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  1. Newnan

    Atlanta Off-Topic

    try some places in college park.
  2. Newnan

    Statesboro Development News

    uh oh, watch comes the next Atlanta!
  3. Newnan

    Atlanta Photo of the Day

  4. Newnan


    we could do that with Atlanta is we added Sandy Springs, more areas of DeKalb, south Cobb, and parts of south Fulton. But what would that really accomplish? A higher population but much less urbanity
  5. Newnan

    Atlanta Photo of the Day

    tre chic
  6. Newnan

    Birmingham Retail Development

    what would you say is the most upscale mall in Birmingham; also- what is an emerging upscale area in metro Birmingham
  7. Newnan

    Atlanta Photo of the Day

    I love the skyline going north on I-85. The skyline just hits you, like the emerald city. When you go south into the city, you see a little bit of the skyline at a time- that has its advantages though
  8. Newnan


    Dunwoody has an Atlanta address too. I doubt people there are considered citizens of Atlanta
  9. Newnan


  10. What's with the animosity towards Charlotte? Just wondering
  11. What do you think the larger city skylines like Atlanta's will look like
  12. Newnan

    Atlanta's Regional Rail and Transit Systems.

    Give me a break. I mean, I get annoyed with those SUV wielding suburban soccer moms and strip malls just as much as you but to call all of us selfish is going way too far. And you think you're any better? You moved to Atlanta for yourself as well. And you don't think you're causing problems in the inner city? Consider the fact that because you're willing to buy a house or a condo or whatever in Atlanta you're pushing lower income familes out. Ever thought of that? Next time you call all of us OTPers selfish because we choose to live in Suburbia, just rememer that your choice to move to the city was based on your wants too.
  13. Newnan

    Atlanta Photo of the Day

    great pics. I was very pleased with the turnout this year and I believe Newnan is very lucky to have such a beautiful, historic, and vibrant town square. I was down there Saturday Night and you wouldn't believe the amount of people walking around and enjoying the town. It made me VERY happy. If we play our cards right, we could be the Next Decatur.