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  1. Frontier is coming to GR! http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/kent_county/Frontier-Airlines-coming-to-GR-airport Great news, I fly Frontier from MDW 4-6 times a year.
  2. Some shots from tonites RAIL JAM: http://nicenines.com/2009/02/28/grand-rapi...ki-competition/
  3. Thick buttery crust rolled up the edges of a DEEP pan. Crust, then LOTS of cheese, then chunky crushed tomato sauce on top. Sprinkled with parmesan. Carmelized cheese at the upper edge of the crust = bonus. If it is going to have fillings, it should be an obscene amount of chicago style italian sausage below the cheese layer. Pizzeria Uno Chains = Not quite deep dish, it's cooked on a rack Old Chicago = Pan pizza (Not the same) Some places serve "Chicago Deep Dish" around here but it has another layer of crust ontop of the cheese, so it is "stuffed". This is how Giordano's in Chicago makes their pie as well so it could maybe be called traditional chicago style, but it isnt deep dish, it is stuffed. Chicago Deep Dish and Dogs made a RAGIN good pie until they closed it could hold it's own against chicago anyday... The wiki explains it all, has a picture of Geno's East Deep Dish pie (My personal fav!): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago-style_pizza
  4. It was sunny on Monday.. The girlfriend and I walked around, and I practiced my panning skills. Check out the little video I made. Mostly from along the river: http://mattjohnstonrally.com/matt/wkflwtest/GrSpringDay.mov
  5. Don't hide rumours, that makes for a boring internets.
  6. I LOVE the Monarch Club. Beers are good, bartenders are good, everything is good. Ehhh, the food menu is not large, 6 sandwiches, and a couple snacks I think. But other than that, it is my favorite right now.
  7. Been to Bite a few times, kinda weird. Any idea what the Tavern is gonna be like?
  8. Really? I shoulda gone there last week when I wanted too! Total bummer. But I was completely expecting that to happen. (suprised they lasted this long really)
  9. UNO's in downtown chicago (and due, the sister restaurant) are COMPLETELY different than Uno's Chicago Grill (The chain restaurant). The chain pizza comes on a rack, is thinner and is not true deep dish. (because of the rack). The put the pizza on the rack and then insidethe deep pan to make it look more traditional, it is not. Uno chain restaurants are a total scam. For Grand Rapids people, Chicago Deep Dish and Dogs is by far the best true deep dish pizza. While in Chicago, eat at Uno and do a comparison, so different.
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