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  1. Being a contributor to Eastland Mall and living in that neighborhood, I feel that Charlotte doesn't really care about the poorer areas and is focusing more on building bigger houses and more skyscrapers. I don't mind skyscrapers, but places like Eastland are the only place for some people near Eastland to go. Eastland is still much alive, if only the stores would have the courage to stay and look past crime and demographics. Stores that don't make a profit there? Sure, leave! Just hopefully a new store will take it's place. My point is... low-income areas need places to hang out to, and if you close down Eastland we will just go to the next closest mall (Mint Hill). When we get there will they close that down too?
  2. StevenRocks, I completely agree. If they close down Eastland then they will go to the next closest mall. (Mint Hill) What's the point of building a mall that is only 8 miles away from another one?? All of the Eastland shoppers will come to Mint Hill and turn it into the new "Eastland" mall (same demographics, different mall)
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