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  1. It was pretty short-sighted. Their best hope now for a hot riverfront development is that they can run off Columbia Farms and redevelop Capitol Square shopping center... that whole area is so badly blighted, but it has ridiculous potential. And then there's the pit across from State St. -- what was once going to be "Rivertown." All that will be a decade down the road at this point.
  2. As far as I know, Taste of the South still plans on being the anchor tenant.
  3. Hi gang, Heads-up about a modern home project going down behind Columbia College at 1509 Cleveland St in North Columbia/Eau Claire. It's a collaboration between Celtic Works builders and the architects of Studio 2LR (full disclosure: all friends of mine): New Modern Home - 1509 Cleveland If you're into modern home design -- the kind of stuff that might be found in Dwell magazine -- but with an affordable twist, this might be your thing. Personally, I really dig it. It's also on Facebook.
  4. It is a beotchization of so many styles.
  5. Don't know when it's closing, but I hear it's imminent. First of the chain in Columbia, I believe. And one of the first locations -- if not *the* first -- in SC. Don't know the history, but it has to be close.
  6. I just wanted to mention here, for the sake of being complete, that the Chick-Fil-A closure is a huge, huge loss for Dutch Square. The Hallmark store is going/gone as well. Another thing worthy of note: Steve & Barry's obviously isn't coming -- as mentioned a few posts above. The chain is kaput.
  7. twelve14 is down to finishing exterior touches and interior work. I think it looks awesome. Primary tentant, TD Ameritrade, has a "coming soon" banner in the window. Upstairs will be a "clubhouse" for the group of doctors who own the project -- also available for event rental, I think. Rear building will be a spa. Eco, I believe it's called. Lofts building is STILL slowly making progress. Does not appear that anything is imminent.
  8. And even more to come I hear! The restaurant biz is going strong in the Vista. I don't like the idea of a 2-story building there. Birch should hold off on building all together.
  9. The Doc's Gumbo Grille location. The block to the right of Gervais at Assembly (coming from the Vista).
  10. Just saw a rumor on Twitter that Tako Sushi (a sushi and burrito joint in one -- there's one in Aiken) may move into the Doc's Gumbo Grille building on Assembly. Anyone tried it? Sounds novel.
  11. I was talking about this development today with someone in the know. I don't think they have a tenant yet, but the project is supposed to start in the next couple of months.
  12. Here's the Loopnet listing for the Columbia Supply w/ rendering: http://www.loopnet.com/lid/16380036 In other news, 912 Gervais, the building next to Cloud Nine (I think), is being retrofitted with three restaurant spaces w/ a patio in the rear. http://www.loopnet.com/lid/16450921 Price per sq ft. is ridiculous on that one if you ask me!
  13. Yeah... I have to say this, sorry... I think the sort of faux-Italian Revival design of the Walgreen's building with the lame roof turrets looks like crap. It'd be fine on Harbison or in the Northeast, but this isn't a Five Points-worthy design.
  14. This is a callback to a discussion we were having in the Main Street thread about what's generally considered "downtown." My question: Do you guys consider State St. and urbanized areas on the West Columbia side "downtown"?
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