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  1. ^How much do latex salesmen make these days, anyhow ?
  2. I understand there are methods used in order to extract supposed beneficial effects from it without resorting in a "high" (such as for those individuals who need it to increase their appetite while going through cancer treatments). That, obviously, would not be a problem supporting. Although I'm dubious about a blanket "medical purposes" excuse. A fella could have a hangnail in Colorado and ask Doc to write him up a script. Legit med excuse, yes, recreational: no. You confuse the concept of freedom with licentiousness, sir.
  3. Actually, holding those beliefs as I've had has been more than reinforced watching the cultural and moral decay in the years hence. Open-mindedness in praise and in defense of rot is no virtue.
  4. Ain't nothing classy about needlessly destroying an irreplaceable 170-year old house and then leaving an empty lot for several years. That was a big F U to Nashville.
  5. I stated my position on the subject, which I've held, btw, since before you were born. A little less anger, snark, smug superiority and snot might've yielded some augmented insight on this between us, but since you rolled out the old hackneyed talking points and shots (brainwashed by Fox News ? I don't watch Fox News, and again, I've held my same beliefs since before it was in existence), it's apparent that you're the one that doesn't want a productive conversation here.
  6. Somebody needs to hold up a "welcome" sign saying "You suck, Dick ! (For tearing down a beautiful antebellum house)".
  7. I don't believe we can have a productive conversation on this subject.
  8. The tower is a nice touch. Classy. More of this type of architecture, please !
  9. I know they almost came close to renaming Cincinnati as "Porkopolis" because of the meatpacking industry. Good thing they dodged that bullet. Imagine the tourist jingles... "Come to Ohio and get porked !"
  10. ^All those theaters we had on Church Street in Nashville and couldn't keep a one of them. Shameful.
  11. Shhh ! Don't say anything, maybe they'll keep going to 50 or 60.
  12. We're simply not going to agree. As for "intelligence", some of the smartest people I've ever run across are some of the dumbest (lacking in common sense). As for "science", that can be molded to suit the agenda of a given subject. Take the great man-made "climate change" hoax, for instance. That's more political and pseudo-religious nonsense than real science. Curiously when anyone dares (in the science realm) to poke holes in it, they are treated with the same deranged contempt as those who (wrongly) deny the Nazi-led Holocaust. If there's one thing that is entirely true, science is NEVER settled.
  13. I've heard every argument pro- and con- on the subject for years, but it has never changed my view. Alcohol can be used responsibly, and in some cases, can be beneficial. I do not drink, so I cannot claim personal benefits. As for legality or illegality, if people want something badly enough, they'll get it. So that argument can be made against anything. People will rob, so why have laws ? People will rape, ditto. People will kill, and again... I strongly believe in community standards. When you start to lower standards, as we've seen in this country especially over the past half century, you reap the consequences of such. If you legalize (and hence legitimize) marijuana, where is it to stop ? It's the same argument with gay marriage. How can you forbid other types of marriage (pluralistic marriage, marriage to inanimate objects, animals, so forth). Once you've removed a barrier, you don't have much of an argument for keeping others. If you're going to snort cocaine or shoot up heroin, who are you to get in the way ? I'm sure there are plenty of "smart" people that do it. I've already personally seen the consequences of moving from one to the next with horrific and deadly consequences with a former friend and schoolmate of mine. There's also the issue of potency, too. The dope that's around today is far stronger than the stinkweed the cool kids in the '70s used to get high on. Kids get into that crap today and it can have serious medical and psychological consequences. Dr. Phil, no right-winger he, has addressed this with greater frequency. Frankly, I don't see this as a political issue, as many on both sides oppose this. Although I'm a libertarian to a degree, this is where I part company with many of them, as they're often militant pro-dopers (with an eye towards legalizing all harder drugs once that barrier is crossed). I think the social costs for the long term are a reason why going down this path is wrong headed. We're already seeing this happen in Colorado (in places like Durango with the potheads on the streets. I was there in the '90s, that wasn't happening then). No, just too many reasons why this is the wrong way to go. To argue another point, do I think someone should be incarcerated for a long stint over this stuff (excluding dealing, which I support long sentences for) ? Generally, no. But it also depends if they make a chronic habit out of doing so. I'd generally prefer to treat it as a public health issue. Get the person into rehab for their addictions, be it alcohol or narcotics. Only if rehab fails for the person should jail be a viable option.
  14. Their usage of it for "recreational" reasons tends to discount any claims of higher level intelligence.
  15. To give this cockamamie notion a big thumbs down. We need to be discouraging stupid and destructive behavior, not encouraging and proliferating it. You'd think the last 50 years in this country is proof positive that it's time to raise our standards.
  16. And ? Are we seriously going to have another pointless drug legalization thread on the internet ?
  17. ^Yes, let's legalize dope. After all, this country needs one more thing to make it that much stupider.
  18. ^That looks so awkward set back from the road, unless they're expecting the street to be widened ?
  19. You'll be getting my bill from the chiropractor. I can't straighten my neck up.
  20. Bad ? Gee whiz, I'd say it's about as strong as a garden snail death cage match.
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