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  1. warning: don 't read this if you are about to eat or drink something, lol In the old days, these types of facilities were devoted to more than just hemorrhoids and colon cancer. It was believed that proper irrigation, regular rectal "cleansing out" and expurgation, as well as minute analysis of the various characteristics of the excretions over a period of time could provide valuable clues to a much larger variety of health and psychological benefits, and might cure a very large variety and repertory of diseases. Often these types of institutions also provided inhouse dietary supervision over a period of days and weeks to supposedly correct whatever deficiencies were uncovered during analysis, diagnosis, and treatment. Time spent in such "cleansing" circumstances was often promoted and interpreted as a bit of a "holiday", retreat, or vacation... Sorry to be a bit graphic here, lol Even as recently as a decade ago, the prominence of the Ferguson Center facilities which used to be located just accross from today's Urban Institute (the former Ferguson doctors are now merged with Spectrum on East Paris), bespeaks some of this strange rectal heritage, as they were sort of THE "rectal" and later THE colonoscopy destination for the entire Western part of the state. They even had their own brand of hemorrhoid creme, the "Ferguson" brand, which I understand had quite a local following...
  2. Manners rant coming, so be warned and forgive me... I get a little annoyed when quotes include photographs in forum sites I visit--it takes up a lot of screen space, scrolling energy, and I suspect bandwith which someone needs to pay for unnecessarily... We really don't need so many duplicate photographs--the original is there for everyone to see... I suspect that in this particular forum, a lot of that comes from people pressing the wrong reply button. I notice that if you press the reply button at the bottom of the last post, it automatically includes a quote, and so we get long strings of posts with the same photograph published ad infinitum... If in replying you press the ADD REPLY button at the end of the thread, this does not happen. Its also possible to easily edit out a duplicate photo from any quote as a basic courtesy to others... Just my two cent's worth in the hope of easier reading and scrolling....
  3. This is the Eastown Mexican I think I was looking for the other day, but couln't find it-- Could you please provide address?
  4. lol, I've had it for years, and finally found the cure about ten years ago--it works infallibly for me, and its completely drug free! I have a good radio bedside that has a preset button tuned to WGVU AM (1480), which broadcasts the BBC from midnight to 5am... (and various other good talk features in the early evening also) i have an earphone plugged into the radio... when I lie awake, I simply place my small mono earphone in one ear (so as not to disturb the spouse), turn on the timer to the radio to turn off after one hour... while I'm listening, its always intresting, and I always seem to fall asleep between the 20-minute and 50-minute interval, and the earphone sort of falls out by itself... sometimes I actually use it to fall asleep at 11pm as well, lol.... try it, it might just work for you as well...
  5. We tried that one about a month ago--it had a great reputation and we finally had the night to try it out, but when we got there the doors had been closed, with a note pasted on to a friend saying they had to go back to Mexico suddenly? I hoped everything was ok, but don't know if they ever re-opened? We ended up at Vitali's that night, lol tonite IS downtown: Bite and Little Shop of Horrors with friends, yeah
  6. Quick question.. We're looking to go Mexican and a movie at Celebration tonite--I know the new Mexican place just south of the Knapp Corner Meijer is now open, but I heard there was a new Mexican place opening in Eastown somewhere also? Anyone know if its there yet?
  7. surprised you haven't listed the following nickname: The Big Peach lived there in late seventies and early eighties, and we used it a lot..
  8. offtopic, but a milestone event tonite bob dylan 1961-66 as documented and interpreted by martin scorsese (with access to dylan's own personal film collection) joint PBS/BBC production tonite at nine on WGVU (i believe it will be a two-parter though)
  9. mpchicago, would you be so kind as to provide the link where this type of info is available? i love this kind of historical/architectural info on buildings... all of us insatiable internet bookmark gatherers would appreciate it....
  10. I'm quite optimistic about the new museum design, and the renderings I have seen... The influential mentor for this school of design, Ando, has impeccable credentials, and I understand his innovative methods of casting the concrete have more of a sheen and are thinner than the normal style of bulky concrete construction, and so seem lighter and allow spaces of various sizes easily... The intent is to vary the size of the spaces, create only subtle changes of color and texture (on the rendition you see variations of white, grey and blue, I believe), and allow in lots of natural light from the various openings created by this delicate style of construction... The reason the artistic community likes this type of approach is that in the interior, such architectural thinking gets out of the way of the individual works of art easily, and the generousness of the natural lighting enhances the displays... On the exterior, it is meant to blend in with an urbanscape, and remember there are buildings of every conceivable architectural style around it, including some whose surface will reflect the museum and the greenery in the park... The philosphy is not unlike that of one of our old favorites, Frank Lloyd Wright, except more urbanized with a pronounced Japanese flavor, lol
  11. Ate brunch there last Sunday noon--menu choice of about 12 items, about half breakfast fare, about half lunch sandwiches--great choice of brunches. The place was only half full, and the waitresses were only going about half-speed and not too attentive, but hey, noone had an appointment to rush anywhere on Sunday. Firehouse Grill next door was closed, but hear rumors they will also open on Sundays after construction
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