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  1. I actually watched it first in Ohio. Katrina came just 2 weeks after I went there looking. I was desperate to find any information on how the house was. It's great that you can watch it, but I can't. Quicktime doesn't seem to want to be loading for me.
  2. Anyone interested in seeing my street just days after the hurricane? Here's a video a siteseer documented as he drove down it. You can make out my house, but just barely. This was before I moved in. My street
  3. Mikejesmike


    Finishing up the beers that I liked Fuller's-ESB/London Pride/India Pale Ale Radeberger-Pilsner Erdinger-Weisbier Dunkel Paulanor-Salvator Ayinger-Celebrator Spaten-Optimator/Oktoberfestbier Franziskaner-Hefe Weisse/Dunkel Hoegaarden-Witbier Moretti-Birra La Rossa Samuel Smith-Oatmeal Stout/Imperial Stout/India Ale Lindemans-Framboise
  4. Mikejesmike


    Apparently the room temperature refers to the cellar the beers were stored in, not in the way Americans think of room temperature, about 55 degrees, or around the range I drink at.
  5. Mikejesmike


    I wouldn't drink beer at room temperature. I prefer it cool, not ice cold. Between about 48-65 degrees. That's when I first start, if it warms up to room temperature by the time I'm almost finished then that's ok.
  6. Mikejesmike


    Neither could I, for me those beers were a case of grin and bear it. I drank beer just to get drunk, but I never liked the taste, even enjoying light beers more because they weren't so annoyingly bitter (not from hops). I grouped beers into, according to taste, tolerable or intolerable. Budweiser was tolerable, Busch was intolerable. MGD was tolerable until the last inch of beer in the bottle got warmer and then it was all I could do to keep from puking. Then that fateful day came back in 1998, for some unfathomable reason I decided to look up beer reviews on the internet, and I learned about all these beers I've never heard of. I was amazed that the best selling beers, Michelob, Coors etc were getting ratings of like 1 star or 2 stars out of 5. Then I saw the name Samuel Adams, honestly I never heard of them before this, but the name appealed to me and they were getting ratings of 3-4 stars out of 5 I had to find out why they were getting such better reviews, I mean after all wouldn't they be the best selling beers in the United States if they were so great? So I went to the corner gas station and saw a 6er and bought it. I brought it home and found that these weren't twist tops, and I had no bottle opener so I used the vice grip. I poured some into a mug and I couldn't believe it-a beer that wasn't boring and actually tasted good, I didn't think it was possible. It was all I could do to keep from guzzling the beer. Later I found out the benefits of not drinking out of a frosted mug. The first time I drank a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter it was in a frosted mug. I thought the beer was boring as I couldn't taste anything. Later I tried it in an unfrosted mug and the flavors exploded, especially a coffee flavor that I didn't notice before.
  7. Mikejesmike


    Dave Mustaine on Duck Dodgers You're disthpicable! I just saw some episodes a few day ago during a marathon. I might start watching this, I love Looney Tunes and I get a kick out of the intro-very James Bondish with Tom Jones singing.
  8. Mikejesmike


    The design would get me nervous as to it's stability, but I guess where it counts is how it is inside.
  9. Mikejesmike


    10,336 sq ft for $30 million in Manhatten? Sounds about right. Considering people pay about $100,000 for every 100 sq ft and that's not including the neighborhood or the luxury items inside.
  10. Mikejesmike


    From what I can tell the reason why it's so expensive is because it's a self imposed limited release and they probably aged it in barrels for about a year or so. I tell you, the beers that I like are acquired taste. I'm convinced it's something you're born with or you're not. Of course you have to try them to see, but once you do and you find that you do enjoy them you'll never go back to beers like Budweiser again, unless someone pays for it. I'm obssessed with beer like Bubba is with shrimp (according to my mom).
  11. Mikejesmike


    I love the one with the German soldiers.
  12. Mikejesmike


    The reviews I've seen says it has no head and people have detected flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, and syrup among others. Overwhelmingly people seem to like it. Of course these people go in expecting this, I'd feel bad for the guy getting ready for a drink and expecting Budweiser (hint hint) or Coors or something along those lines. You mentioned not like that Abita Raspberry Wheat. I don't know if I would either. I'm not fond of raspberrys and the only wheat beers I like have a banana flavor to them.
  13. Mikejesmike


    Considering the complexity of beer and how hard it is to make it compared to wine, it's a wonder why some of the best beers on earth are not commanding high brow wine prices. I mean considering what one pays for a bottle of Westvleteren 12, it's a raging steal considering it's complexity,care,effort and time that went into it. I've paid at least $4 for a small bottle of beer, and I didn't regret it either. It was a Lindemans Lambic (Belgian beer). Also some beers because of their alcohol % and hop profiles can be stored for many years maturing like wine.
  14. Mikejesmike


    The Kulmbacher beers I've had are EKU and Eisbock, which is rated at 9.2%. These are the beers that I liked enough to want to enjoy them again. Kulmbacher-EKU Goose Island-Oatmeal Stout Dogfish Head-60 minute/90 Minute/Raison D'Etre Victory-Hopdevil Buckeye-'76 India Pale Ale/Hippie IPA/Old Mammoth Stout Samuel Adams-Double Bock/Boston Ale/Boston Lager/Winter Lager/Cream Stout Great Lakes-Burning River Pale Ale/Edmund Fitzgerald Porter/Dortmunder Gold/Blackout Stout/Nosferatu/Eliot Ness Vienna Lager/Holy Moses Stone-Vertical Epic 04/Stone 8th Anniversary/Ruination IPA/Double beotch/IPA North Coast-Old Rasputin Imperial Stout Rogue-Dead Guy Ale/Mocha Porter/Younger's Special Bitter/Shakespeare Stout Thirsty Dog-Siberian Night Imperial Stout/Old Leghumper Porter Pyramid-India Pale Ale Anchor-Steam/Porter/Liberty Ale/Christmas 2002 Sierra Nevada-Stout/Porter/Celebration Ale/Pale Ale I'll list more later.
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