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  1. People need to loose the "its just a train station for the airport" mentality... its WAY more than that... AND they need to remember they are getting the station practically free because of all of the federal funds. Rhode Island is getting this extrremely unique facility for pennies on the dollar. 1) consolidated rental car facility - currently all rental cars are scattered up and down post road occupying various parcels of realestate and shuttling customers to and from the terminal all day long. 2) commuter rail for warwick - enough said, convenience for the city and residents Lets assume amtrak decided to throw in a few traisn per day arriving/departing to the south; now add in shuttle busses from Foxwoods/ Worcester/ Cape Cod Now you have multi-modal connectivity all hubbed in Warwick Sample potential itineraries: NY resident takes Amtrak to Warwick, rents a car and drives to the cape New London, Ct resident takes Amtrak to Providence and flies to Las Vegas Attelboro couple takes thw train to the airport, then takes a shuttle bus to Foxwoods Martha's Vineyard business man flies Cape Air to PVD, then takes the train to a meeting in Stamford, CT, or Sharon, MA
  2. BDL-AMS will likely not be coming back... HOWEVER... BDL-CDG (Paris) may be on the horizon. Delta recently announced RDU and PIT to CDG 5x weekly on a 757 ( same type as BDL-AMS was) BDL-AMS absolutely tanked in the winter time, and DL has much better brand recognition and frequent flieers at BDL than NW In my oppinion 5x weekly May-Oct BDL-CDG is the most sustainable idea for transatlantic flying from BDL, and let it from from there into year round service over time In another note, BDL traffic was down 15% in October, possibly the largest monthly drop for BDL in a decade or longer.
  3. Its very hard to quantify the result of those projects, however, you can see what its like now without it. Longer Runway + Intermodal = 1) opportunity for longer flights 2) more acessible for busuiness & better environment for new business 3) more options and transportation choices = increased opportuty for commerce 4) more commerce and better business environment = more jobs 5) more jobs = more residents = more development This wont happen overnight, but i thik 5-10 years are they are built there is be a noticeable impact.
  4. 1x BWI (down to 7) 1x MDW (down to 2) 1x MCO (down to 3) to be exact Some of these may be "seasonal" changes, which is a new thing for WN. PVD seesmto gain a 6th MCO during peak times and they take it away during the sloer months (Sept-oct and Jan-Feb), so the 4th MCO for BDL may do the same thign and come back in March. MDW might be the same thing, Chicago isnt high on peoples places to go in January/February. BWI, dont know, might remain at 7. On another note, the BDL- Los Angeles, Denver and Houston flights are all done as of today, Milwaukee/Midwest Airlines ends on monday.
  5. Delta had way more connections available from LAX than B6 does at LGB. Theres only 4-5 cities available from LGB to connect to on B6, and all of those routings are less direct than they would be on other carriers. LGB is also far less convenient for downtown and the Burbank/Hollywood business area. Dont forget, DL also has the largest share of frequent fliers at BDL, and B6 currently has zero. The only other carrier who could maybe make LAX work would be UA with a 319.
  6. I agree on jet blue somewhat... Certainly no DEN though, F9 couldnt make money and had horrible loads outside of the summer months and they have a hub in DEN, Jet Blue has nothing. Same with the west coast, DL has alot of FFs on both ends, and UA has a hub on the other end for SFO. If they cant make it work, B6 wont be able to. BDL-Florida is weak and underserved right now as Delta strangles the market. They provide just enoguh service to keep the likes of Air Tran and Jet Blue out. My guess is Delta is more concerned with keeping air tran out rather than jet blue out. Delta would fight tooth and nail to defend ATL, and im not sure thats a battle air tran can afford to fight right now. I think Delta would be willing to hand over some or all of Florida to Jet Blue if they started. Overall regardless of airlines I would place BDL's current market environment Florida service at: MCO 6x ( 5 currently) FLL 3x (1 1/2 currently) TPA 3-4x (3 1/2 currently) RSW 1x (1x seasonal currently) PBI 1x MIA 1x But lets work on keeping what's there before we talk about adding new service! But that said air tran or jet blue both have potential in the 0-5 year timeframe.
  7. The MD88 is not as bad plane, esp Delta's, American's are a little older. Ive flown on just about every aircraft type, and they are roughlt all the same. Just be thankful it wasnt a small regional jet down to Atlanta. As for getting more good flights back, good luck with that. I think the bleeding will stop soon if it hasnt already. The only other routes at risk for BDL i hink are NW's IND and maybe AA's STL, though that flight did survive a harsh STL cutback. As for new opportunities, I do think FL (AirTran) and Jet Blue) will be at BDL within 5 years, though i think either of those would likely result in Delta ending their Florida Service (still a net gain though)
  8. Midwest Airlines Which operates 50 seat RJs 2-3x per day from BDL- MKE (Milwaukee) will be discontinuing BDL eff 9/8. This was likely inevitable as the whole airline will probably cease to exist within a year anyways. But MKE can be added to a growing list of lost nonstop destinations so far this year (CMH LAX IAH DEN AMS and BUF). I did notice that DL added a 7th MD88 on BDL-ATL, i dont think it will be permanent by any means, but it may slow the bleeding a little bit in the fall.
  9. BDL-AMS axed as of 10/1/08 http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080626/20080626006201.html?.v=1 Other routes were cut to seasonal, I would think if that was their intention then they would have said that for BDL-AMS, but instead they are saying cancelled.
  10. My guess is that now that waterplace is filling up, the citizens lot, union station lot and the triangle parcel will be much mroe attractive to development as they are the last vacant lots remaining. Considering in the past 3 years we went from nothing to, Westin II, G Tech and 3x at Waterplace, I dont see those last remaining parcels sitting vacant for TOO long. Im hoping at least one of those remaining parcels will have something over 20 stories, my guess is it wont be the union station lot. Whatever goes there will likely be similat to the courtyard.
  11. Los Angeles and Dever are both gone as of September, neither one comming back in any future schedules. The fact that BDL-LAX lasted as long as it did (albeit only 3x weekly for the fall before they cut it) means that if things improve that it could be back if we see oil sustained at or below $100-110/ barrel. Denver wont return on Fontier... Frontier will be lucky if they survive. United is probably the best Candidate for Denver (Southwest cant seem to get a foothold at BDL) but United is hurting so Denver may go away for a few years. so far Cancun has been pulled from Mid aug-through Sept, but shows back up in Oct, still to early to tell. One thing to be happy about is the San Juan flight seems to have survived a MASSIVE American pulldown of operations there. Houston may come back for the summer in 2009 or 2010, but it miht be a while before it runs year round again (It didnt even come back to august this year) The 2nd FLL and TPA on Delta are also gone for September, but so far they return for October (CRJ-900s) Cities id be watching out for.... RDU and STL on AA (AA isreducing alot of RJ flying, esp the E-135's which fly BDL-RDU). IND (point ot point 50 seat RJ routes are getting the ax left and right) MEM ( I dont see this one returning after sept) MKE (Midwest future is a little shaky, they are probably the smallest surviving airline right now) AMS at least seasonally... loads SUCKED in the winter, but have been increasing fairly well during the spring months BNA (WN has been concerned with PVD-BNA is well, BDL being a smaller WN market, im sure the same applies) PIT (US has scaled PIT down to near nothing, BDL is one of the last mochicans) Not all of they will happen (unless oil breaks $150) but all of those are on the "endangered" list. 2008 coul be a bad year for the BDL route map (4 cities lost to date), but it is in no way a reflection of the airport or Hartford, the industry as a whole is sucking wind big time right now, and even if things imporve a little, airlines are often reluctant to jump in and add service back. The brightest spot would be if Delta gets rid of their turkey block on Florida, it could open up an opportunity for an Air Tran or a jet Blue. While initially it might just be a 1 for 1 swap from the Delta flights, long term those airlines would likely grow it, whereas Delta's focus is on International. But in summary, dont be suprised if there are up to 10 less dots on the routemap for 2009.
  12. Frontier is discontinuing LIT service June 1 as a result of them discontinuing the agreement with their regional affiliate as part of their CH11 Bankrupcy http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/080423/law052.html?.v=101 Hopefully with DL dropping SLC and F9 dropping DEN, UA will find some sucess at LIT. I wouldnt be too worried about loosing F9 as it was going to happen in some form or another since i dont think the airline will be around much longer as it is, despite how cute their planes are.
  13. Its not really Aeromexico, but more an Aeromexico plane that is chartered. I believe Mexicana planes were chartered on the BDL-CUN route in years past.
  14. Its nearly 100% external factors such as the economy and airlines that are causing this. BDL is down 900K, PVD was down 700K and MHT was down about 500K from 2005 to 2007. Dont expect a reversal in trends for 2008 either. 2008 may be stable/stagnant/ minor increases and decreases, but things probably wont pick up until 2009 or 2010, or essentially whenever Air Tran and Jet Blue decide to venture into BDL/PVD. I wouldnt expect anything notable from any of the legacy airlines anytime in the near future.
  15. Looks like BDL-DEN on Frontier has been removed from the schedules starting in September, however, BDL-MEM on a Northwest CRJ shows up starting in July.
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