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  1. I think you guys are underestimating the price of a condo in the back bay. I doubt there is a cupboard for $250k. Beacon St in Brookline is not cheap by any stretch and many of the buildings are commercial professional and office buildings. Condos in the Fenway especially north of the turnpike are really expensive (some of the buildings have stunning interiors).
  2. The littlest bar is going out for a new bulding, a 31 story condo called 45 province st (terra cotta tile and glass). This rendering shows the littlest bar staying although I have heard it is being closed.
  3. I agree with BOSdev that you can find an apartment closer to your price range. Since I imagine you will be traveling by car a lot for your job, I would also consider living near a freeway. If you are young and want a big city experience you might consider giving up some space and paying more to live in Cambridge or the Backbay, or a loft apartment DT or near the green line D branch or Beacon St Branch in Brookline or Newton All of those areas are very safe. Many young people are moving to south Boston which is near DT but has waterfront urban beach propoerty. No part of Boston is really dnagerous compared to some big cities but you might avoid Roxbury and Dorchester as probably the most blighted areas of the city. Everet, Revere and Charlestown can be difficult to get in and out of by car. I would suggest you pick some places on the internet and then visit the city for a few days. There are very cheap flights into Logan, Providence or Manchester. It's very different from where you live now, with older houing stock and much denser living. To prove you need more money to live in Boston do rent and salary comparisons on the internet and show them to your boss.
  4. By representives in the Federal governement I mean senators and congressmen. DC has none and so the citizens have no one with a vote championing their budgetary needs.
  5. DC is a victim of governance by the Federal government which is responsible for the city's budget. Members of the Senate care little about DC beyond their own facilities and townhomes. It only makes sense, DC has no members of Congress, so citizens are not represented and there is nobody to fight for the city's needs.
  6. US Airlines is at their last gasp. They will almost certainly go out of business, or have a bankruptcy reshuffling. The airports at Pitt, Charlote and Philly will adapt according to demand at each airport.
  7. IMO it's the number one place to go to see skyscrapers. Just amazing.
  8. NYC has amazing bridges. They really have to be seen in person to appreciate the grandeur and sheer number of them.
  9. The Amtrak station at Balt/Wash International airport is right on the airport and served by shuttle buses that stop at the terminals. The station is very basic, but adequate. This may be a good model for TF greene. People arriving on trains do rent cars for local travel, I've done it at BWI.
  10. While these upscale stores give a city a certan panache, they are too expensive for almost everyone. How many of us drop $1000 or more on a suit jacket or $1500 on a handbag. Boston has all of these stores and more. Many are downtown and make for great window shopping. The truth for me is I buy almost all my clothes at Filenes Basement at 30 to 70% off the already close-out price.
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