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  1. Those are very good points, but I think on that note, I think we should push to be better connected to Logan and JFK in that case. Wouldn't it be great if we had a metro-north train that ran to a terminus at JFK? Even an express bus service would be welcomed. Apart from driving and parking at these locations, there are not many options for arriving at the airports.
  2. Those are very good points, but I think on that note, I think we should push to be better connected to Logan and JFK in that case. Wouldn't it be great if we had a metro-north train that ran to a terminus at JFK? Even an express bus service would be welcomed. Apart from driving and parking at these locations, there are not many options for arriving at the airports.
  3. Does anyone know the status of 101-111 Pearl Street? Since Perez is out, I would've assumed that there would've been more movement on that front. Also, I think that would be a great place for smaller studios and 1-bedrooms, especially since they are closer to the future Market At Hartford 21.
  4. So I know we've had separate discussions about New Haven-Hartford-Springfield and Waterbury-Hartford lines, but I wanted to bring this up given: http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/04/16/obama.rail/index.html First, I always find it funny that the Acela express goes through NH. I know it's historically there, but there seem to be so many kinks to the rail line from NH to Boston AND I'm sure land down there is VERY expensive, so any hopes of realigning tracks could have a hefty price tag. Why not route it through Hartford to Providence via Williamantic or Hartford to Boston via Worcester? Second, more generalized version of previous point, we talk a lot about linking to nyc, but why not link to Boston? Why hasn't there been much talk about this?
  5. I just wanted to point out another benefit to upgrading the Hartford to Waterbury rail line that I don't think anyone has focused on: MetroNorth services Waterbury. If someone at the DOT could convince MetroNorth to extend operations into Hartford, I don't think anyone would complaint that they could take ONE train from Hartford into nyc! We need to exploit this wonderful plus we have as a region: proximity to nyc. It seems like we are close enough to be attractive, yet all the transportation planning seems to put it just out of everyday reach.
  6. Does anyone know if there are plans for 111 Pearl Street, and if so, where?
  7. this was disappointing news. I don't think downtown needs more retail space. it needs more residents and tenants first then the retail space will fill in. They should just scrap the project. Finally, I agree that I don't want another dollar store there.
  8. I guess I should defend my statements a little more. 1) I do not see the new Civic Center contributing to more residential growth. I think that when people think of what amenities downtown has to offer, certainly a Civic Center within walking distance would be nice (which would be Front Street), but I do not think that they want to be RIGHT near the Civic Center. 2) I do not think the majority of the people going to shows would be downtown residents. Most likely they are going to be driving in and going to be using the highways. The Front street location provides FAR superior Access to I-91 & I-84 west via the whitehead highway.. Further, access to Route 2 and I-84 east is only a block away. At the current location, there's access to I84 but a seeming CF to get onto 91. Further, I think taking out Church street (as the plan goes) would create a CF for traffic. 3) I am a proponent of taking advantage of the Civic center's garages from the "minimum build" perspective. The city would only have to construct the new center instead of a new center and garage. Further, if we put two large venue spaces together, perhaps they can have a synergetic effect (along with the new Science center) to spur businesses friendly to visitor-growth. 4) It would also be nice to put it closer to constitution plaza. A significant portion of concert-goers are under-21 year olds. This would give them something to enjoy before a show. Also, for those who want to walk around, it's something to impress non-locals with. 5) now what to do with the current stadium. I say sell it. The area is a lot more attractive for potential downtown residents because it is closer to the park and many other places of employment. Front street development would only be close to Travellers. After all, the pedestrian-proximity attracts people who do it daily, not those who do it once in a while going to a show. Thanks for the comments though. It's good to have a dialogue.
  9. I really think this is a great idea to relocate the New Arena to Front Street Project. 1) Trumbull street area is getting to be a more residential section of downtown and knocking down the current civic center would free up that area to more development. Further, they could also open up another pedestrian shopping way (from Allyn Street to Pratt Street). 2) it DEFINITELY would be a good idea to take advantage of the parking at the convention center. Currently the "rebuild on top of current Civic center" scenario destroys the current parking garage and forces development of many of those other lots. 3) I think it would be good to locate more development closer to constitution plaza. It really is a neat area for Hartford (and pretty unique in that respect). We should try and build it up. 4) the abandoned Times building would be an AWESOME facade. 5) whitehead highway, Route 2 bridge provide amble traffic alleviation. there's always potention for a CF onto 84 at the current location.
  10. i saw some people in the grocery store area today. they looked like potential investors/entrepreneurs. Anyone know more about this?
  11. any word on Tantana or Capitol Grill? also, I went to Bliss Market over the weekend. I think this place would be an amazing fit for the grocery retail space in H21. it almost seems like Larry G built the place with Bliss in mind. Any updates on this?
  12. any word on that? And any idea why Whole foods isn't a perfect match??
  13. it's said "on trumbull between asylum and church" which leads me to believe that it's one of those storefronts on trumbull, but it also says it's the place to see and be seen, so maybe the corner venue would be best.
  14. ok, so I actually went in and looked around and the place is truely amazing! I did confirm the rumor of the 30% Aetna discount. It is true; however, it is offered to Aetna employees because Aetna is a major investor/stakeholder in Northland group. Northland also offers a 20% discount to employees of whoever occupies their Trumbull street building. So, with this discount it makes the rooms very attractive; however, there's a wait list for 5 deep for the upper end 1 bedroom and probably about 10 on the lower end 1-bedroom. A few 2 bedrooms are available, but I understand they are going fast.
  15. so I heard today that Aetna Employees can get a 30% discount on rent. has anyone heard this? maybe other companies in the area do this as well?
  16. I agree. When I first moved here I was shocked that the Acela didn't go through hartford. I think connecting us to Boston and nyc would be great for growth. Think about all those business types that would love to use it to commute. plus it could spur cross regional development. You think if they ran it though hartford they could get a dedicated line? I also thought CT had some weird law that the Acela could only go 50 mph and the amount of curves in the track really inhibited the speed. Which is right? I also think that maybe once the hartford springfield line goes up, then maybe a spur to waterbury would be more feasible.
  17. what about 84? I think it would be SO easy to bury the portion from the tunnel to Aylum avenue exit.
  18. I'm really surprised about Colt Gateway. i think i remmeber seeing something that the apts would rent for like 1100 starting for a studio. Wow!!! I think the area could be nicer. There is talks of riverfront recapture connecting the area to their riverwalk. I think that would be awesome if you worked in teh Phoenix and could ride a bike along the river to work. Also, seems they are putting in some bike lanes in that area.
  19. Any projects for more public transportation to the airport. Having to take a cab is awfully expensive, even though it is regulated!
  20. So I heard that there are some plans about putting an urban grocery store in the first level of Hartford 21? Does anyone know about this? I think it's a great idea! In St. Louis, they have one and it's helping a lot with the urban regentrification. www.city-grocers.com
  21. Actually, it's funny that you say that because I agree 100%. Even the layout with suburbs is pretty similar, but again, on a smaller scale. I really like both of the cities primarily because they are/were run down and are going through a downtown rebirth. It's pretty exciting!
  22. Hi! I'm Hiram(icus). Just moved to Hartford from St. Louis, which was going through an urban renaissance there. Excited that there is much going on in Hartford. Got a job here, and think all the developments in the downtown area are phenominal so I kind of want to move on down there. Curious to see how this regentrification goes about and am always interested in transportation projects.
  23. I think this is an awesome idea. It could really spur devlopment around the trainstation area as well as alleviating a lot of the traffic in Hartford area. Although, I'm kind of confused as to how this differs from the amtrak service. I think any upgrade to the rail system is desirable! we're really lacking that in america and need to take advantage of these high gas prices now. I think it should definatly connect to Bradley with Rail though. If you were living in Newington and could take a train right to the airport... that would be AWEOSME! Reminds me of the Metrolink in St. Louis connecting to Lambert Airport, which many many people took. Also I don't think anyone would want to drive to the station, then take the train then transfer to the shuttle then get on a plane...
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