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  1. slnash


    Tallahassee Mall has finally put shops in those empty storefronts . . . ? It was looking like a ghost town for a quite a while.
  2. slnash


    Mm. It would be nice if the malls were larger - although I have to admit that's the one reason why I love Governors. It is small - quaint - but I can still find clothes to buy when I want. I admit it doesn't have upscale stores like no other, but then again, a Gucci (or however it's spelt) would probably go out of business pretty fast in Tally. We are, lets face it, mostly a college town and although most of those people on campus will go in debt just to look nice - money dries up pretty fast. I do love how those other buildings from Feldman Properties look though. . . Very stylish and chic. That IS something Tallahassee needs more of. (and yes, I know that I'm double posting.)
  3. slnash


    I shall be looking for that red mongoose bike. I'll be the red honda civic behind you driving slow and far enough back to annoy you and have you believe I'm a stalker. Don't worry though - I won't run you over.
  4. I have grown up around Tallahassee my entire life and have never noticed so many buildings. I think it's time for me to start pulling my camera out as well.
  5. Doesn't Leon County (or the City of Tallahassee) have a required amount of "greenage" that you have to leave when constructing a new building? I thought I heard/read that somewhere once, but I'm not completely positive. I certainly love it that we have trees and grass everywhere. I, frankly, would be depressed if it were to all be concrete and brick. Growing up in Wakulla has me quite fond of trees.
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