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  1. No Green Bar anymore....Wesminster Public House
  2. I would hope they would add some more cars to the trains then. In the morning, the Providence and So Attleboro stops basically fill up the train.
  3. These 8 round trips...are these roundtrips to Boston and back to Wickford? Or just from Wickford to Providence? Is this in addition to the current schedule? Right now the T has 15 roundtrips to Boston from Providence during the week, 9 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday...
  4. well, SmartDraw has a free trial if SketchUp is sucking for you... www.smartdraw.com
  5. I use AT&T for my BlackBerry. Service in Providence all the way up to Boston and down to Newport has so far worked flawlessly for me for both voice and data.
  6. Thats what I thought, thanks for clearing that up. I see him around Broadway all the time, it did not just seem to be his style to hang out here and then skulk away to Cranston.
  7. I would think the lack of spelling it out for people indicates a reserve of judgement on Mothra's part. Which is of course their perogative. Are you talking about John Lombardi? He lives in Providence in Federal Hill. Makes sense of course.
  8. On this board, impatience seems to be a virtue. Nothing is completed on time. Its like the friend that almost everyone has that says they will arrive at a certain time and you immediately add half an hour. Whenever a project is announced, I add 3-6 months to a year at least depending on what it is. So far that has worked... Unless there are serious financial consequences if not completed on time, i.e. the Westin.
  9. I am actually going through this now. I need a license renewal and my wife needs a new registration. The DMV express is the only one that fits our schedule, but they dont do registrations as you pointed out. So now we either have to take seperate trips or just go at 830 tmw and hope we get taken care of quickly (probably have to camp out at 8am). The paper thing is absolutely annoying. I laughed when I first got it. All it takes is a special printer, it would save so much time for people.
  10. It does if you drink only 25% of the drink.
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