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  1. any news about which cary company is filing for an ipo???!?!?!?! no way it will be sas.
  2. jaxpalmer

    Cary Towne Center

    cary towne center will NEVER , i repeat NEVER become a 2 story mall.
  3. jaxpalmer

    Economic Development in South Carolina

    sorry guys, didn't mean to derail the thread there. back on topic: does anyone have any info. on the incentives that were offered for google to locate that data center to goose creek? i'd like to compare them to the extremely over the top incentives nc gave google for the data center there.
  4. i visited the novozymes campus a few weeks ago, the work going on there is beyond cutting edge, truely inspiring stuff :-)
  5. jaxpalmer

    Cary Towne Center

    i grew up down the street from cary towne center, back in the day it was def. the spot, not sure about now tho...
  6. jaxpalmer

    Crabtree Valley Mall

    neiman marcus isn't going to come to crabtree valley, despite the fact that crabtree could probably support one, you can see they are testing the nc market with the one they opened up in charlotte. HOWEVER, i think a bloomingdales at crabtree would work really well, crabtree needs that one department store to make that upscale statement, and saks messed things up by locating to triangle towne center, so the bloomingdales corp. have a great opportunity to come to crabtree and become the premeir department store of the triangle. tell me that couldn't work, i'd love to see it happen
  7. another big aspect, perhaps the biggest aspect of the triangle vs. silicon valley discussion is the culture of the two areas, the attributes of both areas are one of a kind, but what sillicon valley has that has made it what it is, is a unique culture that breeds those ultra creative bay area types, which in turn translates into ideas, and those ideas turn into companies. Maybe its the california herb that makes this happen , but the whole bay area is like an incubator for this kind of thing. Its kinda hard for me to put into words, its something you just have to see first hand.
  8. jaxpalmer

    Triangle in the national media

    good news for rdu, i LOVE seeing the triangle being consistantly ranked as a great place for everything!
  9. the triangle is ideal for these type of companies, nowhere else in the south can touch the triangle in the research, technology, education fields.
  10. ^ ahh, did not know that, moderators, feel free to merge this topic if need be.
  11. well, it said its going to take 5 years to build, so in addition to all the stuff the triangle will get in 5 years this will look pretty nice if the triangle gets it.
  12. http://www.newsobserver.com/104/story/416026.html nothing is final as of yet, but if the triangle lands this, then
  13. jaxpalmer

    Sparkle City Eateries

    yea, jersey mikes would be great. i could see one being built in the westgate area. their buffalo chicken sub is to die for.
  14. jaxpalmer

    Sparkle City Eateries

    i miss papa sam's, i also enjoyed quiznos subs and broncos alot also. I miss a good sub, have yet to find a sub place down here. must be an american thing. .
  15. jaxpalmer

    Downtown Raleigh's Future

    my thoughts EXACTLY!