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  1. here's something completely off-topic: have you ever heard "crank that soulja boy?" or whatever? ok, it's the most requested song everytime i dj. it has to be the worst song ever created. i thought that about "chicken noodle soup", "laffy taffy" and every other non-original beat, rhyme stealing, bragging about nothing, crappy dance reference song out, but this has to be it! i assure you, i have never played it.
  2. this is probably the first time in 10 years i didn't visit the Falcons as well. i hit up Kodciuszko's, Laddy's and Jackson Street. Jackson was sketch at first, but ended up being the best! we had the tower of jello shots!
  3. richard "humpty" (as he was once known) vission go to the website for ECLIPSE for more info. it's gonna be insane!
  4. here's a few upcoming events i will be attending/working at: saturday - richard vission @ the intersection this sunday - industry night at crush next thursday - eclipse @ crush
  5. ben and jerrys. tru dat! don't tell yet.
  6. this is the first christmas in probably 15 years i haven't gone to a mall. crazy!
  7. whew, last night was crazy! i had to dj at the bob, so i left early to get there. but there was still tons of people walking around downtown already! happy thanksgiving everyone!
  8. unfortunately, i was looking to get paid and go home when all of security ran past me @ crush, so i just went to the patio and observed a mess!
  9. there were plenty of people helping out, but when a group jumps one guy, it doesn't take too long to do alot of damage. the cops were everywhere instantly. security and bystanders were trying to pull the a--holes off of the one guy.
  10. it's still chicken out. not the official name, but the sign is still up. i used to live a few blocks from there growing up. great place! it's been a few years since i've eaten there, but i remember good things.
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