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  1. Telmnstr

    Norfolk Arts District

    Hah, what is the business to the right of Alchemy that was complaining?
  2. Telmnstr

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Maybe the operating costs are just too high there. I think there are special taxes because it's Town Center, and I'm pretty confident the rent is to the max there. I just recorded an event in Baltimore myself. Took 7 hours to drive a 3 hour 40 minute trip. Grrr.
  3. Telmnstr

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    Dave and Busters is coming to Lynnhaven Mall. A friend interviewed for the technician role for the arcade and said the offer was $11/hr no benefits. Sheesh. Also in the news, Red Star Tavern at Town Center closed. Can't pay their tax bill. Is Town Center traffic down?
  4. Telmnstr

    Wainwright Bldg to be Foreclosed

    Sorry I ment price per square foot a year, which is the way commercial propery is priced. At $900/month for 400 square feet, that's 900 * 12 / 400 = $27/sqft a year. That's class A swanky office price rent levels.
  5. Telmnstr

    The Savoy

    Does anyone have the bought and sold data? If I recall Wright bought it pretty cheap ($600K?) when it was full of tenants. Then it got condemmed, then it went on the market for $1.6 million or whatever. Heh. I was told that the company that was doing those apartment conversions of the leaning tower of granby, Union Mission and other buildings wree backing out because the apartment market is weak. But I guess with the dead cat bounce they came back. It will be interesting to see what all of this apartment oversupply will lead to. Things are nutty in the USA right now. Giant rich people investment groups like Blackstone are buying up tons and tons and tons of residential housing to turn rental and all that. Big money is looking for returns and the only thing they can think of is rape it out of the younger people or whaetver. But with school loans and crummy job prospects I don't know how they will fill all of this inventory. Think about it, is there jobs and people to support it all? Renters can't use liar loans to rent apartments like homebuyers could. I'm all for build baby build (with private money.) If things go well all these projects will get built and go into foreclosure, then get returned to market at better rates.
  6. Telmnstr

    Wainwright Bldg to be Foreclosed

    You too can rent a shoebox in the Wainwright. $900 a month for 400 square feet. Probably the same price point as the people pay in the Wachovia tower (Wells Fargo building.) BTW. The Wainwright had a hot tub on the roof.
  7. Telmnstr

    The Market in downtown Norfolk closing

    Before farm fresh ever closed the space was for sale on loopnet. I guess the people that built the building signed the contract with Farm Fresh, then tried to sell the space the contract was signed for or whatever. It was odd. Everybody wants medical related people to occupy their spaces because they can presumably pay high rents since they rape customers :-) It's amusing.
  8. Telmnstr

    The Metro on Granby (401 Granby)

    We were a tenant in the Wainwright. Gaddams pushed us to sign a new lease with thier company that had us in there until December 2012. This was okay, as we put on the Norfolk Mini Maker Faire event at the Norfolk Scope. That was a very successful event that was free to the public (both makers and visitors) and drew over 1300 people to downtown Norfolk. It brought a ton of interesting people out to show thins being created, be it wood or metal or electronics or software. But hey, It's Buddy Gaddams. So they pulled this garbage on us where they said they didn't think the lease was valid and we had to be out by October 31st. This was right on top of the Makerfaire event. It was a 100% dishonest move. Not worth it to fight it in court (of which we would easily win.) So yea, that guy can rot. I'm sure they've figured out the most money they can try to charge for the smallest amount of space. I think the talk is like $900 per 400 square foot apartment. That means the prices aren't far from the high end class A properties in the city. Also, when I was first looking for an apartment the realtor for 411 Granby told me to follow him into the parking lot through the gate. I asked if it he was sure this was okay, he said yes. The gate came down and did a bunch of damage to my car. 411 Granby immediately said they weren't responsible. I notice later the gate is all covered in foam stuff from it hitting other cars. It was a mess. Once again, dishonest Buddy Gaddams. I understand you all like to see skylines at night, but the guy is cruddy.
  9. Telmnstr

    Element at Ghent (The Element on Granby)

    A flashback to another hole in the ground? Dealt with the guy in person. Not a fan.
  10. Telmnstr

    Norfolk Courts Complex Progress

    The juvenile and school building I believe belongs to a random lady, and the city has a long term lease on the building. The building is cool, and is much larger than I originally imagined. Guess it has to be big enuff for judge egos. Too bad it's more courts and lawyers and jails.
  11. Telmnstr

    Element at Ghent (The Element on Granby)

    The $1500 a month thing is the new trick. Navy housing or whatever. I'd guess that these projects will turn to condos if the market "rebounds." The big money is running into apartments, although with housing prices now up we will see what happens. The Baxters building on Granby was originally going to be apartments but went condos when the market got hot. Right now they're trying to push the housing market hot again, as like the only hope for the economy. Basically supply is limited and bidding wars are happening against that limited supply. Banks are really sitting on tons of houses not on the market, and it's probably their chance (or making) to slowly try to move some of the junk they're sitting on. So many apartments. It's crazy. I wish I knew what Belmont at Freemason and other occupancy percentages are.
  12. Telmnstr

    Waterside District

    brikkman - was it impossible to get food because it was so busy with customers? That's not a bad place to be. If it was impossible to get food because the service was so bad -- yow.
  13. Telmnstr

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    When I visited the apartments above Baxters I noticed foreclosure notices on at least two doors in the hallways. One of my neighbors told me that he knew a doctor that has reserved a unit in Granby Tower just to flip it for cash, but didn't notice the clause that lets the developer bail first (common during the run up days, the developer had a lead time where any buyer in the building can't sell for 1-3 years to give the developer time to dump their units first.) Yea, the Westin liquidated all their units. How is Harbor Heights? Still empties in that one? Did Gaddams build 411 Granby? It's an apartment building along Granby that was billed all luxury but I remember looking at it and it was pretty dumpy. The supposed hardwood floors were some sort of lamite junk and the units were small etc. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder I suppose, and most of it is cheap lipstick used to try to justify higher rents and what not.
  14. Telmnstr

    The Metro on Granby (401 Granby)

    Howdy! I was at the Better Block, heavily involved in the Texaco building. The lighting stuff was mine, and some of the video game stuff. Some of it ended up over at Alchemy during Galaxy Dynamite's set. We were suposed to have arcade machines there but the proper truck never materialized. I met the consultants of the event and got to see it be built. It was neat. The problem is, arcades don't make enough money. You have to serve alcohol or have some other good to bring in the cash. Barcade is an interesting idea but probably better suited to Town Center or something. The navy crowd and young people are going to be the audience for it. The arcade thing on Granby Street -- the building was 5500 square feet and would have allowed for a large number of machines. We could have gotten about 60-70 off of a friend and "stored" them at our venue inbetween MAGFest events. This is in addition to the 20 or so that we have. The machines would have to go to MAGFest once a year. The problem is the business model isn't so great without alcohol. Want to have a DJ? Need permits. Arcades mean rec hall use permit, need notice in newspaper and 90 day window for the old people to complain at council meetings and all that. Alcohol? Food sales and even more permits and permits for the permits. Then if you're on Granby street - you're going to have people problems with kids that are coming out of the section 8 housing that could care less about ending the lives of people staffing the arcade. Plus for those in the arcade scene, the machines that you love you don't want on the floor with a bunch of drunk people. They're going to treat them badly, puke on them, spill beer on them, etc. I'd imagine places in Vegas don't have these issues because the general crowd, but places like the Barcade in Brooklyn the machines are kind of sticky and have seen some extra miles based on patrons. Got some ideas about some other ventures though, but really need one or two where I can make a ton of money to fund other less profitable (but more community appealing) things.
  15. Telmnstr

    Hilton Norfolk at The Main

    Someone did a drive by on here posting that their take was the whole intention all along was not to build Granby Tower, but to flip the plot of land to the government for a bunch of money after building the idea of value around it. Not sure if it's true or not, but yea. It would have been a monument of foreclosure had it been built.