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  1. I'd think the exhaust fumes from the cars would be bad enough. *hack*cough*
  2. That's pretty bad, too. But really, I think of Margaritaville, I think of something tropical. Tropical like, say, Miami Beach. And what does Miami Beach have ? Lots of stunning Art Deco/Art Moderne architecture. I mean, you know if I were in charge of approving plans, I'd want our downtown lined with Nouveau Second Empire buildings with some Nouveau Art Deco/Moderne sprinkled in for contrast. Take some inspiration from MB, have a giant neon-lit pink pelican on one side of the building and a green neon-lit palm tree on the other.
  3. ^That managed to go from mediocre late '60s design to just plain butt ugly.
  4. ^Should rue the day that went up, that helped to deliver the death blow to Hickory Hollow Mall and Antioch. As a lifelong resident, I can say without hesitation things were better in my neighborhood 30 years ago than they are today.
  5. That is more beautiful than about 90% of what's going up in Nashville these days. An excellent attempt at classical beauty. It looks like it could've gone up between 1920-1935.
  6. The ones on the left (south side of Union at 3rd) are still there, but 3 square blocks along the north (right) side from 1st to 4th below Deaderick were all demolished in the 1960s/early '70s (and then all the way up to Legislative Plaza shortly after for TPAC). The block between 3rd and 4th was where the First American would go up, but the 2 blocks to 1st were made into parking lots for the Courthouse (now the park). A dreadful loss of 19th and early 20th century buildings (and then the entirety of the buildings surrounding the courthouse were demolished by 1974).
  7. Nope, it's an argument against wasteful government spending. The one thing it has proven time and time again (be it federal, state or local) is how to get us trillions of dollars in debt, with little to nothing to show for it. To continue to pour money down a black hole and expect it will somehow be efficiently spent is ludicrous. If anyone in the private sector operated as the government did, they'd be out of business and in prison in short order.
  8. The two-story base is fine, but that... thing... sitting on top is like a turd in the punchbowl. If I were a neighbor, I wouldn't want to look at that either. Something classy should rise from the base.
  9. Yup, they do. Ain't that a motherfluffer ?
  10. No way in hades is a 1.8 mile tunnel through limestone gonna cost just $936 million. That alone is going to cost billions.
  11. Ordinarily, I'd give political examples, but I'll cite something that isn't and more relatable for everyone... Ebay, for example, recently decided to change your ability to view 200 items from a given category and instead made it just 48 or 50. So instead of having to scroll through one or two pages to see a day's worth of items ending, you've now got to go through 8 or more. And no way to change it back. Complaints fell on deaf ears. They also decided to change the feedback pages so that it's not only out of order of purchase, but you've got to go through every single item instead of having them neatly lined up in a row of 25 or more, meaning it takes 10 times as long to enter in feedback as it was before. There's more change for you. My personal favorite was Google changing the way you viewed and utilized maps early last year from a great, easy and convenient way from launch. Now it's worse than ever to navigate, plan and just take a "stroll." Some premier examples of change from "works just fine" to viscerally inconvenient, unneeded, unnecessary and lousy. To paraphrase a political slogan, "I'll keep my stuff, you keep the change."
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