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  1. Has anyone been to Graffiti Junction yet? Any reviews! Inquiring minds want to know...
  2. ... or if something part of a chain, a Gordon Biersch or BJ's if anything. Would be awesome to have a local brasserie with comparable beers and menu to Gordon Biersch though. Mmm... Gordon Biersch's Hefeweizens.
  3. When you're traveling along with a train or car, the closest objects appear to move. The further away, the less motion that's perceived. Plus it would just make it more dynamic IMO. I guess being on the outside of the train it wouldn't make sense, it's just too cluttered and static. Just a slight blur!
  4. Seriously, how many of you all are graphic designers? I think it's fine. My critique is that I have to agree the palm and grass make it too cluttered and busy. The train itself was designed with a suggested motion blur, yet the palm and grass are perfectly still. Lose them. The sun looks fine as do the lights. It looks to me like the sun is setting so the light should be on, something Orlando drivers who need to turn their headlights on automatically seem to neglect. Meh, it's fine.
  5. That goes both ways. Bias, whether liberal or conservative are hurting "sources" for news and events.
  6. Mmm... I'm on it! I have yet to be disappointed by this place. Their credit card machine is up and running now too!
  7. I'm not sure, but it wasn't a restaurant before this... check it out though! As for Redlight, Redlight, they opened Election Night. It was great to celebrate a win and defeat with great beer! I think Big Daddy's does have more on tap, but Redlight, Redlight has more specialities and rarities.
  8. Actually, if I remember correctly, the addition to the mall was supposed to go from the Orangerie Food Court to the outside area where parking is now. The plan was to build an entertainment and dining complex similar to its sister mall, The International Mall in Tampa. I think Orlando is oversaturated with entertainment complexes as it currently stands, so hope this isn't in the works. The mall I'd like to see fixed up by a major anchor is the Fashion Square Mall. This mall is in serious need of an overhaul to lure new shoppers. The location, in my opinion, is great. I just think it's the offerings that set it back. If a multi-floor Super Target were affixed to the mall, it may help with traffic.
  9. Last night I tried dinner at the new Mexican & Puerto Rican restaurant, El Coqui Mexicano, and it was like being welcomed into the owners/employee's home! They are beyond friendly, the prices are more than reasonable, and the food... simply excellent and authentic. I cannot wait to go back! The only downside is they don't have their credit card machine up and running as of yet. Even more fun it the alcohol is BYOB. They encourage it, I would even invite them to join you. I cannot emphasize how warm and welcoming this place is. Finally, some great Mexican (and Puerto Rican) cuisine near downtown. Oh! It's on the corner of Washington and Bumby, behind the new used Bookstore, The Book Worm.
  10. It was said on NPR in an interview that there are 2 additional night-launches planned before the end of the shuttle program. Was this incorrect?
  11. Hey Surina, I totally thought of you the other night. You may already know this, but there is a Ce' Fiore opening in Thornton Park next to Starbucks!!! There's another FroYo place next to where Ciento is going in 101 Eola.
  12. They are right there on the corner, I believe where the Ethnic/African artist's Studio was. They're right inside, and this month's Third Thursday is their grand opening. Late night coffee and such is exactly what I got to keep me going through the night on Friday--- two Cafe' Cubanos at $1 each! I cannot wait to get my mouth around a guava and cheese empanada. Mmm... The owners are different than before, so let's wish them luck!
  13. Just an update--- ROHO Cuban Coffee Co. reopened today at the City Arts Factory. I've not yet been, so cannot report whether or not it's the same awesomeness as before. Their website does say, however, that all drinks now through Thursday are $1! Let's go, I've been missing ROHO since they closed last year.
  14. It's hard to tell from the new rendering whether or not they are keeping the style of glass from the main section, seen in the original rendering, transparent with designs made by colored glass panels. That was a nice element at least to complement the new awesome spire.
  15. Yeah, that's the Burbank... I'd compare say Park Ave. is a fair comparison, on weekends at least. Downtown Burbank mind you... not the entirety of Burbank/LA. I got the Green Tea yogurt, did you get the plain? Ugh... back to fasting.
  16. I actually liked Gurtzberry... as much as CeFiore. What Gurtzberry has that CeFiore doesn't is pomegranate seed topping. Sooooo good. What CeFiore Orlando is missing is Red Bean topping of which I told Gurtzberry about. Both have fantastic customer service to note. Having a CeFiore on Park Ave may not hurt Gurtzberry. Downtown Burbank has at least three FroYo stores all of which are busy.
  17. Awesome, thanks for doing the legwork to find this place... Hmm. Never been to Eatonville.
  18. OK, seriously--- somehow we're running in the same circles. Don't tell me you've also recently tried Graze's Chocolate Ganache cake? Hahaha... Also, Pom's crepes are awesome after hitting up the bars on a Friday or Saturday night.
  19. Good to know! I respect your advice. I'd been eyeing Mama Nem's but either I leave the office too late or no one else will go there for lunch. Speaking of soul food, anyone know of a good soul food restaurant in Eatonville? There was a portion of the story in National Geographic's REAL Orlando article a year or so ago that mentioned a soul food cafe there. I mean, c'mon... if Nat Geo went there it has to be good!
  20. In respect to Orlando and projects in Miami, I can definitely see that 1111 Lincoln Road project with its cypress garden fit into downtown very well. Now that the DPAC is good to go more-or-less... When the market rebounds, does anyone foresee the "Theatre District" development coming to fruition? That project, in my mind holds much potential.
  21. No need to apologize! I'll have to check out their chicken and waffles definitely! I still have yet to try Johnson's Diner on Church St. As for B3's, they are near Baldwin Park on Corrine... It's on the opposite side of Corrine from a bar called Big Daddy's, in a strip. You'll be able to spot their name on the awning. Have fun there! This is the last month for their awesome, refreshing sangria unless patrons demand its return. On the subject of food, Pom Pom's Teahouse and Sandwicheria is trying out a 24-hour opening this weekend. I couldn't ask for better after bar food!
  22. Hmm... Good point. I am not sure... but even if it's a little more, the quality is worth it! Then you can go to Big Daddy's and try one of 33 beers on tap--- just don't lead on any ladies you meet there if your intentions aren't to be "taken to the airport".
  23. It's not that far from me actually, but I guess if you live far I can see why you'd make a trek to B3's! It's also a great spot for breakfast before going to The Audubon Park Farmer's Market and wine afterwards... then going to Park Ave CDs. Saturdays rock!
  24. Thanks for the advice, guys! Il Pescatore--- you won my agreement with the hot dog bun comment! Hahaha. I've been eyeing Proccolino's, so I will definitely check it out. I've been meaning to post how great Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux really is. It's on Corrine Drive in the strip across from Big Daddy's and it's terrific. Great nosh, excellent rotating wine offerings, great red and white Sangria (better than Ceviche's, actually... That's right Tennis, you need to try it), and their espresso comes freshly roasted out of Atlanta and it's AMAZING. The service is just as great. Jen, co-owner I believe, remembered my name a month after my first and only visit at the time. I don't remember reading anyone's review on them but I highly recommend them... tomorrow (Saturday the 6th) is a art show.
  25. Mmm... Chicken & Waffles. You speak my language, Surina! How much was their chicken and waffles though? They shouldn't cost terribly much. If you're ever in Buena Park, California you need to check out Knott's Berry Farm's Sunday Brunch buffet with chicken and waffles and... a bottle of (cheap) champagne for only $17! Mmm... nothing beats Knott's fried chicken to date! Has anyone ever eaten at 'Il Pescatore', the Italian restaurant near the corner of Primrose and Colonial? I always see it and wonder if it's any good.
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