rememberance center. I
  9. I took time the other day to drive by the old theater, and something is being done to it.I can't remember the company who's logo was all over the signs but it's there for anyone who wants to take a look. It also appears that they have gutted the inside (a few dumpsters full outside) and have started redoing the outside.
  10. Well I don't believe any sort of announcement will be made on THIS rumor but I could be wrong. I do know that a certain non-government funded hospital system that's namesake enjoys the company and caretaking of animals is in talks with multinational conglomarates to provide wellness services. ***Puts Thesaurus Away*** Sorry about the words, I was told not to talk about it ...
  11. Do you mean Haywood in your last post ? Cause if you do, I think that its already like that to a degree. Even worse when you consider the old United Artists Theater collecting dust over there.
  12. Yeah, I know that this picture is from a while ago but I have a question about it. Will the empty area in the middle be a drive through/lobby area for the hotel ? That would be tre cool (i love that phrase). Anyway, this picture shows more construction that what it currently looks like. It actually looks really dense and with all the buildings cutting out the views of Greenville around you, it feels like you could be in a large city anywhere.
  13. That nice clothing store you saw is Sworn Denim, a.k.a. the men's side of Augusta 20. Augusta 20 has been open 5 years, give or take. The mens side has been openi for less than a year and both sides specalize in high end clothing. As far as how good their doing, I have no idea, I did buy a few pair of jeans from them though.
  14. Ok sorry for the delay but, yes my neighbor is the owner/operator of The Gathering Spot. His name is also Mike so I'm about 100% sure that he's the guy behind the new restraunt. I was going to go talk to him today about it but, because of this "sultry,steamy,burning hot" first day of spring, I really didn't feel like talking to him outside being that my pale white skin could not take the powerful UV rays of the sun . But, next time I see him outside or w/e I'll ask about it.
  15. Ok, this is really going out on a limb, and this info could be a mix of mis-hearing (for lack of a better term) and wishful thinking so here goes. This was back in late November / early December. My Dad and I were setting up our Christmas lights when our new neighbors came outside. The husband/dad of the fam started talking with my Dad so I just kinda ignored them for a while. So, the new guy went back inside his house and my Dad started helping again. I asked him what out new neighbor is like, what do they do, etc. He informed me that he was a former restraunt owner from New Jersey and that
  16. Well, it's not in the area normally discussed on this board but, IMHO( ) Anita's in Simpsonville is my favorite Mexican eatery in the upstate. It just kinda sucks that it's all the way over there.
  17. Hey I love this website and have been an onlooker for sometime now so I thaught I'd put some photos in too (sry if it breaks any posting rules, it'll only happen once )Here are some Greenville pics and on that same site there are some pics from a snow we had a while ago.(There are some friend pics in there to FYI)
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