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  1. Do you REALLY think you are smarter than EVERY airline currently in operation? Do you think that you have the answer to their success that they simply have not been able to find? Probably not.
  2. Yes....Delta could pick-up from Atlanta and move ALL operations to Orlando, and the system would still work.....except that Orlando is about 400 miles in the wrong direction for the majority of Delta's flights...which simply means that for 90%+ of the fligths to/from the hub, Delta would need 800 more miles of fuel.....and fuel is not free. Furthermore....it would add about 1 hours on to all flights....each way....which would not be enjoyed by the travelers. Again.....Orlando is not a good choice for a hub.
  3. thank god.....I hate waiting.
  4. that would not really fit into the feel of Orlando
  5. speck76

    The Plaza

    It would be nice to see the PAC-Plaza-New Arena corridor turned into something like Chinatown in DC (minus the Chinese part) where Verizon Center is located
  6. http://www.musiccenter.org/wdch/campaign.html both....
  7. Although the Premier Trade Plaza looks nice, it has yet to prove itself as a positive, successful addition to Downtown Orlando.....since nothing it open yet.
  8. When Orange county voters had the opportunity to fund an arena through sales tax, they chose not to. Since everything is now being funded by tourists, those same voters seem a bit anxious to get the construction started. I for one gauge the public opinion as follows - I want a new arena, PAC, and renovated citrus bowl - I don't want to have any personal financial liabilty for the construction of the above items So....when the economy fails, and the tourist tax fails to meet the needed amounts due to less travel, who covers the shortfall?....the locals have already stated that they do not want to.
  9. for being the number 1 tourism destination in (at least) the US......most of what "we" do seems very amateur.....
  10. It will be interesting to see what direction the CVB takes with the new leadership.....it could only get better.
  11. 2008 is the date for the SW project......it is coming along well....SW is really trying, between the 3 parks, to become its own destination..... W&W is owned by Universal, although the land is leased....it always made sense (to me) to move the park to on-property land and stop paying for the current land.....
  12. they could not get financed.... not surprising....their management is very amateur....
  13. yes and I know....that is why it is funny
  14. just lose the gut and get a tan first....and you will be fine (or, you can just go dressed as a britsh tourist)
  15. If you have not been down by SeaWorld recently, the structures for the new slides at the waterpark are starting to go vertical.
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