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  1. Those are some amazing concepts. I don't think y'all realize the magnitude of this project. It's engineering and structural architecture is completely original. It will put Louisville on the international map. It is incredible and will draw many tourists. Everyone's eyes are on Museum Plaza right now.
  2. Are underground parking garages out of the question for Norfolk City?
  3. But there is sooo much approved for construction.
  4. I'm not sure who can move the Tyson's Pix to the Tyson's thread but can either Vdogg or Urbanvb, I tink, move em? Thanx!
  5. More of Tysons, I think we should have a thread for only Tysons Corner! This is an interesting approach! I'm diggint the columns! Check this urban landscape out! Pedestrian friendly is an understatement! This should be in the running for VA's best! Going, going!
  6. Ritz Carleton! Sheraton Tyson's Skyline!
  7. Here is a very sophisticated design in Tysons, the Gannett Complex!
  8. The following are pix of the Galleria skyline district of Tysons Corner!
  9. Another inovative design to appreciate! I have always been intrigued by this tower. Another inovative design!
  10. Here's the Courtyard! Here's the CApital One beauty, as complete as can be! NOw that was a fast start to finish, wasn't it?
  11. This was the Capital One Tower going up. I guess it's up already. I wonder if it's occupied. Hey, we missed this whole construction, didn't we?
  12. Here's a pic of Downtown Tysons Corner, though I think it is slightly out-dated. This is my favorite tower in the Tysons area. Here's one of the ultra-modern towers in Tysons!
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